Remember to be in Balance with Love

It’s all about the love. When you find yourself holding onto something against someone, remember to balance it back to love.

Through this experience of my uncle going through a liver transplant at the point of REALLY needing one for himto continue living, through losing my beautiful dog, through witnessing tension/distance within others transitions around me, through sharing the renewed emotions of my sister’s dad passing last year, and now my Dad’s passing on Saturday, I’ve been finding that I feel how pointless it is to focus on anything other than love. I’ve always felt this but it has been growing stronger and stronger with each passing day, moment, experience…and I found that through the emotions that come through of getting frustrated with those who choose to hold onto things that bring them away from love, I am reminded again about balance. Balance these emotions back into love. Breathing absolutely helps…and then I send those loving thoughts and feelings back to the person who triggered this reminder within me. Every moment brings another opportunity to deepen our awareness of the importance and healing within love…all things disappear in the vibration of love, as love’s strong presence and embrace enfolds everyone present.

Remember the love always, in all ways. I love you.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    We are in the last quarter of 2012. Does this have any significance to TF reunion ? Personally, I feel connected to my TF , but nothing major has manifested. We are loving in the space of love . Our meetings are few and far between and very brief. It has become lesser than before. Our physical meetings used to bring in spurts of spiritual growth. Now even that seems slowed down, as we hardly meet or have any physical connections. When I hear that intense energies are coming down, ascension is happening everywhere, we are coming to a grand opening, rising of vibrations, etc, etc. I sometimes wonder….why no manifestation of all this. There are only words, nothing actually happening.. Do You feel this too.. Or am I being impatient… I keep sensing messages that my TF will come, … But When nothing happens … I wonder if everything is wishful thinking.. Why do I feel as If Angels are helping me with my reunion, but there is no true manifestation of anything,.. Can you understand.. There seems to be something missing here… Love to you and all here..

  2. Same here.

    Still no reunion.

    But I feel its close.

    The end of Mayan calendar is near.

    Everything will fall into place.

    Be in the balance.


  3. All I can understand is that “soon” in the 3D plane does not have the same measure as “soon” in heaven or another dimension. I mean time is relative. Another thing that I can understand is that my TF is completing some issues in this life time as well as me. So what do I need to do? OMG……………..

  4. Sleeping Beauty,

    It is truly about the love and the balancing of the love that you are…what has happened up to this point in 2012 has been the breaking down of what has been “in the way” of your full expression and embodiment of love ~ this includes inner breakdowns, as well as outer ones…and how outer circumstances, events, people, have triggered the inner breakdowns to happen ~ when it’s time for things to be cleared out, things will be cleared out, and something will happen to assist in what needs to be cleared out, so that you can be a full expression of love within your being, and with all that is ~ the people around you, the situations you find yourself in, and within yourself ~ as these all move together in union and are always flowing with one another ~ we are reminded to be in balance within the vibration of love. When you witness something happening in your outer experience, how are you feeling within? Are you balanced within your expression of love for yourself and for what is unfolding or what has happened? How are you treating or responding to those around you? Are you balanced within your expression of love with others? The question to ask in each moment, if you find yourself being deeply affected by something, is “how would love respond to this person, to this situation, with myself?” Let the emotions/thoughts flow out, breathe and bring your energy into balance with love…then from that space respond (or not respond) and perceive everything within this balance…the balance of love honors the allowing and action within the twinflame journey…if you are feeling that the angels are assisting with your union, and you know it will be…use every moment as another way for you to strengthen the balance of love within you and therefore that you express without…this is where we are intended to be now…and through this last quarter of 2012, everything will start to rise up for us to see with our physical eyes, as things have been falling away for other things to rise into place…things have been breaking down to be built back up…and this is in process, so profoundly and thoroughly unfolding…stay connected to your truth…know that everything you have experienced up to this point has been for the receiving of all that is being arranged. Sending you love…the deepest waves from my heart to yours…and extended out to the hearts of all.

  5. Ingo,

    YES, everything is rising into place…as other things fall away…the pieces are being arranged exactly where they need to be. Being in the balance is key…the balance of the vibration of love… lots of love.

  6. Dearest Gabriella!
    That was so beautiful. It was like a balm to my feelings. I am going to try this. Let my emotions flow and then react from the space of love. Thank you for helping me work thro this. To know that things are falling down to bulid up something is indeed now so understandable. That is why so many chaotic happenings have occurred continuously for me. Again the word balance is being repeated so often. In fact yesterday, my soulmate and I were having a heated discussion and my daughter listened to all this and after listening to both sides, she said , ” it is all balanced out now ” and was looking so satisfied. Could this mean something Gabriella ? Is it a message ?

