Bask in the Peace and Silence of Your Presence

The energies that this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, the 11/11 expansion has brought through and up for me has been quite intense. It has felt like a complete wipeout from within of anything that I had previously attached to which took me away from profoundly and completely opening my heart to receive the love that I AM. I have felt a magnetic attraction ever stronger to being and uniting with my Beloved Twin Flame in all ways (as it IS happening!!!) ~ tears have come as I felt his love, knowing on the deepest levels that it has always been and IS always there, surrounding me in the sweet reminder that we are never separated. We are all ONE…and experiencing this ONEness ever deeper with each step we walk along our journey. We are within these human bodies as we travel along this journey of the soul, beyond form within form and with it comes the constant evolving and experiencing of the union of both our spiritual essence and physical presence. At this point, I’m feeling quite tired ~ my emotional body and my physical body are both requiring rest ~ I’ve been having long and powerfully deep sleep. I’ve been feeling the necessity to remain in silence ~ allowing my Spirit, my soul, my mind, my body to receive the flow of each divine moment as it unfolds. I’ve felt the guidance and the necessity to remain right here, right now, in THIS moment, to allow everything to come in and out, to receive and ALLOW.

The balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within and without are continuing to move through all of us and around us ~ the feminine is very receptive, intuitive, trusts that things are happening, that things come in the perfect flow. I admit that I have been unbalanced previously in that so much of the masculine energy wanted me to act, to do, to plan on how to accomplish…and now, I am basking in the feminine ~ receiving the masculine through the universe and my Beloved Twin Flame ~ trusting ~ honoring ~ knowing everything is in motion as what is needed in each moment comes to me. All of the stuff/experiences which could be considered “sad” or “tragic” and all of the others that seem “happy” and “amazing,” I’ve been finding the balance of both of these and merging them both ~ even if the positive ones are mostly within me, but then I find that I notice them also around me. Hence, the balance. I offer this to all of you, for as we move forward to take the steps into the next part of our destinies, we need to let go what is dragging us down, what is no longer in alignment, so that we are free, in all ways, to move through the doors into the New World we are shaping ever more clearly with each day. Allow yourself to relax into your being ~ let go of thinking or trying to figure out what you’re feeling or what you need to do ~ but rather be, breathe…receive. It is all unfolding as it is meant to, and you are exactly where you need to be. Allow yourself to know and receive this instead of resisting it…and watch what transpires.

If you would like to share with me how you’ve been feeling from last week to now, I welcome you to do so ~ we are all in this together, on the horizon of literally building communities of the unity we are as ONE, embracing and creating with one another to share with all.

Layers of waves of love from my heart to yours,
~Gabriella Hartwell

26 Comments on “Bask in the Peace and Silence of Your Presence

  1. I am one day going to get kicked off here for all my comments! Haha! It’s the only way I know how to communicate so that I don’t feel like I am going crazy though!

    I think that a lot of this is so much easier said than done. How I feel from last week to this week? No change really. I think it’s a lot of nice thoughts… and yes it is true I have come to know myself on a deeper level… But regardless of how much I ‘let go’, there is still the family health struggles, the job struggles, the finance struggles, my TF moving further away from me, etc.

    I do not expect things to be devoid of challenges and this past month I have become stronger than I have EVER been – but these things continue to test and test and test and I am growing frustrated. These are things that are still part of this reality and try as I might, I am not ‘free’. My energy does feel lighter – but these things still are heavy burdens.

    As much as I’ve let go and began to ‘allow’ over the past year and more – there seems to be no movement on any of these challenges. In all the times I allow – I am left disappointed. As you said Gabriella, there is the balance between tragic, happy, etc… which I have been doing… but things that have been dragging me down (ie like my job) I have let go time and time again to allow new opportunities… and nothing comes. I have also done your meditation to draw in and embrace the TF nearly every night and we are moving further apart.

    I’m just not sure I understand any of this anymore – not that I’ve ever really tried, but I would really like to see *something* that the signs have been telling me come to fruition.

    That is how I feel! The same!

  2. I have been feeling the need to be in silence too. No radio, no tv, and I’m kind of enjoying this silence, where I can feel my TF calling me, call me crazy if you want.
    Love to every body.

