The Importance of Honoring All Relationships

Someone recently told me that they like that I honor all relationships and do not just focus on the twin flame one, emphasizing each relationship as part of the journey towards higher love. I truly love when people recognize the space in which my work and inspiration come from, and the purpose of it. Each relationship absolutely allows us consistent opportunities to move into a higher vibration of giving and receiving love, therefore, making each relationship an experience of divine love.

Here is the truth: All relationships bring you closer to the lover within and then your outer relationships reflect how connected you are to this inner lover. As you rise higher and higher up the ladder of love, you reward yourself with the highest, clearest mirror in partnership to move forward in divine union, co-creating and serving together, shining the light on the possibility and opportunity for others to experience it, while also giving them an example to witness. This in turn raises their excitement to experience it, bringing them a deeper connection to their own pathway of higher love.

7 Comments on “The Importance of Honoring All Relationships

  1. This is so true, Gabriella!

    Meeting my wife has brought me so much healing, growth and joy that I will not ever be able to thank her enough. Now that I have met my Twin Flame, after having been married to my wife for 3 years, the experience has been heart-wrenching; for even though I yearn for physical reunion with my twin, I feel eternally indebted to my wife, for she is a wonderful woman who has done no wrong to me.

    As I have written elsewhere on this site, the first time we made love, and our chests connected, there was this wonderful, intense “burning” sensation in our hearts that was just incredible. We both felt the same thing at the same time, and remarked at how wonderful it felt! Since then, even though our love has grown, we have not felt this same sensation again. My personal theory is that my heart chakra was being activated, though I do not know enough of these things to be able to know for sure. Any thoughts?

  2. Christopher,

    I do feel that our soul mates are such an essential part of our journey towards reunion with the twin flame because they play a major role in helping us to expand our heart chakras, to welcome in more love, to truly feel and know that love shared with our soul mates enhances the love we will share and are sharing in with our twin flame. I am not surprised that you felt a profound opening of your heart while sharing in love with your soul mate. Now, I encourage you to be open to other ways of expanding the love you share in with your soul mate even though you feel the love and connection with your twin flame, for you can feel beyond your body, and you can heighten the sensations of ecstasy in so many ways. Focus on the growth of the love you share and bring that love into each touch, the look into the eyes, and feel the energy being shared between you. You don’t even have to merge your physical parts to feel the orgasmic waves of bliss. You might want to read this and listen to the chat and radio show for more detail on this: Cosmic Ecstasy: Merging and Loving Beyond your Body as you open to this, you will also feel the intensity of love and experience on deeper levels the truth that the love is being shared between all and felt with all, as you can even begin to feel the presence and essence of your twin within the experiencing of this love. It can be pretty intense and helps one to truly know and feel that the love of twin flames and love in general is limitless, unconditional and enhances the evolution of us all.

  3. Gabriella, Is there a sign to look up, or feelings that it telling us that the transition from a relationship is close. In my case, I know that I’m waiting to see my son older and be able to see into his eyes and explaing to him the reason I want to leave the relationship with his father. My husband is a good men and father, but I feel that he is not happy either. We are just good friends and I know he will miss me, and me too. But there is not romantic love between us.

  4. Joana, as much as you would like a “sign” to let you know it is time to transition from a close relationship, there may not be one. Everyone’s situation is different. You really must find the answers within, and not from an external source. However, I do empathize with your situation, as I too have a son and am discussing with my husband what is best as we disentangle our lives from each other. Meeting my TF in 2009 was and continues to be a wake up call. Although there is no point in going into specific details, I will say that there have been a number of things that have made me realize my husband and I are no longer well matched energetically, spiritually, and sexually. The topic of this thread is about honoring relationships. Part of honoring a relationship is being able to appreciate the love and growth that has occurred, and also to understand when it becomes appropriate to let go.

  5. Thanks Sidney for your words, I care for my husband and I really whish for him happiness. I see him like a dear friend or brother. Sometimes when I’m talking with him, I want to let him know that he is free to go and that he does not need to be worry about me, but the words don’t come from my mouth, I don’t want to hurt him, it is the last thing I want to do, be cruel with him. I know he is worry for me too, our son had some problems all his childhood that make me stayed at home with him all these years. So even, I have my degree, I have been not working all these years in my field, now the problem is that nobody give job because of the lack of experience. In my native country, I’m a teacher and I can not be teacher in this country, so I’m just continuing my education right now. In the future, I would like to be a teacher. I have a business and I wrote a children book relate to my son disability, but they will not support me. My business is growing, but I’m not sure if it will support me yet. But with all these “cons” I’m not scare to be on my own, I know that I can find a job in something else. I believe that a good marriage between two persons should be the one where these to human beings feel romantic love, attention, tenderness for each other. All these years it was me the one that was giving all these, and not recieving much. My spirit went down, and I’m tired. I know if I get out of this relationship, I will not be able to be with my TF either. He is too young for me. I’m not able to give kids to him, and I feel insecure about it. My son, is one of my happiness seing him growing and becoming a man give me strength. Thanks to the care my husband and I were giving to him, he right now is fine. My husband, go to work comes home and go to sleep, he does not ignoring me but we look like roommates. I sleep in the living room or sometimes in the extra bed my son has in his room.

  6. hi Gabriella!
    I thank you for helping me to transition from separation mentality to nuion consciousness. It is however difficult to maintain an authentic relationship with my husband as i cannot have sexual relationship anymore as i am able to connect only with the energies of my twin soul. i feel iam not doing justice to my husband though for 13 years of married life we had a good life.I feel my twin soul chose him as my husband and it was our soul contract to go thro these experiences. My twinflame says he will not leave me but will be around. If the current times are meant for twinflame reunion, then as per soul contract will we transition from our current married relationships without hurting anyone. they are all souls who have agreed to help us in this journey and we are grateful.will they awaken to bring us into reunion without causing pain to anyone? My twinsoula and i connect spiritually and i feel his love so deeply that tears roll down. i can now understand our long journey 23 years in this lifetime and how he has always been there guiding me to move forward. Now we are just waiting sending love to each other. How do we move forward.