  7. Joanna,

    Be in the moment ~ see every experience, every moment as another opportunity for you to observe yourself and if you are balanced within your expression of love within yourself and within your responses to those around you as well as to the situations you find yourself within. If you find that you are not balanced, you are able to make the choices to bring balance back within you and then around you. Don’t worry so much about what you need to do to make “soon” come right now. You can’t make the perfect and right moment come any sooner than it is meant to…everything truly happens in divine order. You might not know exactly why in the moment, but trust that this is so. Relax, allow yourself to receive the blessings and the abundance here for you, right now. Sending you love and peace!

  8. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    How beautiful it is what your daughter said ~ for this is truly what is happening…things are being brought into the light to be recognized for what they are, and in so doing, they can be truly balanced. If there is an imbalance of your perception and expression of love, then you can start to hold onto things that the other person did or didn’t do, which could create an imbalanced expression of your love in relationship ~ however, from your daughter’s vision, she could see that as you shared and as your soul mate shared, you both released the imbalance perhaps? and therefore, it would be balanced after such…and to remain in balance, both parties would need to see where the imbalance was, how it was coming through, and then agree to let it go ~ starting from right now without holding onto anything from the “past” that creates the imbalance of seeing love and being the expression of it within relationship to self and each other. Does this make sense? How do you feel about what happened within the heated discussion and between both you and your soul mate? What do you feel about what your daughter said? Did you see the imbalance and feel the balance now? This balance comes from within and then is brought into expression with others and within situations…it is this balance of love that is essential to be a living vessel in expression of divine love.

  9. Dear Gabriella; thanks so much for your answer. I have read in the internet information about TFs. With some of them I kind of agree, but some infomation does not resonate with my soul. So I take what resonate with me and with the rest I just let it go. Here in your blog I feel so confortable writing what I feel and I really enjoy reading the posts of everybody. So much to learn about the relationship between TFs. Does TFs need time put everything together or think about what is going on? I feel that this is happening to me and very possible with my TF too. I feel that I need the distance and time to call down myself. My soulmate is my friend and we joke a lot like good friends, but I really would like to be or at least know something about my TF someday. When I thought I did not have any possibility to see my TF in the 3D I learn to live with it, and I did not was crying. Last Friday, I did not see him around and I came home crying like a baby, next day I was fine. So, my question is WHY seeing him in the 3D is causing me this up and down? Love to everybody.

  10. Dearest Gabriella,
    I am trying to balance it out. I seem to be getting messages from my TF that he is worn to silence and he cannot say anything to me and I should find my own way to him. What does this mean ?

  11. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Therein lies the balance…going within to find the way, combined with noticing the signs around you as well…not too much in one or the other, but the balance of both…so much of this twin flame journey brings us to directly connect with our twin flame, then go within, connect, then go within…and even when twins unite in all ways, there is still the inner and outer balance needed, which is why so much of the path is understanding and integrating this balance beforehand. The way to him is your own way, in balance…follow your guidance, follow your heart. Trust your intuition.

    Sending love to the both of your hearts!

  12. Sleepiing Beauty, Gabriella
    oh God, there is no words really to describe this connectedness. The last two days i`m really torn between inner and outer, so many cofusions…my outer and inner world are crashing all the time, they are really not in balance and i even feel it physically, that pain in my chests. i found out that my tf is in love maybe in someone and there is so many other signs so mixed up and my mind gone crazy i can`t stop my thoughts from analyzing, he just broke up with his ex few months ago and he have that tendency to rush into things…i don`t feel that we are moving from each other, i feel him every night like he is lying with me, but all that informations from outer world is tearing me apart right now…i would rather want that we are not in contact, but that`s all my scared mind is talking. Like all is repeating from last year, same sceanrio. Last two months i`m helping all my friends, even one that we never talked about love, it`s just conversations that came up from nowhere…they are just “coming” to my life and i knew what to do, i felt that my experience is imoprtant to them, that beacuse of that i can help them, i felt like i was a wind in their back, a little push and i felt so alive, but now in the same time i`m so blind for my own life…i know that all will end up well and that all is going in perfect direction, but right now it`s really hard, i feel so tired, i know it`s my ego but i can`t fight it, nor will i, it will pass on one way or the other i just can`t stop thinking that i`m a little helper for everyone my whole life and i can`t do this anymore, even i can`t escape from that, it`s in my core…now i`m going to cry a little. Ah, much love to everyone, love you all!