  3. The past week has been intense. A week ago, I heard from my TF. We don’t usually talk on the phone during the week, as we are busy with our families, but I think he just needed to hear a friendly voice. We easily pick up each other’s moods, so I picked up the frustrations he was voicing. After hanging up, I was frustrated and had reached my own breaking point. I have known him for 3.5 years, during which we have become very close friends, but still I felt frustrated because I could not do anything to help. I couldn’t be there to wrap my arms around him and soothe his worries. I couldn’t tell him how I really feel about him. I was feeling the situation becoming unbearable. So later that night I sent him an email saying I needed time to process my emotions and feelings about him. He offered talk about it, but we didn’t find time to get together until a social event we went to last night. Even though he gave me a chance to talk about what I’m feeling, I couldn’t find the right words. After I got home, I wrote an email asking what he would do if he found himself in my position, with strong feelings for a friend. He basically said that he would just be happy to have such a good friendship and leave it at that.
    On this site we like to talk about reunion with our TF’s in all ways, but surprisingly, I am not disappointed by my TF’s response. He has strength, wisdom and integrity, reminding me that I possess these qualities, as well. We do have a close, loving friendship and it is remarkable and growing stronger. I have never expected anything from him, so every moment is a gift.

  4. Dearest GAbriella !
    Yours words are exactly what I have been feeling of late !!! I want to be in silence too ! I have also felt that I am more trusting that the masculine will act and that I will receive. It is a beautiful feeling and makes me feel at peace. I keep getting the messages that there’s no more separation . Some song keeps playing in my that is likecommunicstion from my TF. My connection channels seems to have opened up more widely. I understand now that my TF and I have planned all that is happening. This understanding came to me suddenly a few days back and from that time I no longer feel that desperation. Things will happen and we have to see the connection with our TF there and not the separation. When the right time comes , we will know ! Love to you all! Gabriella , thank you for validating all my feelings. It matters so much and I am glad in some way I am also helping you a bit ! Thank you !!!

  5. Dear Misty ,
    I can feel your pain. I went through this some time back . It can be called the Dark Night of the Soul. Everything seems hopeless and there seems noe way out. But keep up pulling along. Surly tharen is light at the end of the tunnel. I remember the pain of that period so well. My TF called one day and told my soulmate that it is the end of the chapter and we are all thro. After that he did not speak to us . We repeatedly called him, I tried speaking to him and he would just turn of so rudely. We tried to pacify him through friends and relatives . But nothing worked. I was so upset and thought it was the end of the world. This went on for two and a half years. So many people tired to patch us up. But he was so rigid. but in spite of all this I never lost connection with him spiritually. This was the period of time when I had my greatest spiritual growth. I went deep inside, searching for answers . Physically also I went thro health problems. Everything was miserable. I did a lot of soul searching. I was so lost.
    After two and a half years one night my TF called and spoke to me. You can imagine my happiness. But we spoke as if there was never ever any separation between us.
    Misty, it was all intended to happen. My TF kept away from me to make me go within myself, to search for answers, to deepen our connection. We only know the answers as we take each step. It’s like youndonthe test and you get your marks. Nobody gives younthe answers or questions ahead of the test. Just be aware it is a test and surely you will be given yours marks. Then the next test comes up and so on… Till you attain the total balance and are able to bring that balance in everything in your life as Gabriella says.
    So Misty, accept these tests and strive to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish to mention here that thro the Dark Night of my Soul, the continuous help of angels was felt by me. Even though my TF treated me like an enemy his family used to support me. The connection was never lost. It was so painful , but now I realise how much I have learnt in that period.
    It was again planned by me and my TF, though I realise it only now. So you see , we know the answers only at the right time. This journey is all about love, faith, trust, and being in the divine flow. It is like a game of blindfolded catching game. You have to feel your way through.!!! Love to you. Hope this helps !!

  6. It’s amazing…I have been experiencing the same thing….and
    Really needed to hear that. It so much easier to just let go and just
    Let destiny happen….:)

  7. Beloveds!

    This last week I´ve experienced an expansion in my heartchakra and in my whole chest. The love just seams to grow and I try my best to recieve. Also I experienced a shift with my TF from him being clinging and needy in our soulconnection to a calmness and just sending me so much love I almost feel as I´m drunk. All this under the circumstance that he´s on the other side of this planet, disappointed I didn´t arrive four days ago with the others.

