Venus Transit and Twin Flames

This Venus Transit is ushering in deeper waves of unconditional love and oneness. Yes, this will result in twin flame reunions in all ways, including the physical. It is encouraged that at this time, you go within. Take a lot of time to reflect on where you are and what you desire, to let go of all that is not who you really are. How do you see love? What do you value? Are you bringing this into your life? Let yourself feel at this time…feel the love within you, and send it out knowing that it MUST come back to you, in all ways.

We are all moving deeper into reunion (remembering that we are already one) – as we act, see, believe, feel, and be this truth, we bring it into our direct experience and our relationships. There will be an increase in the synchronicities in your experience. Pay attention to the signs around you, for they are guiding you to where your soul desires to move deeper into…every moment brings you into the truth of what love is and what home feels like.

This Venus transit is in the sign of Gemini, the sign of the twins, which brings in the focus on joining light and dark, merging masculine and feminine, collapsing the perception of duality, uniting the soul and the personality, dismantling the division of fear and love to emerge in conscious awareness of the oneness of all, fully allowing for balance. The divine feminine is here and the sacred masculine is awakened to the need to join with the feminine and vice versa. The time of union on so many levels is at hand – yet it starts within you, so during this transit and beyond, delve deep into your psyche and embrace yourself, for in so doing, you hear your inner guidance, and continue walking forward to embrace your destiny!

Lots of love brothers and sisters!


“It is on the level of the soul that the duality of Gemini ceases. What remains is exemplified in the Tarot card for this position (Venus in Gemini). This is “The Lovers” card and indicates through the joining of the male and the female, the union of the two opposites yielding ultimate fusion and oneness. It is here the relationship between the soul and the personality becomes established.The eventual marriage between the soul and the personality is now on its way towards completion.” ~Alan Oken

17 Comments on “Venus Transit and Twin Flames

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    The timing is perfect. I was waiting for exactly this post and guess what … I opened it at exactly 11.11 am, much to my surprise! I met my twin flame last week but it was so brief and the feelings were so bittersweet. We did not speak personally as we were in a group but our feelings connected. Today when I listened to ” The Final Countdown “song , tears rolled out and emotions just welled up. Gabriella, what is all this . Are we really going to unite now. My twin flame and I long to be with each other but it all seems so remote as we are both committed to our spouses. Venus transit gives me a lot of hope and I think that only a miracle can make it happen. I visualise my union with my twin flame and keep sending love and gratitude. Your words give me a lot of hope . Sending lots of love !!!!!

  2. i`m always suprise how Gabriella`s posts resonate with my current situations. definitely something is happening, i see the difference and so many signs, but still i`m trying to stay in the moment and enjoy

  3. My physical reunion with my TF seems remote and no possible; at the point that I’m giving up. But the spiritual connection I feel with him is becoming more and more intense. So, I’m confuse, but I’m not worry about it. I just want to be happy.

  4. Yes, when i look at the things how they are now, i can`t imagine that something is going to change, but that`s my mind talking through the facts he have. TF love is under God`s, divine will, we have to trust him, i reminde myself on that every day that we are in the best hands…things can change in a day.

  5. I understand that, everything is on God’s hands, but there are days that my spirit go down. In two months maybe I will be able to see him (my TF)and I ask to myself for what? I can not do anything, anyway. I really feel scare to see him again. I would like to see him again, and at the same time I don’t want to him. Thanks to everybody for sharing your experience.

  6. Joana,
    It is a tough journey and faith and hope are truly required. As always hoping for miracles. We could keep sending our love to our TF. Love to you all.

  7. Joana, i understand you compleptely i fight with that feelings too every day. when i know that i`m gonig to see him and when that happen i become so nervous and start to taking my phone out or something, but few days ago i saw him, even he didn`t see me and i started to dig something in my bag, but in that moment i told to myself let`s try something else, i was just looking at him while he was going, usually i couldn`t even do that and i felt such a relief, like i beat myself, but i feel like, for now, that have to be constant choosing…sometimes i think how colud be ever be with each other if this is so intense, but when the right time come i think that want be a problem, we will be ready.
    I wolud like to know, when somebody who is in physical contact with his TF, could tell if they have this kind of problems, with that intensity, or someone who is already with his TF?

  8. Well, sunshine, I am not physically with my twin flame but I have the same questions about this intensity. To be able to feel such intensity and depth and passion is like nothing I have ever felt. I wrote a poem years ago about doubting that my physical body could contain all of these feelings.

