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  1. Thank you, been having a very painful and challenging day but then here it comes~ Love you loads ~ and this is always truth !

  2. Yes, thanks,also some challenging coming today for me…and here it is an angel message.

  3. I love to read this…i`m so sad today, i don`t know why, there is no reason, but i could cry the whole day, couldn`t stay alone or i would start crying…this days are really wierd

  4. This morning I put my milk for about 80 seconds in the microwave, then I stopped it little before and took my milk. I was drinking my milk, then I turned my head to look the timer on the microwave and there were 11 seconds. WOW! the number series still following me all the time. I guess there are a lot of symbolism around me, but some I get it and some not. I was this way days before but it passed….I dream with my TF, I don’t remember much.

  5. hihi i know, i see signs too all aorund me…especially heart shaped objects, really everywhere…that started last week, i`m so happy when i noticed that, i remember that love is all around and my TF is with me. Yes i didn`t have a dream quite a while, that i remember clear, i usually just know that something was going on, but that`s ok too, i don`t have pictures but i have the feeling…
    Yes it will pas, like before, i`m not really sad, i`m just feeling it, such big sadness…i planed to do something today (study) but i just couldn`t, i just wanted to be with my dog and my family and enjoy in myself and the day…but i can`t say anymore that was a wasted day, beacuse i couldn`t do what i planned, before i would feel guilt, know i now i needed this…

  6. Now, I’m seeing messages on the back windows of the cars infront of me when I’m driving or waiting for the green light, It is so funny. Sometimes I think: “It is just a coincidence” The first time I noticed these messages was a day I felt so sad because I was not able to see my TF, then I saw a car in the parking lot at the univesity with the message on the rear window “Te amo” means “I love you”. Now, I see these messages as I mentioned before when I’m driving. It make me wonder.

  7. These are the answers from the Universe. I see them frequently and when it resonates with me I take it. I Do not not know when I will see my TF or hear from him. This pain makes me take any message, as if it was for me. That is the only way I can be in the flow. With all of us feeling so much pain and sadness I cannot see how this is going to help in the ascension of humanity from 3D to 5D . These feelings are not due to perceived separation, but a need for wholesomeness or feeling complete. We are one with out TF spiritually, but still long to be with them in all ways. It’s like going in circles……

  8. i think this sadness has to do something with this month, i don`t know…to make us more aware and to focus on what we know inside of us to remind us again. i had i few dreams, very realistic when i`m looking at the sky or i see planets and that make me wonder so i start searching and i found that every time i dreamt some kind of constellation that will come and has come and each time was some kind of changes, that i notice with others also in general. in some way that made me aware that we are part of this whole universe and that he influence on us, especially when you are more in the flow with universe, you feel changes and see more…maybe this venus make us wonder in all kind of aspects…but we are just feeling this, it`s not us, we have to observe this and see what`s behind

  9. This morning again I found the number 11 on the microwave timer; this time my husband warmed his coffe and stopped the microwave on 11 seconds. I agree there are a lot of symbolism around us. Maybe in my case, I just started noticing them. I don’t have those kind of dreams of planets or stars, it is interesting, but I feel that I have two friends who come in my mind, maybe they are my guard angels. I still feeling my TF when I wake up in the morning. Me too, I feel sad because we are not together in this 3D world, but I also realize that maybe we are together or meet each other in a higher dimension and that maybe is the reason I feel him so close to me. Maybe in those meeting he is helping me and I’m helping him to grow spiritually.