  13. I keep thinking I am crazy. I hear voices every now and then telling me to be quiet so they can focus. and I argue back of course. and then in one ear is a woman who wants to assist me in my twin flame journey, and the other is filled with several voices of people’s ethereal counterparts, and only one has proved to make me feel true love. Elijah. My worst enemy in real life, for no reason we have passionate hate for each other, and I love him so much, and I want to be friends, but he hates me and is delusional. anywho, his counterpart is so sweet and tolerant of me. I am always going blind in my dreams and projections with him, and he always is there with me, he is so beautiful to me, and I feel like I have OCD, but thats my ego. and I keep getting raped by a counterpart of someone who calls himself my flame and always tries to get between me and Eli. and I cry and get so angry and confused. I just dunno anymore. I know I am sane, but what the hell. I miss Eli so much now. he is so nice and he makes me so happy in my dreams, and I asked my Mother’s ethereal counterpart to awaken my mother spiritually, and she said she’d try, then my Mom started having bizarre dreams about people. lmao I knew it was connected, I just stayed quiet. But, I just want balance, and to be with my flame in physical form if possible, if it is Eli, which I sorta feel. and I want to make love with him and to be in peace. what do I do? ๐Ÿ™

  14. Teo,

    Open to the blessings that your recent experiences have been giving you ~ see the whole of it and not just one side or the other ~ listen to the “voices” and feel what resonates with you, and those that don’t, release them with love away from your energy field. Stay connected to your own power in knowing that you are a powerful, loving being that can connect ever more deeper to this love within and let it come through you to those around you as well as within every situation that comes your way. You can move from “passionate hate” into powerful love…merge that “hate” into ONE with love…and watch the energy shift. Move beyond the labels that limit the expression of love into the freedom of the energy that love is…you are always connected to the love that you are, as it is what you are. There is a post I just wrote today that I’ll be posting soon which I feel would benefit you ~ stay tuned for Tuesday. Make love with every moment Teo ~ bring the love that is you into every relationship, every experience, every perception..let the flow of love that is you to be and receive the love that you are. Keep going within and bringing the sweetness you find there around you. Sending you love in every moment on your journey!

  15. Dear Sunshine,

    I wanted to bring to light here for you that sometimes the balancing of the inner and outer happen by things “seeming” like they are chaotic and falling apart, but rather they are balancing as well as aligning into place. The balance then is that you are encouraged to go within to balance your emotion and your perception of the experiences and relationships you find yourself within, to bring that balance within without as you be the balanced expression of love with others and within the situations around you. Here is some questions to keep with you, “what would love do here?” “where is the balance in this relationship/experience?” “once I find the where balance is needed, how do I be an expression of love in balance?”

    When you give to others, there always needs to be the balance of giving to yourself…when you notice that there is too much of an imbalance one way or the other, take action or let go of action so that you can balance the energy between. This balancing applies in every area of life…within and without…when you see this and feel this, you start observing yourself within every moment, every experience, every relationship…and you constantly become a conscious vessel of expressing love and receiving it back. Remember the past is the past and therefore it does not need to be brought into the present unless you choose for it to be…balance the present moment with your presence and you will find the balance. Let your emotions flow for they are energy in motion, and releasing/allowing them to move through brings the detachment to the “story,” bringing you into the experiencing of the union and oneness of it all. And yes, Heaven is a Place on Earth is a HUGE sign for me as wellโ€ฆand for us allโ€ฆcouldnโ€™t have been more beautifully and perfectly shared. Thank you!
    Sending you and everyone so much love!!!

  16. Dear Gabriella,
    i think right now my whole body is shaking…i just read what Delphina wrote me and now your post and there is so much divine flow, synchronicity that i REALLY have no words to desrcibe it. Your every word so resonate with me and it sheded light so much more on this two days. I wish so many times when people could feel this LOVE on this blog, every time when i read something here, write my heart is so filled with love that all people around me can feel it and i just passed it to them and to the rest of the world.
    I am my own balance right in this moment with everything and everything really is in motion, we can`t stop events in our lives of their happening, but we can balanced them through our thoughts and wisdom of the heart and knowing that the only thing that really is matter is NOW. When we are in NOW we are in balance. “When you give to others, there always needs to be the balance of giving to yourselfโ€ฆwhen you notice that there is too much of an imbalance one way or the other, take action or let go of action so that you can balance the energy between”, i needed this sentence really, i think i`m learning this, i couldn`t balanced that my whole life, now everything is “pushing” me to learn this. This whole month for me was in a sign of ENERGY, i see informations and word energy on every step i even been to an energy healer that i wanted to go for a while for my health and now it`s finally manifested, i wanted this in the past but something always would came up. I feel such need to learn about energy, how it works, what is this really. Energy is our tool, we use it every day and we can learn how to use it with each others, how to transmute it. Ah, i am so full of knowings and i feel that i have so much informations in my head right now, but night is long :).
    Thank you sooo much Gabriella!! Sending you much love, to you and all people on this blog, i really think that it`s bursting of energy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Dearest Sunshine,

    right now you are shining for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ …. on the outside because the sun is shining so beautifully and on the inside when I read your post again ๐Ÿ™‚