    Love Shakti

  8. Sidney,

    Thank you for sharing! I honor your journey and your unique situation with your twin flame. All of the ways in which our hearts are expanded through this connection and love, regardless of whether we are able (or if it is in our soul contract) to be with our twin flame to express the love between in all ways, is beautiful. It just makes me absolutely smile to hear that you take each moment as a gift, that you recognize that your relationship/friendship continues to get stronger, AND how wonderful it is that you are able to communicate so openly with him!! In my next book, this will be discussed in more depth dear Sidney, all of the ways in which twin flames share their love and co-create together, beyond the physical and including the physical (as you both have) but not in all ways…none of these ways is “better” than another for they are all rewarding and beautiful to the soul. Again, I thank you for sharing. It absolutely helps everyone to be able to receive the experiences from everyone, for we have similarities yet we have our own unique journey with our twin flame…I always love to offer the whole and the various pieces of that whole. Sending you so much love, to both you and your twin flame and everyone extended out from there.

  9. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I’m so glad that I’m validating your feelings!! And yes, you have been helping me, more than a bit! more than you know!!! I am in complete agreement with you, that my twin flame and I have planned everything that is happening, all that is unfolding to honor our love, to set a path for the world to see the honoring of the love and balancing of this love between us, the masculine honoring the feminine and vice versa…oh, it really is just so beautiful, and has me smiling!! For me, I am not more trusting that the masculine will act and I will receive ~ for he IS acting and I AM receiving!!! YES! I completely trust and know that the acting and allowing/receiving are happening, right now and even being balanced, that when I act, he receives, a continuous circle of balance that will last for the rest of our lives and beyond. There truly is no separation anymore ~ well there never was but the veil of the illusion that there was has completely dissolved and disappeared. Yummy!!!

  10. Beloved Shakti,

    Ah, but the thing is that you have arrived! Your heart has expanded for you to receive your own love from the reflection of YOU (and from your own wellspring of love) back upon your own being! How beautiful it is to feel this calmness, I know, I feel it too. It’s almost like an embrace from within to without, surrounding and enfolding you in sweet beams of warmth and love. This love is constantly, consistently, growing, as it is truly eternal, infinite, limitless, all inclusive and encompassing. Just divine. Waves and waves of love upon your ONE heart!

  11. Beloved Gabriella!

    Thankyou so much for your beautiful respons!
    It touched my heart!

    Waves and waves of love from Shakti

  12. Thank you for your response, Gabriella. I’m trying not to worry that I haven’t heard anything from my TF since our “let’s leave it as friends” talk. I think we still need time to emotionally adjust after this past week’s roller coaster ride. We’re not running, just doing the lovely dance of flying apart to come back together again. You would think I would get used to this cycle, but part of me still panics and fears abandonment by my TF. This must be a very old fear/wound for all of us with our TF’s and a tough one to heal. I just need to keep reminding myself to let things happen at the right time and, above all, to trust love.

  13. SO lately, I have seen something true come to be. I have no connection with my flame, I have connection with the subconscious desires and thoughts of people I choose to connect to. I read people like open books, and have dreams of intuition, and often preconceive someone’s sexuality coming to the forefront before it does. Also, I feel tension and anger well, and I am a mediator between people. My gift, is beauty, and I am a flirty and loving soul, and I think, I found a great soul mate through dream guidance recently. So, pray for me all you guys, and thanks for the help, but I am taking a breath, and being one with the truth and what I know and not what I wish was, so I am letting the flame journey go. Flames, do not exist as we see them, but we are getting close to a full understanding of their nature.

  14. Sidney,
    thank you so much for your wonderful words: “We’re not running, just doing the lovely dance of flying apart to come back together again.” This brings a peaceful smile to my heart, a smile of rememberance … and it brings me deep peace. Thank you very much for sharing. Much light and love to you!

    I am so thankful that you are feeling better and that you can see your gifts and talents now and know from deep within what to do. I am sending you a lot of light and angels to guide you and am praying for you!

    Dear all,
    I am wondering at these two comments directly under each other … one showing the hope of reunion and the other one the letting go. I think this is so true for all of us and it is exactly what I am experiencing with my twinflame. One of us (me of course ;-)) *needs* the big picture of being one with all, of miracles, of hope and is deeply in peace and happy when given such beautiful inner pictures as Sidney has shared 🙂 while the other one needs letting go.