  10. Yes, actually i`m sure we are doing this, helping each other and this signs i think we notice them when it`s a right time, when we need them. Two-three weeks ago i was seeing alot of numbers 11,22,27 and now i see hearts everywhere, that`s new for me. Yees, now you mentioned, i also have one friend who i don`t see very often but it`s a very dear friend of mine and i always dream of him or he come to my dream when i need some kind of help in dream or i`m lost and he made me feel safe always…that happened alot and it made me wonder…it`s really whole another world behind this one. Lately i`m feeling good but also i feel that nervous, like something is testing me, i feel that struggle in my mind, that`s one of those periods…but i enjoy at night, i always loved being awake at night, i feel so calm, i can hear myself when everything went quite

  11. When I open my eyes during the night and then turn my head to my clock, there are the number series like 3:33, or in my clock’s car, 1:11, it is so funny sometimes 11:11 I always see these number series with 11. I love when Gabriella talks about the emerging of the TFs. I wish to be on that step of this progress with my TF. I understand that is like to be so aware spiritually of my TF that even I don’t need to be physically with him. Yes I have these “two angels”, they come even when I’m awake one is a man and the other is a woman. I feel them like a friends. Maybe I’m crazy, or are them imaginary friends?

  12. Maybe they are your guardian angels, i don`t think you crazy…i don`t have something like that, i wish i could have more contact with my guardian angels, but i think we can comunicate through signs.
    Yes, lately i think alot about that progress…i reached that phase when i could really leave without even thinking or wishing to be with him physically, but that only lasts for day or two, i can`t silence that urge inside of me that wants to be with him in all ways as i feel that we should be from the beginning…it`s so relieving and scary in the same time knowing that everything is in God`s hands. Sometimes i just want to feel his skin on mine…

  13. Me too, sometimes I feel that I reach that phase, where it does not matter if I will be with my TF or not in this life time in this 3D world. But that sensation does not last for ever, then I became sad. It is like a circle. The good thing is that I’m learning to go with the flow.

  14. Yes, we see a lot of signs guiding us and showing that we are on track. But still the need for something tangible is there. Gabriella why do we feel that, though we are feeling united spiritually and feel as one. Should we ignore such need for wanting to be physically with our TF and concentrate on being happy with spiritual oneness? What about June 2012 solstice ? Is it another landmark for TF reunion?

  15. Yes, there are a lot of sings, and some of them are incredible, example: a semester before I met my TF, I took a class and the professor have the same name as my TF, and he has been always very friendly and nice person with me. I said this, because not all the professors I had are like him. We (my TF and I) took classes together 3 semesters.

  16. yes, i always come back to that we only have to leave in the moment, but trulyy every day, we have to choose that every day…i feel that i`m happy only when im in the moment, when i enjoy the day and other people that i love…problem is that i know all this but sometimes, like this week that ego stuffs just want go away, i feel a litlle bit trapped…maybe something want to get out.
    Sleeping beauty, i thought that too, should i ignore that need, but how?! i don`t know quite what to do with that. i think we just need to feel it and let it be, if we try to understand it fully it will trapp us in that constant circle of questioning and that`s not the point of faith and believeing in ourselves and what we know. it`s easier when i know that we are together in all this

  17. yes, you are right. We do get trapped if we keep questioning it.I just pray that i have the strength to bear it all. When I communicate with my TF i am full of bright energy and zest to do all the work. Its amazing how much effect he has on me.We are so close yet so far..All the articles and messages I read keep pointing to imminent TF reunion in all ways.. But the funny part is there is nothing tangible… I keep reassuring myself that it is not that easy to reach God ! It still requires more work , I guess.. and of course Divine Timing ! In the meantime Gabriella”s blog is a very warm place to share our trials in our journey and it helps a lot. Thanks and love to all.

  18. Yes i know what you mean, but we don`t need to search or reach God he is inside of us, we are made of his love, we are pure energy of love that is are natural state, that love exist all the time, the problem is when we remove from Him/us we feel fear… i was in such a delusion thinking that i have to do something to become closer to God or my TF, to indulge them, i just have to be, be me. i think the biggest problem is to surrender yourself to that everyday, despite all problems that come to us everyday, the only “cure” is probably humor and laughter, to laugh at face all things that move us from balance, from our core. sometimes i feel (in my environment) like i`m at the head of a column, breaking a path through the bushes and trees…but when i hear others thoughts in here, i know that i`m not just some utopic dreamer

  19. I just have a couple of questions, does going with the flow means living in the moment and forget about if I’m going to be or not with my TF in this life time? Going with the flow means eliminate the sadness I feel? If, I feel the speritual connection with my TF, should I stay that way? I listened Gabriella’s explanation about the number 11, ok each 1 of the number 11 are the TF couple as a unity and a common mission is what bring them together. Here is my confusion, I don’t know if I have a mission in this life time, or if I have it, it is not so obvious to me right now.