    I do, however, have a friend who is physically together with her twin – not geographically but…anyways, the feelings are intense with them but not to the point of not being able to function. And so I agree with you that when the time comes to unite physically, we will be just fine.

    Also, I wonder if, since this 3rd dimension that we are living in is so dense, that maybe the intensity would be more manageable.

    I do believe that the intensity of the love and passion that we feel for our twins helps them on some level. How can the love that you have for someone NOT help them?!?!?

    And so we love them as we wait. As excruciatingly difficult as this can be, it is also blissful. Stay in the love and the bliss and out of the doubt and fear and frustration and continue to have faith in God and in the Universe and in your inner knowings.

  9. Thanks ladies, sometimes I feel that there is not time for me, all of you are the same age as your TFs, it is not my case. Also, I don’t want to hurt my husband in anyway. Yes, it was intense being just close to my TF to the degree that I could not do anything. Now, just thinking in the possibility to see him again, scare me to “#$%^@#$” sorry but it is the true. Even I was planning to cancel my class, and never show up there in his building. OMG! the love I feel for him is inmense and it does not fade away, the contrary it is growing. Sunshine, I used to do that, when he did not notice and I was behind him, I just was looking him until he disappeared from my sight. Yes, I have the same question how TFs who are together handle the intensity of this relationship?

  10. hihi i know that fear, today i`m especially feeling it, it`s a wierd day…don`t worry about the age, i know it`s easier to say then done, but my best friend`s boyfriend it`s 10 years older then her and they started to date while she was at highschool, they even tried to broke up for two times beacuse of that and the pressure from family and friends, but they coludn`t, they just love each other too much, he didn`t even have any serious girlfriend before her, like he waited for her,they are perfect for each other and no one actually see that age difference…when something have to happen things just put on their place like a puzzle.

    About this intensity, i remember while i was with my TF physically, how i was thinking that everything is perfect between us but something is missing, something has to happen that things can be fully how they should be…now i know what had to happen, i really remember that feeling, i coludn`t quite get it…i think their wont be any intensity which would hinder us, when we become fully synchronise. i remember how i wanted to be close to him all the time but i would become irritaded sometimes and in that moments i just wanted to go away from him…i finally understand all this and thank God for that, i was so blocked that i didn`t even know, i was feeling that but i didn`t know the way out.
    Angela, i agree with you, how somebody could not feel so much love that you have for him, maybe he is not aware, but he can feel it, when he shut his mind, close his eyes and flew away on some nice place, he can hear it…

  11. Thanks, and sorry,… I think that I was out of balance these days, now I believe, I understand why, the passing of Venus and the full Moon probably did something to me. I could not stop crying, OMG…Sunshine separation from your TF is helping you to understand what is all about this TF relationship?
    In my case, yes…being physically separated from my TF have been helping me a lot, I don’t know what is happening with him. I just have been dreaming with him and thinking with him all the time.

  12. Gabriella, our guides or angels around us talk to us? In what way? I mean, in dreams or inside our mind? Maybe it is a weird question. Can they be got confuse with imaginary friends?

  13. Yes, although it`s hard i`m grateful for this separation, now when i know what is going on. I know, i`m feeling wierd too, two nights ago i was making my bad listening some music and i started to cry but really cry, that`s one of those cryings that i call “hard cry” from my chest and i knew that is not mine, i`m sure in that, beacuse i was fine few moments before that or i was just thinking that….i cried beacuse all this situation and why we have to go through all this, me and my TF, i cried beacuse of us, beacuse of his sadness, it was so strange, i felt it so clear. i`m feeling out of balance too a bit, it`s not so hard like before, i just feel that i am, well…out of balance, that`s the best phrase.
    About the angles, i`m trying to find some way that would be the most comfortable for me to comunicate with them…i talk to them all the time, usually i got the answer through signs or sometimes i start searching something on the internet for example, some idea pop in my head, and sudenlly i realize that i got my answer…i wish when i could hear them more clearly or through dreams…my grandma had that experiences

  14. I set up my telescope and got to watch about an hour of the transit before the sun set. A bunch of kids and neighbors showed up to see what was going on, which made it extra fun. The edges of Venus weren’t crisp, but appeared almost fluid and alive. I’m feeling that energy, aren’t you? Extra charged. Buzzing. Fluid & Intense. I’m feeling excited, like we are reaching a tipping point with all the celestial energies helping to free us. I don’t want to over-think it this time. The soul is stepping in this time and not letting the mind worry so much. Doesn’t it feel hopeful? Like a sweet ‘Ahhh’, finally the energy is right for twin flame love. Do you know what I think? I think the soul part of us has been just waiting so patiently, waiting to completely integrate, waiting for our minds to give it space. The soul wants to experience love in the physical, in this density of matter. To know itself as so completely loved through union with its divine, energetic complement, its twin flame. So close now, we’re so close.