    You wrote: “I wish so many times when people could feel this LOVE on this blog, every time when i read something here, write my heart is so filled with love that all people around me can feel it and i just passed it to them and to the rest of the world” …. This is SOOOOO beautiful, dear Sunshine and I feel that this is what we are doing here for each other and with each other ๐Ÿ™‚ … letting the light shine again, letting the love flow freely and then we are so filled with love that we simply cannot keep it inside …. it just flows and flows right from our heart. This is exactly what happened to me once my twinflame journey began … the love was so big it was simply not possible to keep it inside. Oh, this is so beautiful and so wonderful and I am so happy when I feel all of this *sweet sighs of happiness* … and then, when we are so full of love, it also effects the people we meet and how we connect to them and everything moves so much more into love. I have just “returned” here and to my inner world after balancing so much of it on the outside world that I didn’t even have time to come here.

    I have this weekend been blessed with THREE (!!!!) of the most awesome miracles in my whole life I have ever encountered and I am still sitting in front of them so to say, smiling, feeling them, trying to take it all in, I am still completely mesmerized, and hardly believe it all to have happened. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am still overwhelmingly touched by all that has happened, and I knew by what the angels said to me through synchronicities and lots of signs that my Beloved twinflame has been right there with me all the time and I needed that feeling sooooooo much!

    Things are movong so fast these days and miracles are definitely part of the twinflame journey!

    Lots of love to all,

  18. Dearest Delphina,
    thank YOU again, aaah, i just had such amazing moment, oh my God i can steel feel it, i was reading something that my TF posted and put a song to play and came here and in the same moment when i was reading your beautiful post full of energy the singer started to sing the word love so powerfully that i felt over my whole body such a strong tinglings and energy coming out of me, aaah ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can feel your excitement, i can really FEEL IT!! I am so happy for you, but really from my heart! Yes, we have to share, that`s how we keep the love alive, if you give you receive more…such a paradox to mind but so logical to heart!
    It is so much going on, so much happenings, for me it`s all inside of me, so much insights and feelings with my TF, oh my God, i don`t remember when i was feeling him so much close to me, it`s almost i can touch him…i had releasing again on sunday, i cried so much and that was after we made love…ah, i steel feel a little bit crazy when i say this, but yes, we made love :). I feel that so much is about to come yet.
    Soooo much love beautiful Delphina and everbody!

  19. Dearest Sunshine,

    oh, how wonderful these exchanges are! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can really feel how *you* can feel my excitement and happiness and this makes me even happier *sweet smiles*. Yes, I truly had some wonderful miracles happen in my life and this is making me so happy right now …

    … and wow, you made love with your twinflame *sweetest smiles* oh, how beautiful … oh, I can feel your love for him and you are so much flowing and living in love, that’s so wonderful to fee, dear Sunshine, thank you so much for sharing! *warm hugs*

    How beautiful this word is “to *make* love” … yes, this is really what we’re doing all the time with our twinflames, isn’t it? Creating love and even more love. How beautiful when this can also be expressed in making love with our physical bodies. And all of this was also on Sunday, my day of wonders! What a day!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am sending you sweetest love and light and angels, dear Sunshine, because I can feel this releasing on Sunday also being very painful for you, and I can so well relate to this, dear one, so very very well …… more than I can express here ….

    But I can tell you this, dear Sunshine: the angels are with you, your twinflame journey is being orchestrated, right now, all the good powers of the Universe are working on it, and you are right: there is more to come, the very best is yet to come! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And even if releasing is part of it … and even in case very long times that seem like a standstill or even feel like a stasis (like some of us have expressed) and when we get really impatient and also just lose hope at times ….. in all of these cases think of Gabriella’s words, they are so very true: there is no going back in twinflame relationships, there is always a moving forward, always a building on love that already exists, always an increase in love … ***whatever*** it looks like!
    I feel very deeply that this is the truth and when looking back on former times of “separations” from my twin, I KNOW it’s true. There have *always* been major aspects that had to be resolved, never ever was only one minute of “separation” in vain and not used for good developments. Never ever!
    I also believe that this would just be not possible because our twinflame loves us so very much, so much more than one can ever express in words, that he/she would never ever want to be one minute late. They are doing the work thay have to do right now, in this very moment … just as we are … because they want to come to us just as much as we want them with us. I deeply believe the longing on their side is no less than ours, and we all are on the constant path to the re-union with our twin.