  20. So very true, sunshine, tks for pointing that out. God is us. I guess, to reach that God state of balance is not that easy. We need to work on that. yesterday, I was talking to friend, and surprisingly our conversation, took us towards surrender to God and she said, all you have to do is hold the steering wheel, HE will take care of everything. It seemed like a message to me. I feel being in the flow is to take things as they come,not expecting anything and be accepting about it. Being love and just love. Sometimes I go to that state and it is blissful. But I find I do get shaky now and then and I burst into tears. BUt Gabriella says we need to give in to emotions. Keep sending love to your TF. Surely it makes us feel good and will connect us deeply to them.
    As regards, mission, it is an intuitive feeling. I have also often wondered. I am into a lot of environment protection projects for many years now. Have always felt the need to protect earth and I have been recognised as an environmentalist in our society. Though this resonates with me, I feel I want to do something jointly with my TF. Is our mission to reunite and spread love. If so when is this going to happen. This has been in my mind for so long. Joanna tks for coming up with this. Of late , there is this very strong need to do things jointly in the physical with my TF. If we are spiritually one, does it mean, whatever I do separately, we are actually doing jointly ? Somehow that does not resonate with me. So I feel there is something else… We will be led to it , if that is our destiny. Hope these thoughts help.. Love to you all..

  21. Yes, It helps thanks; now that you mentioned that. People seems to come to me for advice and support. It is not that I know a lot, maybe because I just listen to them. Right now I’m writing a math book for elementary school kids. My son gave this idea, and since I always wanted to be a teacher maybe that is my mission. I love to teach what I understand especially to young people. Yes, I got lost sometimes, I feel the connection with my TF, but I don’t see anything clear we someday we are going together in this life time. So, I ask to God for strenght, it has been hard for me know that he in someplace and I don’t know anything about him.

  22. I see going with the flow just being, when you feel that your thoughts and feelings are with you, right now, when they are not going around…you just simply live, like sleeping beauty said “not expecting anything and be accepting about it”.
    i think that every human beign on this planet is on a mission, but on their own uniqe mission…problem is that we are evaluate that through various paradigms from lower social perpsective or through expectations…our mission is in us.
    Yes, i feel that too, that enormuus feeling that i have to do something with my TF, but i also feel that we need to synchronise with each other and i don`t know when this is going to happen…last yesr i had such a big feeling that something big is going to happen, i even felt in which month and i met him, but now nothing…after him like my “radar” is broken…maybe because i found him, i don`t look for love anymore, he really is with me then. i get confused when i get excited about my mission, what i should do, or what resonates with me, i can feel him so close and i want to share that with him, to do something together…i don`t know, maybe i feel like this beacuse we are the same soul?!

  23. yes the longing to share is so deep. i am sure if we do the mission together, the happinesss that we feel will multiply manifold. My twinflame and i had the chance to meet and spend some time together but in the presence of others , but it was heaven for me. This chance also was so unexpected and i thank God amd the Universe for presenting us with this oppurtunity. i feel it is a beginning for us. Though i do not have a clue as to HOW.. I just surrender to the divine flow and keep sending love to my TF… I feel our destiny is to share and spread love together. Love will find a way…

  24. Sleeping beauty i`m so glad for you, just carry that good feeling with you..yes love will find the way. we really don`t need to worry, but it`s hard to stop that HOW in our minds when you feel that flurry of love, hope and good energy.

  25. My TF was in my dream,and I remember that we were talking about relationships between soulmates, and our TF relationship; it’s so funny. Going with the flow, I imagine, it is feeling like a fish in the ocean or a bird flying in the sky.

