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Bask in the Peace and Silence of Your Presence

The energies that this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, the 11/11 expansion has brought through and up for me has been quite intense. It has felt like a complete wipeout from within of anything that I had previously attached to which took

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Twin Flames, Twin Earthquakes, Twin Towers ~ Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ Rising in Love

Everything is connected, interconnected, weaved within the other intimately and a part of everything else. Everything and everyone is ONE with all that is, therefore we are affected and a part of each happening that goes on in another’s life

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Intuitive Mini Readings and Releasing Fear

On this show, I offered mini intuitive readings to see what comes through…what a great time to do this as it is Halloween, and the last day of October…as we welcome in 11/11…a powerful month…talked about releasing fear and focusing

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