    I have come to understand that both are indeed very true and very valid and each one of us can choose in any moment which impulse to follow … and the beautiful thing is that each decision is right and that we are all in the hands of God and the angels who are the ones giving us these quiet nudgings and I think all we have to do is follow what has been put in our heart and not fight it any more. If it is letting go, then this is what we have to do and what is a blessing to us, and if it is dancing with our twinflames in our hearts and minds and this brings us peace and blessings, then this is what we are supposed to do and what will bring about healing and blessings.

    Sending all of you so much love and light and a special angel is watching over everyone of us, this is for sure!

  15. And Agels are huge… I had seen one with my Third eye/or in one of my astral travel, I only mentioned this to my soulmate (husband) and no to anybody else.

    Hi! Everybody…I have been so happy, I feel the love of my TF, it seems that he is awakening to our TF eternal love…I feel it. Usually, I feel his waves of love at night or when I’m in a deep and unconscious meditation.

    Waves of love to everybody

  16. Dear Joana,

    I’m so happy for you and it is so nice to read how you can feel you TF’s love and also that he is awakening. I am sending you so much light and love, dear one, and may the angels bless you and all of your loved ones.
    Oh, I wish I would see an angel, too ! 🙂

    But I can feel them, nearly every night when I go to bed … I have a quiet time with God and the angels. It has shifted from asking or even pleading (when I was extremely in despair this spring)to thanking for all the love and miracles of the TF journey (which are still all there, inspite of the 3D sorrows) and it even moved into listening more these weeks …. and the messages I receive during these times are sometimes quite profound messages about my life. Of course it doesn’t happen every time I connect to God and the angels, but often enough to keep me busy with these messages and their meanings for me. It feels like an ongoing process and one time I got a message telling me that I would receive a little insight in my TF journey nearly every night ~ just as often as is good for me ~ and this whole storyline seems to enfold.

    I also keep getting messages that forgetting about ones twinflame is not as easy as the running TF might hope or think, and this morning my radio woke me up with just one line of a song saying: “Today I’m starting to forget that I wanted to forget about you. ” and it brought a smile to my face and a tiny flame of hope in my heart.

    Lots of love and light to all

  17. Dear Delphina:
    “Today I’m starting to forget that I wanted to forget about you. ” Long ago, I reach the point where I realized that “to forget about my TF” it is just not possible and I have to live with it; and as the Josh Groban’s song said: “only time will tell us how to carry on without each other.” I agree with you about the 3D sorrow. But reaching the spiritual awakening with our TFs is heavenly wonderful. I don’t know what is going to happen in the future in this 3D plane only God has the answer, I only know that I can feel my TF close to me.
    Waves of love to everybody

  18. Hi!
    I have a cup which my son like a lot, today it was the first time I paid attention to it. It said: “101 dalmatians” This is the number which is following all the time. Also, I saw in the rear plate a car 010 the opposite, it was funny to me. And another funny thing, I see that some white cars have the series 11 in their plates too.
    Happy Thanksgiving Day to everybody

  19. always 11s and 9s. ha. well, lately I’ve been hearing less of the voices, and am learning that I have some issues with being who I am not. there seems to be two ‘me’s. the lustful deviant, and the spiritual lover. but, when they unite, it is only in my dreams where my flame takes several different forms. and I know, lately, I have been doing dumb things and I just want to be set free from my own inner chaos. I know I destined to fall without my flame to be there and help me. but where are they? I feel like, they have vanished, been lost in chaos, but are right in front of me, and we can’t even see it. and I just need someone to hold me and humor me when I am foolish, but nobody will. so I am spiraling down, and I need someone to do a reading or something because I NEED THAT MAN IN MY LIFE TO SAVE ME.

  20. Dear Joana,

    I am not sure but I think I have created a misunderstanding. I am certainly not the one who is trying to forget her twin 🙂
    I tried it once and once only (after her pushing me away from her so painfully) and this one try I had with forgetting my twinflame lasted 21 days only …. LOL … as trying to cut this love out of my heart was creating the darkest and most painful time in my life, and I very soon realized that I don’t want to and cannot live like this … because I am a positive person and believe in God’s guidance in our lives and that he never ever would allow something to happen to us that would mean despair for the rest of our lives. He always wants to restore and also to bring the blessings to us that lie in our experiences. And to be able to see and feel all these blessings I *had* to keep her in my heart. (May not be the case for everybody, but for me is was and also IS the case.)It took me those 21 days to realize completely that I would never ever even *want* to forget that wonderful love again that has been given to me and my twinflame as a beautifil gift from God himself. From this day onwards I have never ever doubted again that she is in my heart and in everything I do, day in and day out, day and night, and the more I can feel it, the better I can live my life and find happiness regardless of whether she is 3D present in my life or not.