  26. an amazing thing happened and I am so excited. As I was travelling I saw the sky looking v unusal with the clouds as if swept by a gigantic broom. they were long delicate wisps spread across the whole sky. As I was looking at this with my children, we saw two elongated strips of cloud distinctly, pinkish. As we continued seeing we saw another long vertically elongated wisp of clod split into many at the ends and they were the colours of blue and violet. And as we kept looking amazed, the colours slowly changed to green and pink and as we kept looking it slowly diappeared.To my amazement as I looked at the time it was 11.11 , the same on my clock and the car dashboard clock. Gabriella, I felt they were angels. Gabriella, do you sense anything?
    Later on things were swept in such a fashion that my twin flame and I met privately and had some intimate moments, just 5 minutes. It all seemed divinely orchestrated, cos I had no idea that i would meet him that time.I feel that it is all like a dream. I told my TF how much I loved him and though he did not say so in so many words, I could feel the emotions in him. It is ever so beautiful. I still feel this is the beginning and feel so much gratitude for the Universe and God. I pray and pray that miracles will happen and bring us together in all ways without hurting anyone and for the highest good of all.I feel ever so humbled by the events and the vision in the sky. Blessings are pouring down everywhere on Earth and the indeed God is Great!!

  27. I’m happy for you, and I like your words: “miracles will happen and bring us together in all ways without hurting anyone and for the highest good of all.”

  28. Thanks Joanna,. I feel a deep calm . It seems the TF relationships are meant for the highest good of humanity. I read somewhere that the implications are so huge that we cannot take it all in at the same time. God ensures that events are given to us in small doses so that we are able to take it easily. Which is why we have to accept taking one step at a time, I feel, though it may seem v difficult and hopeless. My TF and I have been like this for more than 8 years , and the growth has been spiritual from my side and bonds strengthened steadily and when I look back, I see how far I have come. It may seem that physically we have made no progress but our bonding in love has deepened and words between us are barest minimum but still the connection is strong. Often I feel amazed at this beauty of a TF relationship.

  29. I agree with you, this TF relationship is very, very strong, and overwhelming in my opinion, scary too. It goes beyond what I could imagine…I don’t have words to describe it.

  30. Dearest Gabriella,
    My TF and I have been brought together on many occasions but it is always so brief hardly few minutes. It is so magical but so brief. Why? Is there some reason for this? We both long to be together but everytime our meetings are cut shot. Our meetings and partings seem divinely orchestrated. Are these steps leading to something beautiful ?

  31. Sleeping Beauty,

    You are so truly blessed!! OK, maybe I am a little jealous too 😉

    “Divinely Orchestrated” is a good phrase for these TF meetings, I felt the same way when I saw my TF for the second (and so far, last time) so many months ago. Though I felt I should not speak with her at the time, as I was with my wife and her crazy father, when our eyes met I immediately felt such joy and confidence in our eventual reunion… I knew nothing of TFs at this time, mind you!

    Since then it has been 6 months, and my heart has grown so weary from the heartbreak of our separation… please Lord will you show me a sign?!

  32. This really has sense what sleeping beauty wrote about that we can`t take it all in at the same time, we feel scared even now…i still have moments when i think that all is a game of my mind, we just have to give ourselves to God without a fear, which is the scary part.
    When i meet my TF it`s also very brief, it`s always some kind of that situation. Sleeping beauty, do you feel sometimes that positive energy from your TF after you split, like it come to you after you move away from him? For me, sometimes it`s not unbearable being next to him (my hands not shaking and etc.), but after i move away i start to feel alot of feelings. i don`t now why is this happening? maybe because other people are there

  33. I would like more about what happens during that physical encounters with our TFs, why is so unpredictable and different every time?

  34. It gives a prfound feeling of oneness and completeness and of course a it is quite charged. But not too unbearable. At times I feel my TF trying to keep things under control. However it has been so brief . The afterglow lasts for many days. But usually afterwards I cannot remember how it all felt. It seems new each time. And the longing and desperate need increases so much. All I feel is “IT FEELS SO RIGHT “AND THE FEELING “THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ALL ALONG” . The sense that the search is over and we are HOME.