    All of this is not conscious of course and may not feel like it is the truth when we think with our heads. All of this is on the soul level and we can only feel it when we tap deeply into universal love, pure love from all the universe, when we allow for us to feel again that we are beings of light and when we can feel the light flowing through us … then our hearts expand and will tell us the truth.

    There is no reason to worry and that all the Universe is always *for* us and helping us in myraids of ways each day, each minute, and also we and our twinflames are moving closer and closer, releasing all layers of things that are preventing us from merging. I believe when we one day will be able to understand it all, all of us will be absolutely stunned by the sheer beauty and wisdom of the whole orchestration and we will be filled with deepest gratitude for every experience we have had and will see the meaning and importance of every little piece of the puzzle. All things we experience work together for our highest good.

    Sooooo much love to you, dearest Sunshine and to everyone,
    and sweet smiles ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Dear Sunshine ,
    Its so wonderful that you are now physically reunited with your TF !!! That is absolutely amazing. Did you feel the any changes or do you feel that you have become a different person now ? Re united TFs are supposed to be walking Gods !!!! So happy for you and may be you can guide us all further. Please do share what major changes you have experienced !!! So excited for you and sending waves of love to all.

  21. Dear, Sleeping Beauty
    ah, it would be wonderful that we are fully physically reunited, but making love was on a spiritual level…gabriella also wrote about this and this happend for the third time and it was so realistic. I am in contact with my TF, we write to each other sometimes but even that writing is in its perfect moment, we just CAN`T force anything, i immediately feel when i`m pushing something that is not quite right, that is coming from my mind… With the all things that have happend in the past 10 months and there were so many, i can truly tell that everything, but really everything will come in its perfect time, there is just no any other solution…that is the only “time” that exist. Everything that i felt from the beginning about my TF proved to be true, everything really happend “in real”. Also i have dreams about other things that came true…how this could be if there is no world beyond this, if we don`t live and feel beyond this world and time Trust, just trust ๐Ÿ™‚ I have two girlfriends (by now) who are reunited with their TFs, they don`t now about TF thing but God they feel it all and both of them had dreams about their TFs before they met. When i see them i just get so much strenght and they are so sure about each others, both of them said, after two weeks: “Yes, this is it,i know, their is no one else for me!” If you feel it, it will happen! I just wanted to share my experiences and the people around me, they all can help us to see God on work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Dephina,
    i SO resonate with every word you wrote and you wrote it so many that i can`t single out any of them ๐Ÿ™‚ This sentence: “There have *always* been major aspects that had to be resolved, never ever was only one minute of โ€œseparationโ€ in vain and not used for good developments. Never ever”, yeeeees and the rest of the text. I just look back on my journey and it`s all so perfectly orchestrated that if you change a one bit it would all colapse…and the people around me (i just wrote it), their lives are so changing, i just look and smile to that masterpiece of God and feel that energy, because we really are so connected, we hare each other lives on so much deeper level, when i could only say that to all of them, to see that beauty, to not worry anymore…but then i just send them my love! Sorry for the long post.
    Much, much love to both of you and everyone else! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Dear Sunshine ,
    Well that is a progress too !! Making love spiritually. My TF and I do too ! It is amazing. Sharing with you all is like Lessing the burden. Your story is similar to mine. I am also in touch with my TF but only texting and he hardly replies and suddenly out of the blue he contacts me and we connect as if we have been with each other everyday. The beauty is when I text him , I can get his response later in a different way. Many times I have expressed my problems and asked him to help out. He never responds in words but after sometime, my problem gets resolved or some way is shownto me. I have been so amazed by this. It is almost like asking God .
    This journey is so bittersweet. But as you say, no experience is ever wasted and when we look back they have all been lessons. I am now in total surrender and accept things as they come. I do miss my TF terribly but it is all part of the journey. I try to see the underlying love in whatever comes up, though it can be very difficult sometimes. It is like feeling you are a saint. And sometimes I shout out … ” I am not a saint ” !!!! I am merely human. It is indeed a difficult tiring journey and love, trust , faith is what keeps us going !!! Love to you all !!!