    She is trying to forget me, though, and this is painful for me of course.
    The line of the song that my radio sang to me the other day was more as if she was singing it to me … and this was what brought the smile to my face and heart! 🙂

    I love your 101s, Joana, the number from the key experience, and I feel, too, that it is very meaningful. Also with the 101 dalmatians this brings to my mind the scene in the film with the one little dalmatian puppy with the number 15, which survived as well, although they at first thought it would die. 15 has been a number for me and my twin that crept into our lives each time she thought our love had to die.
    But in the 101 dalmatians, so with the 101 and all it means, this love is not going to die, but it LIVES. Thanks, Joana, you have made my day!!!! 🙂 Again 😉 Lots of love to you, dear one!

    a beautiful angel for everyone who is reading this and love and light from my heart

  21. Beloved Teo!

    I took an angelcard for your guidance. It was a beautiful fairie who reminds you that the most important thing for you right now is to make Peace With Your Mind. It´s your mind and your mind only who puts you in this destress.

    When you think of your TF and his beauty it´s your own beauty you see.
    When you wish him to save you it´s your beautiful souls wish that you will see that the only one who can save you is YOU.

    If you´re willing to recieve you will be held and loved by thousand and thousand souls, including me. Just sent me a thought and I will hold you, love you, send you strength and encourage you wherever you are on this journey.

    I also wish to remind you that you already have this man in your life right now. He can never leave you, but if it´s to intense it can be good to let go, cut some cords to get some rest and space to breathe.

    Love Shakti

  22. Deareast Shakti,

    Such beautiful, beautiful insight. The energy flowing from your words are filled with such love.

    Dearest Delphina,

    I always love reading your posts as they always touch such a deep chord in me. They always put a smile on my face and increase the love in my heart.

    I enjoy coming to this site and reading all the interwoven thoughts and feelings which again validates for me our oneness. May we always remember that we are lovingly guided and held in such a cocoon of love.

    I send so much love to you all.

  23. Thanks so much honestly! My love goes to you to. I have been feeling benevolent and at peace, and have been able to embrace my gift lately, while I dreamt last night and learned not to take myself to seriously. I have been embracing me and expressing me and when I get lost I laugh. I am so happy to have some support. I am waiting for a soul mate maybe to be here meanwhile you know, and I am gonna let it all be. When people irritate, I will just return some love, all I can do <3 I hope I find a man soon though, I have always been open lately to any kind of flame, in any physical form, but now I just am ready to embrace my lust which makes me feel my flame is a lustful man too, if not a woman which would be okay. ha, I just would love a boyfriend you know 😉

  24. Daniel Lindsey
    I thought I blocked you, go annoy Eli shirk or one if ur other male counterparts.
    -stay away
    -don’t write a notebook about me
    -get a girlfriend!!
    -get in a fight
    -stay away from gay people
    GO STRAIGHT or jump of a bridge.
    Into water

    He’s heard things I never told anyone. He’s the idiot who keeps telling me flames don’t exist, it is him. He’s my damn flame. WTF. I hate him now. He is such a douche.

  25. Dear Teo:
    It seems telephaty communication, I can tell this because my TF send me messages through TC, and it is amazing how he can know things that only me knows, ha, ha, ha,….Just send love to him, and he will call down.
    Love to you

  26. Dearest Shakti,

    I have wanted to say ever since I read your post: your words and all the energy you are sending to all of us with them is so beautiful, so wonderful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful love. What you wrote to Teo here is so full of love and you are radiating with love, dearest Shakti, this is so beautiful!!!!

    Dearest Durinda,

    thank you very much for your wonderful and kind words. You are bringing a smile to my heart and I feel very thankful that you enjoy reading my posts! I also enjoy yours very much, dear Durinda. Everything you write is also so filled with love!

    Sorry for answering so late, but my computer was down for some time and then I also went through a difficult time. I guess the angels have created my computer problems so that I had more time to focus on going *through* the valley that had opened up for me , making sure I didn’t get stuck in there ;-).

    Anyway, I have gone through it and am happy to see the light again!

    Waves of love to everybody