  35. Dear Christopher, tks for your encouragement and wishes. I have known my TF for 23 years ans only for the past 10 years my awareness has grown. And my actual Tf awareness only for the past one year.So maybe you will feel better to know that these things take their own time and even now I am on my journey and taking things as they come. Surely, if it is your destiny, you and your TF will meet and progress. Hope this helps. Love to you all.

  36. I don’t know why my husband (soul mate) was not my brother in this life time. He takes care of me and I take care of him. I know he does not love me with a romantic love. I don’t love him that way either. I really don’t know why we are together. I just wanted to express these feelings about my husband. I always have this question, will he survive without me? His friend say no…Sleeping Beuty, maybe you are getting ready to be with your TF; me I don’t even can imagine to be close or talk with my TF.

  37. Sleeping beauty, yes i also can`t remember what happened, it`s like something huge hit me in the head, i don`t remember what i was saying to him, who was around, what situation was, like the time stoped and all blended in that one moment…and yes, that feeling of oneness and happines, sometimes i just have to start laughing.
    Joana, maybe you decided to help each other in one part of your life, to have a son also…there is alot of things that we can`t understand, when i start to think about them i never find a good answer, then i just let them go, let them be, i probably needed them, i just can`t find the way to see that at this moment.
    when i think in my mind, there is no logical explanation that we ever going to be together,there are just not enough facts, but i can`t resist that feeling, it`s like a litlle worm who says different…i think when you have that “worm” in any kind of situation there is something behind what your mind is thinking

  38. Sleeping Beauty,

    I love your comments. It is true, that feeling of oneness. When I look in my TF eyes, I see eternity. The feeling of HOME when we are together and knowing in my heart that this is where i am suppose to BE. We have been in crowded restaurants together, but it is like we are the only two people there, everyone else just seems to fade away. After we spend time together, its like my heart expands even further and encompasses all that is. Such a beautiful feeling it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I find people just smile at us when we are together, like they feel and see the love that surrounds us. Never give up as if it is your soul’s intention to be together in this lifetime in the physical it will be. Love to you all

  39. I only know that when I’m thinking to give up on my TF, my suffering is huge. So even if I don’t give up on him, I don’t see any hope to even be his friend. I just feel the conection with him, and I find him in my dreams. Yes, my son is one of my happiness in this life, and I believe for my husband too.

  40. i understand you…after the exams finish we wont see each other anymore, we live in different cities, i don`t know how that would be, but giving up is to painful, i tried that many times and i always end up suffering and lost…at least through dreams and feelings we know they are with us. i`m feeling like i`m going somewhere but i dont know where, it`s scary sometimes, in that moments i don`t wont to be alone, i don`t wont to be alone on my mission

  41. i have a question, what`s that with kissing in the nape in dreams with our TF? i noticed that alot of people when they describing they dreams here, describe that kiss in the nape…i have that dreams too. is that something significant for TF?

  42. That is what scare me, I had that dream too, but it was not dream because it was in the morning when I was opening my eyes. I heard my TF asking me permission to kiss my nape. I have some dreams that I can not explain, and let me confuse. I have a of sequence dreams, first he asked me to marry him, the next he asked me my opinion about the church we will marry it, then the last we were getting marriage, but I don’t see people there only him and me. I could see him clearly and I see myself. I means, I could see how he was dress and I see myself. When my spirit goes down I like to listen Gabriella’s video: “Spiritual Partnership” it really help me. I found this in this site that also help me: “Lots of challenges on this twin flame journey…and the message from the angels IS over and over, trust, trust, trust, know that they are working with the unfolding of our reunions…now more than ever, trust, believe…keep feeling the connection…it IS there, it has always been there. You exist within one another…” from Gabriella