  23. Dear Sunshine, just a silly question. Did you talk about this intimacy on the Ethereal world with him (your TF)? or maybe you are shy to talk about it with him. I had these experiences ( espiritual intimacy) with my TF. But in my case, I don’t even talk with him, so I can not ask to him, if he is concious of it like me.

  24. Dear Joanna ,
    My TF does not accept such ideas. He does not feel easy with all this. So I do not talk to him about this. I have mentioned once but he never acknowledged anything. We cannot push it thro at all. It makes them very uncomfortable. I have wanted to share a lot with him regarding all this, but we can only wait for the right time. Love to you..

  25. Dear girls,

    I LOVE your posts and feel so filled with this beautiful Beloved engery and divine love and peace when reading your posts! It brings such a smile to my face and my heart and fills me with beautiful love and rememberance of all that sacred twinflame love is for me. What you have been sharing here, resonates so much with me !

    Dear Sunshine,
    You wrote about the time and that you and your TF just CANโ€™T force anything, this is exactly my experience, too. It is really funny, and even the smallest thing that is not 100% right, but only 99,9%, will cause some delay or another route to be taken. My twinflame and I always have the impression that each single corn of sand that is somehow โ€œwrongโ€ (while this being โ€œwrongโ€ canโ€™t even be explained itself sometimes) can cause so much pain and also a complete change of actions. You are so right, Sunshine, there is no other solution, there is only the Divine Timetable, nothing else.

    Oh, how much I LOVE this sentence: โ€œEverything that i felt from the beginning about my TF proved to be true, everything really happend โ€œin realโ€.โ€ How wonderful dear Sunshine, I am so happy for you!
    I remember how much I had lost hope during the first long time of not having any contact with my twin, and how much I felt exactly like you’re saying after reuniting with her again. Everything fell into place and everything was so wonderfully orchestarted, and I believe with all my heart that I will feel like this again :-). In the difficult times we may doubt what has been put in our hearts, but as soon as everything is moving into place again, we can again feel that all that has been put into our hearts is in fact so true. It is eternal truth! I am so happy that you have shared this wonderful feeling and I am so happy for you that you can experience it already! You even have these two girlfriends who are reunited with their twins and people and the world around you are changing! I also experience this although I never had thought this possible at all! People are really awakening and moving more and more into spiritual levels and I have got to know people who have found and/or even reunited with their twins. This makes me smile at this wonderful masterpiece of God as well, dear Sunshine, and it helps me surrender to the flow and helps tremendously to just trust and not worry any more, just like you, Sleeping Beauty, have also expressed! Well, maybe we are no Saints ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I feel that all of us are being moved into this energy of divine, pure love and the trusting and surrendering that comes with it and as we see more and more miracles happen for us and around us, we certainly activate our โ€ฆ how can we say it โ€ฆ maybe: angelic self โ€ฆ.. whatever we might call it, I believe itโ€™s the essence of what we are, the being of light and love that we truly are.

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty, what you have said about the response on another level when texting your twin, is EXACTLY what I have been experiencing with my twin as well. Whenever (maybe in the middle of the night, or completely unexpectedly, or at the oddest times) I had texted or emailed my twinflame, the answer *always* came โ€ฆ either she answered or the Universe answered. But the answer always came in the sweetest and best ways for me, and the most beautiful thing is โ€ฆ *BIG smiles* โ€ฆ all of this continues even in times we have no contact here on Earth. In every answer sent to me now through the Universe, I can feel *her* love, *her* energy, *her* being. If the Universe sometimes let other people answer instead of her, they even use the words she would have said. It is so beautiful and always touches my heart more than I can say when it happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Joana, you asked about whether we can talk to our twinflames about the spiritual level. I am blessed with a twinflame who likes talking to me about this and who can feel it as well ๐Ÿ™‚ , although only in the “good times”. In other times she does not like to be reminded of it. But I think twinflames must just feel that special intimacay, I cannot imagine they would not feel it. Maybe they don’t acknowledge it at times, but surely they feel it, don’t they?

