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Listen to What You Know

“There’s your answer. If you’d listen to what you know instead of what you fear…” ~ Richard Bach

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Personally, You Already Know Your Twin Flame and Only Fear Would Cause You to Run Away

Q. I saw my Twin Soul on tv, never met him personally. It was when he looked straight into the camera and I looked into his eyes, I felt a jolt and like someone hit me right in the chest,

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Intuitive Mini Readings and Releasing Fear

On this show, I offered mini intuitive readings to see what comes through…what a great time to do this as it is Halloween, and the last day of October…as we welcome in 11/11…a powerful month…talked about releasing fear and focusing

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Jesus Religion ~ Releasing Fear to enter into Truth and Love (Blog Talk Radio Show)

We will be interviewing Louis Charles, Author of the book, Jesus Religion. In his book, he reveals the insanity that has been created by Christian theology. Having formerly suffered from fear caused by Christianity, he shares the path, as well

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