  43. I have not had such dreams.But i feel a presence in me and when i find quiet moments,I can feel the love encompass me, even feel the hug and caress so poignantly. Sunshine, even after you leave college if it is destined, somehow you will be brought together. At one time I used to worru like this, but I see that we are made to meet each even if it is very briefly. I am ever so gratefulto God for that.
    our soulmate is with us for a purpose, for us to learn some lessons. I read somewhere that some times as per our contract, our TF chooses the soulmate for our lifetime. After knowing this, I am more acceptable of my relationship with my soulmate(husband). I see my TF in him.In fact therre are many similarities between them. My soulmate relationship is also one of caring only and not like TF relationship. However ,since we cannot hurt anyone I carry on with my duty and try my beat to protect them from any pain.
    I just hope for miracles and in the meantime, send love to my TF.During our separation my love from him grows deeper…

  44. Joana, sleeping beauty thank you…it helps. i believe that too, that no matter what happened that we will find each other.
    Joana, i also had that sequence dreams, like they are continuing each other and that communication always happened when i`m going to wake up…i remember that one most striking dream, when i thought it was real and where we were together again and he told why he “left” and while i was opening my eyes i heard some kind of whistling in my ears, like you change frequency on the radio…that happend that one time, others was not so powerful. Yes, trust, that`s the only thing that lefts at the end, to trust…

  45. Sleeping Beauty,

    No my TF and I are not fully together in the physical. We do communicate via text and phone from time to time and get together when we can. I feel our souls need to do this to give each other the strength to continue on our individual journeys and so that we could heal what needed to be healed. My guides give me the message of “be patient”. I was at the store the other day and a man walked by me in a t-shirt that said never, never, never give up. That gives me strength as well as I continue to receive the messages and signs that point me in the direction I need to go. I am becoming clearer on what my individual mission is and take steps when guided to implement this guidance. My TF and I met almost 2 years ago and continue to work on ourselves. I started my spiritual journey 5 years before we “met”. This is one of the reasons I say never give up because when we met we were together for a little while and then he “ran” as the intensity was overwhelming for the both of us. But we have never been able to stay away from each other for very long, as I believe our souls continue to pull us back together. the synchronicities for us have been amazing and I laugh because once I pointed these out to him he is also beginning to recognize them. I feel I am being given messages from my guides about our mission together. I believe we are given additional guidance when we are ready to receive it. I believe our love is God’s promise to us and I continue to trust that all is in Divine order. I don’t want to make it seem like this journey has been easy because it has not. The challenges of this TF journey can be hard, but i feel are necessary so we can remember who we truly are. I send love to you all. It is wonderful to know that we are never alone in this journey.

  46. Yes I believe that maybe when we dream we are in another dimension. Yes I feel that transition when I wake up. Many times I wake up so tire. I make jokes all the time to my husband about this. I have dreams where I’m cleaning the house of my father, my house in my native country. I’m always cleaning in my dreams…in the real world I’m this way. I like to see things neat. I travel a lot in my dreams and meet and talk with a lot of people that I don’t even know. So, I think that I’m living another life in my dream. I believe there is a lot symbolism in dreams, and I can not get it. I felt so sad, when I could not pass the subject I was taking in the department my TF takes his classes. I did not pass this subject so I could not take the next one. It was hard and extremely painful not to see him again, but what it happened in my case was that the love and spiritual connection with him increased. I don’t know if in the future we are going to find each other again. Sometimes I think to leave things the way they are now, and allow him to follow his life.

  47. It is funny my husband (soulmate) and I are at the point that we reconize our agreement, I guess. We are friends and we are taking care of our son.

  48. yes i think that do, i read somewhere about it, as i can recall…and yes, me too, wake up tired, without energy, i could barely move my hands at first. i think we should do that, for me letting him go was the hardest part, i had to do that beacuse of my situation, and i did, i just don`t know to which extent beacuse of that longing. last night i coludn`t sleep and i felt such sadness, i started to cry, beacuse it`s so hard to feel/find love in this world, i was always so unhappay in love, i felt such pain in my right hand, i was trully sad and i felt him (my TF) so close, i really thought that he is lying next to me…today that seems so unreal

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