    Oh, I LOVE our exchanges here and thank you all so very much for all you’re sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So much love to all of you here, waves and eaves of sweetest love for everyone and their twins

  26. Dear Girls,
    yeeeees, that`s excatly what is going on with me and my TF too. Day before yesterday a got an email from my TF after one month that we`ve been texting each other…i asked him something about physical transformation and now i answered him again and wrote that i used to have dreams that came true, i don`t know , i just wanted to tell him this, i`m waiting the answer :). sometimes i feel that it is better not to talk about all this things that are happening to us, because they are happening to US, not them, they have their way to figure something out, so to speak, to become aware…they can feel us but they don`t need to know things on the same way we do. My TF and I like to talk about philosphy of life, people, God, everything, we see everything on a deeper level, but through different ways and that is important also, because through his way i can see some things clearer and vice versa, we give to each other so much, but i always get that after we stop talking for a while…and what Delphina wrote: “It is really funny, and even the smallest thing that is not 100% right, but only 99,9%, will cause some delay or another route to be taken.”, yeees, that is it, everything most happen in its perfect time, even the small things that appear to be irrelevante. I really feel sometimes that we are holding the space, we allowing them to come when ever they are ready…this is also a balance on some way i think. My TF has a very active outer life, inner too, but the most things he experience through outer world, for me the most is through inner world, but like i said somewhere in here, we come to the same conclusions with time and that is also something i noticed through our conversations.
    Dear Joana,
    ah i would so like to know is he feeling something, but i think that asking him about this will wait quite a while :). I think by telling him about my dreams i wanted to see what he thinks about all this things…but i just realised through this that i just want and can`t force anything, it`s better not to tell him, their is a time for this too ๐Ÿ™‚ even i know he is interested in all this but only ona mind level, he likes to think about it, explore things through thinking, i was doing that before all this happened.
    All will be good, i just know, even when i forgot sometimes about that knowing when hard times come, but always everything come back to its place.
    I love you all and sending you so much warmth and love!! Keep believing!

  27. Hi!
    I lost truck of my TF, I guess he is so busy preparing for his tests; it is almost the end of the semester, and I have been working everyday. Anyway, I so him last month 3 times. He used to sit, I don’t know for how long there behind me at the library, these 3 times. I only became aware that he was around when I was leaving. He is like that, extremely shy. I wanted to at least smile to him, but he just keep his eyes on his laptop when I was leaving. So close and so far away. Today, I cried again and I was telling to my self, “better forget about all this TFs stuff” Then, getting ready to pay for my items at the pharmacy, there was a lady infront of me. She was wearing a T-shirt with a message on it like this: “Impossible is not an option” So, again the UNIVERSE is talking to me, I guess.

    No kidding, yesterday I have a weird experience. I went to the book store and I was looking for some books and there were 3 books sitting on the clearance table, the titles were: “101 Things to do before you die” the other title was: “Everything 101 A complete Education in a snap” and “101 incredible experiments for the weekend scientist.” I really don’t know the meaning of this incident.

    OK, if I could, I would tell my TF not to keep me awake during the night for so long because I have to wake up early to go to work. He, he,he…I know he has a great sense of humor.
    Love to everybody.

  28. Dear girls,

    oh, wow, Joana, it’s the 101 again! Like the experience with the key! The twinflames and between them the 0, the Universe, the place where all starts, the place that connects them. So we have the trinity.
    When we move within this trinity consciousness, when God is a part of the twinflame journey, then “Impossible is not an option!” Wonderful message! Thank you so much for sharing it!
    Maybe there’s even more to it, but this is what first jumps out at me when I read this and by the way, I keep seeing the 101 ever since you mentioned your story with the key! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, only the angels and God know how much your message from yesterday has not only been for Misty, but for my twinflame and me. You have literally carried me through my day today, and I thank you from all my heart, dear Joana, for your wisdom, for your sweet love, for your connection and listening to the nudging of the universe letting you write just the right things in the right moment.
    I encountered today an indeed very difficult twinflame time …*sigh* … but I had already been here this morning before and miraculously already knew the answer to the question that was about to arise and to the difficult times that were about to evolve today .. and I went through the day repeating over and over again: “It’s just a test … a hard one, but it is only a test …So keep faithful, trust, believe … it’s just a test” and I was so filled with all the love we share here on the blog and also all the waves of love surrounding me from people very close to my heart that inspite of the really bitter experience today I felt so protected and so wrapped in the angels’ arms and in love and light that I am doing unexpectedly fine right now and I was also able to feel the sweet in all the bittersweet.

    I am so grateful for all of your love and support of all of you and I’m smiling when we find out how similar our experiences are like Sunshine has also shared again.

