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  1. Me too. I feel my TF so close to me and every day it feels like I’m more aware of this closeness. Durinda is talking about the intensity of this TF relationship, maybe this explain the running away and the fear I feel with just the idea to see my TF again. Yesterday, I went to a conference late night, around 9:00 pm , no kidding, I started feeling my TF hugging me. It was weird, I was around all that people feeling my TF hugging me. Has anyone felt this way?

  2. yeees, i had situations like that, while i?m with other people, it was wird, yes…i don`t know how`s that happen in that kind of situations?!

  3. I too feel that heavy tiredness. My whole body aches ASIC it has been beaten up. Every morning I get up with stiffness and I have a terrible low back pain too. At many places , anywhere when I think of my TF I can feel him inside me as a strong weight bearing down my shoulders. I can feel waves of energy going down a gulps from my throat down my whole body. It is quite strange but it is also full of love.

  4. yes, that body feelings are so interconnected also…i notice all kind of changes on my body and pains, they come in sequence, every time something else. i don`t know how to help my body, on which way, i lose wight over night, but really…then it come back, then i lose it again. when will it come to balance?! sometimes it`s hard to deal with that, almost daily changes.

  5. I believe, as Gabriella said, this TF relantionship experience goes beyond our physical bodies and I think in my case my body is not used to or not ready for this kind experience. Me too I gain weight and I lost it, I wake up tire. The last time I saw my TF, I felt a wave of heavenly love coming from him, and this is the reason I would like to see him again.

  6. I don’t feel my TF inside of me, usually I feel him hugging and kissing. At first, I think is my imagination, but there is times that I’m busy and not thinking anything only about my work; and then suddenlinly I feel him close to me.

  7. yes, i feel him also when i`m doing something and think only about that and then sudenlly that feeling all around my body. i have that feeling also that he is inside me, sometimes i feel like we blended, some of my moves seems like they are his,how i move my hand, walk, talk with people…it`s so wierd but so beautiful in the same time

  8. I just have a question, people around can feel what is going on? Sometimes I just look down, when I’m feeling my TF close, very close to me. Wow! I have a dream when I blend with my TF, and scare me a lot.

  9. i think they can feel it, but they dont understand what it`s going on, i also have certain moves when i feel him. people can feel something with TF couples that are together, probably they feel something in our cases too.
    i had a situations when i would experience a lot of synchronicity and i started to laugh and being so happy sudenlly, my friends and family were so confused, they would ask me what is it, but how to explain it. yes, it`s scary a bit, for me it`s happening when i`m awake, but i`m getting use to it. ah, dreams…lately i dream about him, but he comes in different bodies, i don`t know why, and i always have some kind of flirt with that persons (him) and i don`t feel wrong doing that, although i think what he would think about me being with that guy. i also dreamt that we had telepathic thoughts exchange but in dream, he was in another body but had his eyes, we were in tram and i was thinking how my hair looks good and he approached me, that guy (my TF) and tell me “did you just think that your hair looks good”, i was so amazed in dream but we started to talk and feeling each other…that was one of those that seems very realistic

  10. I reconize my TF by his essence, so I always prefer to feel and wish to dream him like that. Before I met him, I used to dream him like a body of energy. I used to see him in my dreams like a light body. After I met him, I prefer to dream him as he looks. The funny thing is when I find him in my dreams we are the same age. I have a dream last night, I found a male friend and he gave me a hug. I feel shy in my dream, he said;”congratulation” for something I don’t remember. I feel a little embarras with people when I feel my TF. When I feel him close to me, I hug him too, and our hugs are eternal. So, I just was wondering if people around me notice those moments where my mind is in another world or dimension. This happen too when I’m in home and my husband and son are around. I just think: “Jesus! You are here”

  11. yes me too, i`m happier when i dream him in his body, i did last night. does every dream with our TF have a meaning? do we have that kind of “regular” dreams with them, i don`t know how to explain, dreams that are influenced from are mind, ego maybe?! i can feel it when some dream was deep or vivid, but what with others, why do they come?
    i wanted to aks, how do you feel this days? i don`t know is it something in general but i feel a lot of ups and downs on a daily base,i`m not so unbalanced but it`s like some thought “hit” me in the head and i need to think about it, like i need to fight all the time to go back what is really true…i hope it will pass, probably my ego is going crazy, even though he was quite lately hihi.

  12. I watched the movie Casablanca. It made sad and happy at the same time, what a beautiful love story. When Lisa says: “I don’t know what it is right or wrong” and ask to Ricky to think for the three of them: Her husband, herself and him; Wow! Sometimes I feel that way. Yes, I have been feeling up and down. Try to keep my mind busy, but my TF is always with me. No all the time I remember my dreams, but I just feel that probably I meet my TF in some of my dreams. The serials of number still following me all the time.

  13. for me it`s so wierd these days, i feel like we are already physically together, like everything is a done deal, it`s very calming…i don`t know, every day i woke up and see what will bring me…

  14. I will do the same, I should not be worry to much about the future.
    I just feel crazy all the time, I feel my TF so close to me, eventhough the logic says to me that we can not be together in this 3D world.

  15. I will like to understand and know more about what means the emerging of the TFs.