Embrace your Destiny

Q. Is it true that the Venus transit on June 6th is a time for twin flame reunion..? I now feel myself in the divine flow. I do not contact my twin flame. I feel if it is meant to be it will happen and I just send love to him at all times. There is a deep sense of calmness inside me . Before I used to worry and feel lonely and lost. But now there is this beautiful feeling of being in the flow. What is the meaning of all this. Am I moving forward in my journey? Raising myself? Would love to have your views on this state of feelings. Thank you.

A. As I’ve mentioned before, reunion is remembering you and I as one. So we are all moving deeper into union consciousness that knows, sees and feels, acts and embodies the truth that reunion is a state from within and then it becomes experienced in all ways. This Venus transit has brought through the energies of the divine feminine with an emphasis on merging both the masculine and feminine, the inner and outer, the light and the dark, collapsing the perceptions and actions of duality to move into seeing the union of it all. It is not surprising that you have ceased acting from the mind, from feeling separation and therefore have allowed and are continuing to allow yourself to be in the divine flow, as the flow absolutely guides you to where you yourself desire to be, honoring each moment that is bringing you ever deeper into union, in all ways. You are called to honor what is as you know that it is a part of all that will be in the next moments to come. You start to see the union and the love present within every moment and you notice the interconnectedness of everything. This creates the calmness within. You are not lost. Things are not just happening to you randomly. There is a beautiful divine order to everything and everything is not separate from anything else. At this time, we are all moving forward on our journeys and raising ourselves, truly rising in love within and witnessing this around us. The feeling that we have to DO something to experience union comes from the mind – because union is always present. However, the balance is that as you allow yourself to be in this state of calmness, you will become aware (without attachment) to the signs that are guiding you along your journey and you will know, intuitively, when to take an action or when to remain still and allow things to unfold around you as you flow into them.

Your destiny does not just happen to you – you are co-creating with the universe to fulfill and embrace your chosen destiny, which is why it requires you to constantly surrender to the present moment, as you connect to your inner knowing, and follow the flow as it guides you. Therefore, you don’t “plan,” but you “know” from the recesses within you what is unfolding, and you allow it all to be as you take action if and when it is called for. This brings you away from the control of the mind and into the knowing of the heart, flowing into the experience of what you already have been shown. You know your destiny, and as you grow into your destiny, you then flow into it with a full, profound and complete embrace.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    The guidance that I receive from your words and this lovely blog cannot be expressed in words. Deepest gratitude to you. Everything seems to be validated after reading this post. Many times when I am seeking answers I have felt the words, “Emerging Soul” drop into me. I think I have been somehow been directed to your blog.Sending you love.
    I often used to wonder how my TF is able to cope with our physical separation. Now I understand that he has been always living from his heart and going with the flow.Spiritually we have always been one.
    If we are able to express our love for each other openly and share it in all ways, it is HEAVEN ON EARTH.

  2. It is true with the full on and very intense Venus transit, and I haven’t ever felt such a deeper change within and out before. tons have been falling through around me and in my life and in all the realms that wasn’t meant for my next stages of growth only to move me forward deeper than ever, in ever growth at oneness with all-that-is and thus with my twin. It is just so pure and evident and I felt I was leaving so much of the mind paradigms in all of those last few years and yet through this transition it has been ever ever more so. As we stay deeper in tune and connected to the heart paradigms, the true guidance of soul calling and truth we open up to create and be in the wonder of wonders, no other way and this transit is guiding us all on the path through these wonder spaces of creation in perfect harmony and union, as within, as without. Yes, the fact that you state with so much love about the truth and knowing of re union is all so real and true, it is all coming together, more and more so, at home at one within, uniting all dimensions of the god-goddess within and so it is with the other and outside and all that is . Here is to more and more of merging together and coming as ONE in the highest dimensions of ever scaling LOVE
    And to you my Dearest Gabriella, waves of deepest gratitude and LOVE as always ~ ~~ ~eternal love and bliss ~~~~