Let us Walk Together as Beloveds to Be the Embodiment of Divine Love

*At the end of this piece, there is a link to listen to what is written here via MP3, if you prefer to listen to the vibrations*

scales of loveAs a young girl, I remember asking my mother, “how do I know how he is feeling?” when asking about someone I had feelings for. My mother responded, “well, how are YOU feeling?” How profound and accurate my mother was. Every relationship is a reflection upon self while it also brings you beyond the identity of self. You are a being, a vessel of love. When waves of this love come up inside of you and desires to find an outlet outside of you to share the love with, this love naturally comes back within you, increasing this flow of love. Everyone is a reflection in essence and a piece of the Beloved. Beloved is God. Beloved is to be love and be loved simultaneously, balancing the giving and receiving of the love that you are. The giving and the receiving is always in balance. It’s only the perceptions that it isn’t or the actions that can bring about a blockage of either being the love or receiving the love that can make it seem like it is not in balance.

balancingGod has both masculine and feminine energies flowing with each other in harmony. As the masculine comes out, moves through more strongly, more prominent at certain times, and the feminine energies comes through more prominently at other times. We can liken this to the image of the scales, where one is going up, then the other goes up. They always meet together in the middle in balance before they one becomes more pronounced than the other. That balance point is the making love point. However that point of making love is always present, even when the scales of the feminine are up, the masculine is down, the masculine is up and the feminine is down. At that making love point, brings both the masculine and feminine into balance. This balance, this union of what we term as duality, as opposites is the union of it all, is the union of all things. On this ladder of love, on this journey of love, we have many relationships, not always romantic. We have many relationships that reflect our love back to ourselves. We are love. The way that you, in particular, shine this love forth, be this love out, connect with this love inside, is your own unique vibration of love. As you treat every person that you come in contact with as your Beloved, as the Beloved that matches you, you enhance and shape the specific love that you are. In doing this, the soul signature that harmonizes in balance with the love vibration that you are can recognize the love that you are both as ONE. At this point, as we’ve mentioned, every relationship is a reflection upon self while also bringing you beyond your identity of self. At this point of meeting, with this twin flame, this soul essence that has the same vibration as your own, it brings you again, constantly, consistently, throughout the relationship, to move back inside of yourself, basking in the love there, the love that now is not only your piece of this love but also your twin flame’s piece, or pieces we could say for there is more than once. The balancing of your love vibration and also the increasing of your love vibration with the other pieces, and vice versa. As a result, there comes a desire, a desire to merge in all ways with this love that you are and to be this love that you are, in a more pronounced expression and creativity of this love that you then share with everyone else, again as your Beloved. This is all about being love and being loved.

yin yang balanceAt this point as I mentioned, your vision shifts. It moves into union consciousness. You see things, you see situations, you see people, you see yourself, you see everything around you, surrounding you, as one with everything else. Therefore, the way that you handle what you could consider “challenges,” as opportunities for you to feel deeper into the love that you are and bring that love forward and outwards within your perceptions of everything around you, your interactions with everyone in your life, and your connection with the love that you are inside and reflected outside. This is the embodiment of God in form, God and Goddess in form. Twin flames in this vibration, in the awareness of this Beloved energy coming together enhances this Beloved flow of energy within each vessel, within each of themselves, as well as between them, then sharing that as they move it forward and move it out to everyone.

balancing heart piecesThis is a gift to the world, that beyond these words, everyone else, all Beloveds everywhere can feel this Beloved flow of energy, within each twin flame as one on their own and as ONE together, sharing that ONEness, this beloved flow of energy that always is in balance and flowing, with everyone. Everyone can witness this, beyond the words, but seeing it in embodiment, in form while inviting everyone to move beyond form to remember this, to be this, embody this, express this in their own unique ways. God and Goddess united, re-birthed in union.

I offer you, as you’re reading/listening to this, to feel into the core essence of who you are, which is love. Feel your unique vibration, your unique piece within the pieces of love that you are, and let this love come forth. Let yourself creatively bring this love forth in how you are guided with each consistently, changing, evolving moment. Watch how by being loved and being love, you allow yourself to be loved back, to then be this love more and allow others to do the same. It is such a blessed journey. I am so thankful, I am in such gratitude for being able to share this journey with you. I thank you for sharing your journey with me. Namaste.

An abundance of love waves flowing from my heart to yours as we continue to increase this Beloved flow of energy for us all Beloveds. *Let us Walk as Beloveds MP3*

~Gabriella Hartwell

8 Comments on “Let us Walk Together as Beloveds to Be the Embodiment of Divine Love

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    That is so heartfelt and profund. TF journey is indeed feeling love all the way. After 21 12 .12 , I have felt different, in the sense that I no longer text my TF regularly. I just feel this deep connection and I can only just feel the love !!!! There is no desperation and just a feeling of being.. Flowing…. Universe is bringing us where we are intended to be.. Waves of love to you all !!!

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    So beautiful to hear… I’m in the SAME waves of love you are in… flowing and knowing that the Universe is bringing us where we are intended to be. Lots of love to you and to everyone surrounding us!

  3. Dearest Sleeping Beauty and dearest Gabriella,

    how beautiful to read that you are both in the same waves of love and of feeling the oneness and the beautiful flow bringing us whereever we are intended to be. 🙂

    I am sending both of you my sweetest twinflame love from my ONE heart with my twinflame to your ONE heart with your twinflame while I am holding hands with you, as we all are holding hands in rising up more into the LOVE and LIGHT that always is and that is beyond any separation and as we all encourage each other so beautifully to see and feel beyond the illusions 3D life is preparing for us so often.

    You express here so often the peace and calmness within that comes from a deep understanding of how the Universe works and I want to thank both of you and all the others who let us feel their peace here as well from the bottom of my heart.

    Please don’t get me wrong ~ for those readers who are not at peace right now ~ I do appreciate so much as well all of your sharings because they also reflect my own path in all of this ~ they reflect one side of the coin ~ and it always makes me feel I am not alone in the struggles of it all ~ and I am truly grateful for this ~ and sending you a special THANK YOU and all my LOVE as well 🙂 ~ and I am just also truly so grateful to the beautiful souls who express her peace and calmness although they might also not understand all of what why things are happening or might not know all of what why things can’t move faster ~ but who are trusting anyway. This is the other side of the coin ~ and I truly feel I need to tune into this TRUST side of the coin more consciously.
    The other side comes all by itself ~ I don’t have to do anything for it ~ I can easily feel the troubles ~ but this side, the bright and light side ~ this is what gives me peace ~ *after* finding it of course 😉 .
    Whenever I can focus on this side of the coin, I just feel so much better and all of life just goes so much better, little or big miracles happen and I am just in the FLOW.

    So today is a day to thank Sleeping Beauty, Gabriella and all others who are so willingly sharing their peace and joy with us ~ I am truly thankful !

    Sending so much light and love to all and your twins,
    Delphina <3