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Let us Walk Together as Beloveds to Be the Embodiment of Divine Love

*At the end of this piece, there is a link to listen to what is written here via MP3, if you prefer to listen to the vibrations* As a young girl, I remember asking my mother, “how do I know

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Divine Love Brings it All into ONE

Q. I wonder why TF relationships come so later on into life. Would it not be great if TF relationships fructify at a younger age and happier couples create more stability and happiness all round ! Can we not have

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Bask in the Peace and Silence of Your Presence

The energies that this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, the 11/11 expansion has brought through and up for me has been quite intense. It has felt like a complete wipeout from within of anything that I had previously attached to which took

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Trust that Everything is Moving into Place

You don’t have to figure it all out right now, in this moment. Let pieces fall away as others rise into place. Know that everything is moving where it needs to be. You are meant to balance your desire for

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Remember to be in Balance with Love

It’s all about the love. When you find yourself holding onto something against someone, remember to balance it back to love. Through this experience of my uncle going through a liver transplant at the point of REALLY needing one for

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Twin Flames, Twin Earthquakes, Twin Towers ~ Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ Rising in Love

Everything is connected, interconnected, weaved within the other intimately and a part of everything else. Everything and everyone is ONE with all that is, therefore we are affected and a part of each happening that goes on in another’s life

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The Number 69: What it Truly Means

The number 69 has gotten a “bad” rep for many years because of the perception of separation between man and woman, as the focus used to be on the supposed “differences,” yet the truth is that we merge and become

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Balance is the Key to Your Happiness in All Ways

I was joined by Melissa Stone, Owner, CMT, Certified Fitness Professional, Author of the book The Key to Life is Balance. She owns and operates Balance Studio Spa in Felton CA, a full service holistic fitness, wellness and skin care

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