    Sending you all sweetest waves of love from my heart to yours

  29. Dear girls,
    ah, i just can`t express how much this blog and all of you mean to me…i remember the day when i decided to write something here for the first time, which was the big step for me because i was not comfortable opening to people on the internet, but that was something the best i did on this journey. Thank you all for your uniqueness and love! It is amazing how we all have messages for each others in the right moment, there is always someone who is flowing in the vibration that we need. Joana, you are so sweet and you are swooped with such meaningful signs. Someone doesn`t want you to give up ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you all and Gabriella, so many times i come here just to pick up some love ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I am so thankful for all of your blessings and you sending me angels of peace puts me at ease truly. I have had no computer since I broke my laptop fan. So I haven’t been on too much like usual. However, I have to say, I learned to accept who I am, and the voices are hushing, and I am finding that I am in love with a boy named Owen, and the label of a twin flame is not one I wish to use with anyone. I was wondering, if one should exclude the teen years and younger in his search since we are fickle and hormonal in those years and may mistakenly assign someone the position of a Twin Flame. Also, what if I never am sure, like I share symptoms with so many people? OOH. one more. When only one flame knows what a twin flame is, but assumes the pull is something else, and the mind dominates and mutes the heart’s calling, what then? If only one flame knows about twin flames, and only one knows they even have something special? I have never though of Owen before since I left, but since I returned home I have an odd attraction to him, unlustful. I have no clue. Honestly, I doubt I have truly met my flame, nor will I ever, sometimes. I just have looked, but never shared dreams, nor have I seen them, felt the energy described in things. I just am so lost haha. I just decided to take a break from it all. Since the whole flame scene isn’t workin out. I guess I will find them whenever.

  31. Theo,
    Before even know about soul mates, I bought a small book about soulmates. I did not read it, I just left it there with my other books. I read it later, but I could not believe it could be possible. I did not believe that love like the love of Romeo and Juliet were possible either. I thought they were crazy…my heart was broken a couple of times so I don’t wanted to believe on it. Then I met my TF, and my first thought was that maybe I was going through to an emotional crisis. I thought my hormonal levels were un stable too. So being young or old person does not have anything to do with meeting or not our TFs. It just happen. Many times I wonder if my TF think that I’m only a crash for him…so he is younger than me, but a crash and a TF love don’t feel the same. So for you, there were something that guided you to this blog and started reading about soulmate and TFs. No doubt that you are going through an spiritual awakening.
    Love to you and everybody.

  32. Delphina,
    Mother Theresa used to say that she was only a pen on the hands of God. Maybe we all are here receiving messages from the Universe, angels, or God to deliver to someone else. Many times I read the posts of Gabriella or people who writes here on this blog and It is exactly what I need to read that exact moment.
    Love to you and everybody.

  33. Dear Teo,

    I am so thankful to feel how much the angels and blessings many of us have been sending you (and maybe even more people in your life) have helped you ~ this is so wonderful ~ thank you so much for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚ It puts a smile on my face and in my heart and I’m continuing to send you angels and blessings and think the best way is always to do what feels right and it seems you have found a way that gives you peace. Whatever it may look like, whether TFs or not, this will all become visible later I believe, when the “cosmic timetable” decides it’s right, and for now it seems to be important just to follow what your heart and intuition tell you, and this is in fact so true for everyone.
    I am truly thankful that you are feeling better right now, dear Teo.
    The angels and blessings truly work! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, by the way, it is funny that you are saying the label TF doesn’t work any more for you right now because this is also what my TF and I have been going through: lots of labels just don’t work and I guess this is true for life in general. Labels really don’t work, e.g. you can also not say “All ***** (take any nation) are like this ***** (take any attribute you want to give them) because this is just not true. We are all human beings and everyone is unique. Every relationship is also unique, combining two completely unique human beings. Labels work partly and they are at times just something that helps us grasp the ungraspable, this is why we use them, but the divine truth is that all is pure divine love and cannot be put into boxes. So it sounds very wise to me releasing the labels in times they don’t work. It means moving more into the one love that is everything (Gabriella always uses such beautiful words for this, but I think you are getting the idea ;-))

    Lots and lots of love to you and all of your loved ones, Teo,and to everyone

  34. Dear Joana,

    you are putting a big smile into my heart. Yes, this is so true and it is so delightful to be the pen of God and the angels and the Universe for each other and I feel so blessed to be a part of it all.
    Mother Teresa said so many wonderful things and I believe she also said she wanted to be a window for the light and love of God to shine through for all people she met, and this is also what we are here on this blog for each other and also everywhere we go. I feel since that divine love has touched me I cannot help it but radiate this beautiful love ~ and so much has changed for me in my other friendships and just around me.

    Thank you all for giving me peace in this week of really big and unexpected further TF heartpain for me and my twin. I can feel the peace when coming here and it helps me a lot.

    Waves of sweet love and loving angels to everybody and their twins and loved ones,