Cosmic Ecstasy: Merging and Loving Beyond Your Body

By this point, you have probably heard that you are “more than your body.” But what does that mean? It means that your experiences are not limited by your body. For example, you drive a car and as you drive the car, you are inside of it, but you also exist outside of it…you can experience, live, love and be outside of the vehicle. Think of your body in the same way…it is a means to getting someplace, to having experiences but you can also create beyond the human vehicle, the body.

Have you ever experienced dreaming with your eyes closed and meeting with another soul, sharing, loving, communicating and experiencing? This is one way you can see that you are having experiences beyond just your physical body. How about dreaming awake? Have you ever thought of someone and shortly thereafter they called you or you came across them? This is another way to show you that with your eyes open or closed, you can experience beyond just your body.

How can you love and have intense pleasure in your body without the body parts? Your body is made up of energy, and therefore when you are open to giving and receiving energy with another, either in physical form or in the etheric, your body will respond to the energy you exchange. We are all connected, and we are connected beyond just the physical form. This is very powerful and also extremely exciting. You can get to the heightened state of physical pleasure without using your body parts…it is possible…and even MORE is possible…let me share this with you…

If you are interested in much more detail on this topic, please listen to my radio show here: Cosmic Ecstasy Radio Show

You can also listen to the live chat I had on this topic: Cosmic Ecstasy Chat

Explore the options you have open to you and then open up to the possibilities beyond what you find for what you can experience and feel is limitless.

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