  15. Though we are going thro so much pain, we are all still hanging on . Why? There is something inside us that is still pushing us, a deep inner knowing,that somehow we will be reunited in all ways. Trust in God, in Universe, in Love. Separation from. TF did a lot of growth for me. It helped me go search deep within myself. Made me search for my connection withi him. I went thro a period of depression , when I became claustrophobic. I became scared of going in lifts, even flights, dark crowded places, etc. it was crazy. I was quite wretched and miserable. This forced me to seek spiritual help and I was led to meditation. And it was experience with those people that made me search in the net for my connection with my TF. It was then that I found out about TF and soulmates. it was a great revelation to me. All my questions were answered. I understood why I had claustrophobia. I was feeling trapped within my relationship with my soulmate and could not speak about it and could not be committed to my TF also. this guilt made me morose . when I found out bat the concept of twin flames, I cried out to God and felt so relieved that I had not committed any bad karma , but TF relationship is divine. this released a lot of guilt in me. It was huge burden off me.
    It restored my respect and love for myself. I no longer felt that I was cheating on my soulmate,that is my husband. I realised that I could live with myself. Then one day, in a book shop, I was pulled to one section of a book shelf. My hand involuntarily reached out for a particular book. I took it out. It was new author and a totally new topic. I put it back , not interested and moved away. Then again I was drawn towards it and then smthg inside told me to buy it. After reading it I was so amazed. It was a cure for my fears, and an eyeopener. The book was …. ‘ many lives, many masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss. From then onwards, I read all of his books . The physical separation from my twin has brought out a lot in me, tremendous healing. I feel whole now and I am a different person. I used to react with anger whenever I saw injustice. Now, I reason it it with love, see the underlying cause and make every effort to handle it with patience and love.
    The beauty is , as I change myself I see changes in the response of people around me. All round there is more harmony. My work set up, household set up, everything is more harmonious now.
    I had severe problems with some relatives, but now I send gratitude to those souls for the lessons I have learnt from them. Afew years back I cannot imagine me doing all this!!!
    I Am able to let go a lot nowadays. Somehow after the Venus transit, I feel a sense of completion.
    Yesterday, I felt as if my TF said, this is the time I was waiting for. It can be my imagination, but I sense a feeling of closure in many experiences. After many incidents, I feel..” ok, now this is done. Closed” . I feel a release. Now I feel whatever service I must do it has to be jointly with my TF, together in all ways.
    Yesterday, smthg happened. I felt pushed to my bed and made to lie down gently and felt my TF saying. “Now rest, relax!”
    Gabriella, is it true or my fantasy?

  16. Sleeping Beauty, I have those kind of experience; three days ago I heard him (my TF)telling me right I opened my eyes in the morning: “can a kiss your neck” I feel that he wanted to kiss me in the back of my neck. I feel so happy, but I was afraid to mentione it. Yes, me too I felt guilty because I was thinking in another man, who is not my husband, but no anymore. I’m begining to understand or assimilate the idea that my TF is my eternal husband, and my husband is my soulmate. I have a dream where my husband was talking with my TF. This passing of this planet Venus, is making me cry. I have been too emotional all these days. I feel peaceful too.

  17. Thank you Gabriella for our connection this week. It has brought me great insight. These past two weeks where very eventfull for me and have brought a lot of emotions and fear. Which I was able to release and now I do feel at peace with myself and in the divine flow. I truly feel being supported by hte Universe and that everything is in divine order. I found out last week that my TF has just started a new relationtionship after being single for 4 years, the very day that I have decided to leave my 20 year marriage. It took me two years to get to that point and that did throw me off quite a bit. Now I understand that this is part of the transition and although I have made a decision I am far away to start off a new relationship as my husband and I also have to transition out, because there is a lot of attachement still there. Who knows if TF and I will be together of not down the road, all I know now is I need to be alone for a while. i feel at peace with my decision and very much in the divine flow, although I found out only today about this Venus transit, it does resonate with what I have gone through.