Personally, You Already Know Your Twin Flame and Only Fear Would Cause You to Run Away

Q. I saw my Twin Soul on tv, never met him personally. It was when he looked straight into the camera and I looked into his eyes, I felt a jolt and like someone hit me right in the chest, there was no pain but only the effect as if someone just hit me in the chest. And right there I KNEW he is the One. So at that moment I did not know about Twin souls or Twin flames, so it has been a learning curve for me. When that “knowing” happened to me I discarded as a weird episodes… then the synchronicity started to blogged my mind ..Life got really difficult for me at that moment in time because I was going thru some stuff that I couldn’t understand. But now looking back and knowing about Twin Soul, I think my TS had visited me in dreams. I just realize that 4 days ago, but since 2-3 years ago I have been dreaming with this “unknown” man that when I wake up I can’t remember his face. In my dreams he is always following me, and at the beginning of the dream I don’t know who he is and I try to get away from him, but every time at the end of the dream we are together and there is an inexplicable love. I know many who believe in TS believe that TS must meet personally to “know” … but the way I feel about my TS, feelings I never felt before, I know he is my TS. But what I cannot understand is why in my dreams I tried to get away from him at the beginning? Why I don’t recognize him?

A. The knowing and recognition of the twin flame comes from deep within you, it is a remembering so intimately embedded within your soul and your cell memory. Therefore, when you encounter your twin flame for the first time and are ready to receive the conscious awareness of the connection that goes beyond the mind, then your body will react and you will feel emotions that your mind can’t fully comprehend. Though, the more that you move forward, you will begin to remember the love, the connection, the co-creations your soul chose to experience with your twin in this lifetime.

It is common for people to dream of their twin before consciously and directly coming in contact, and it is also common to not be totally aware of who the twin is, with all of the details, in the dream state. Many times it begins with a feeling of sensing an energy that may or may not take clear physical shape, and then grows into a feeling of profound unconditional love, “inexplicable love” as you say. This is in preparation for you to recognize him when he is in front of you, which it sounds like you did. The knowing “personally” as you expressed others believe is not the way of the twin flame, and honestly, nor is it the way for our soul mates. I do believe that as souls before physical incarnation, we make agreements with other souls when to come in contact with each other in life and what we wish to experience/create together. Therefore, it is a process of remembering all of those details while we are in these physical human bodies. Saying that you must know someone personally before you “know” the twin flame is suggesting you need to know their personality, who they are, but yet the twin flame is the same vibration/essence of you, and the more you know yourself, the more you already know that you know your twin flame. When you know this and then encounter your twin, it is a remembering that you already know…on the soul, since you have already planned this “meeting,” you already know each other, how you will mesh and merge together, how you will co-create, how you will love together and even when that will be…all of this becomes more clear as you go along. I always recommend you follow your heart in each moment, as it is always there to guide you.

Why would you have run away from your twin when you began having these dreams? Well, there can be a lot of fear that comes up when we are looking in the mirror at ourselves so to speak, and truly, that is what happens when we encounter our twin flame, as the twin is your essence, yet in another body. You do need to be ready and willing to go through your fears, and to profoundly take a look at all of who you are, all that you believe you don’t like, or wish could be different. The task is to love yourself unconditionally as you unconditionally love your twin, as your love for yourself grows, so does it grow for your twin and vice versa. Truly the journey is beautiful in so many ways…if you are aware of your twin, know that your soul chose to move forward in co-creation together, and all of the details of your unique journey will be revealed to you as you walk your path, one step at a time.

3 Comments on “Personally, You Already Know Your Twin Flame and Only Fear Would Cause You to Run Away

  1. Hmmm so gabriella if we have been in contact and now not … this possible the other soul contacts has to be fulfilled (part of the Karma) before both can merge together again?

  2. Gabriella, I have a question, my soulmate (husband) can sense my TF when this is close to me? My soulmate does not give me more hugs, I’m mentioning this because I always feel that my TF is hugging me. Another question, when TFs find each other in flesh is there a process after that first meeting? I mean, first there is an inmense happiness or ecstasy, the need to be with the TF, the 24/7. What about sex, sacred sex. What sex had to do with the process of getting ready to join our TFs. How you define sacred sex?

  3. My situation with recognizing my twin soul is exactly the same as this poster. And I have experienced everything that Gabriella has described. This is all very real and the more we learn about the dynamics of the twin soul relationship, the more that we experience these things, the more sense it will make to all of us. It is just a matter of time.