Anything is Possible

ANYTHING is possible in ANY moment, regardless of what IS in this moment. Expand your perception. The moment is always evolving.

6 comments on “Anything is Possible
  1. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    How synchronistic as usual !!! This morning I got a similar message with different words !!! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED !!!! Is it nit amazing ! Your blog is divinely blessed and a true meeting place of Angels I think !!!! Love to you all !! Let’s wish and wish and this time we all reunite with our TFs in all ways for always cos the messages are even more strong nowadays !! Waves of happiness to all !!

  2. Misty says:

    In this very moment my TF is enjoying a nice get away with another woman – him showing up at my door is not possible at this moment.

    My father is paralyzed in a hospital – him showing up at my door at this moment is not possible.

    I have no money and need a place to live… in this moment, me signing a lease is not possible.

    There are good things of course… but from a realistic perspective, I think this theory is flawed. Maybe when this moment expands to another moment weeks or years from now…

    Sorry – I love this blog and think the same about it as you do – but some of these things I question greatly.

  3. Joana says:

    Dear Misty:
    The worse that can happen is lose the hope that all will be all right some day. Yesterday, I was so sad because I did not see my TF around, then I take a nap and he was in my dream. So, I’m a dreamer, yes I’m…I always admire my older sister for her strong spirit, tears are coming from my eyes as I’m writing this words; my sister has have a pretty hard life. She lost her baby of 3 and half years old, years ago. Years later, her husband died and six months later her dauther passed too. Her two kids had heart problems, obviously it came from the father (my sister’s husband) He also died from heart problems. So, she was alone without her beloved family. If those events had happen to me, I don’t know what could happen to me. For this reason, I admire my older sister, her spirit is so strong, and I feel so weak at times. I feel for you, I wish I could help in some way. I like to be part of this blog because in one way or another everybody gives support to one another.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  4. Gabriella says:

    I want to thank you both Sleeping Beauty and Misty for commenting on this post!!! I want you both and everyone else to notice how contrasting these comments are yet how balanced they are as well. Within this twin flame journey, we are absolutely pulled both ways ~ not seeing things happening and also witnessing the signs and guidance around reassuring us that all is happening. Both can and do simultaneously happen…bittersweet we often express ~ yet this journey often brings about external challenges to push us to go within and release all of the attachments to ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of creating, to balance this all within us and then bringing that balance around us…it makes us again and again move into the vibration of trust and knowing that what IS in this moment is for reasons we might not see in this moment but that there is an order and rearranging of things, with experience that prepares us for the rest of our destiny, and how essential those experiences are. I must say Misty, that I understand what you are feeling…I have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had many tragic things happen within my external circumstances, much of what you have expressed, and believe me, I literally have felt as though I’ve been wiped out emotionally, with my beliefs, attachments to ways of responding within myself through situations, with others as well, etc, etc…I understand where you are. I’m here to continue to support you through this…however I can as I feel guided to. I just want to bring to your awareness, that miracles are things that happen when what IS seems impossible but actually happen…such as my uncle being near death and then receiving a liver transplant (which was highly unlikely since he was way down the list!) so I am proof in many, many ways of miracles happening, that the impossible is not only possible but does happen. Expect the unexpected as Sleeping Beauty expressed. Know that I would never kick you off from commenting here ~ unless you were downright disrespecting everyone here, but I don’t see that happening. 😉 Oh, and when you question things, it helps to reconnect you again to your own truth, which is always expanding and shifting. Sending you SO much love always!

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Your comment brought tears to my eyes this morning and opened my heart even more to receive the love always flowing through and between my Beloved and I. How divinely perfect timing for me your sweetness was. Thank YOU loads and loads!!!! Always, we are receiving how beautifully and intimately connected we all are, a gathering place of Angels no doubt. Cheers to the reunion of twin flames in all ways…and to the continuous profound realization in remembering that this union always, in all ways, is right now…as we walk ever deeper into experiencing it!!!!! Yes…ah, that feels good to type. Love, happiness, peace and sweetness to everyone!!!

  5. Misty says:

    Thank you Gabriella!

    It is reassuring to know that someone (I am sure many) understand the way I am feeling. Oh, I do see many reasons in why things have been happening the way they are – it’s just at the moment – well like you said, I feel emotionally, physically, mentally drained.

    Just craving something good to happen I suppose…. like your miracle. I’m growing really, really tired and my hope is thin.

    Thanks for the beautiful words,


  6. Delphina says:

    Dear Gabriella,

    I love your words “the impossible is not only possible but does happen.” 🙂
    Yes, miracles really do happen on this twinflame journey.

    EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, dear Sleeping Beauty, wow, that brings a big big smile to my face as these words have been with me on this journey right from the start and have so often been proven to be true and to bring blessings.

    Dear Misty, I hope that something good is happening for you and am sending you a sweet angel for this 🙂 . Don’t lose hope! I believe your miracle is also on the way to you right now …..

    and I believe this is true for everyone of us. We might not yet see it but the angels are already working busily behind the scenes for all of us.

    As Gabriella said, it’s a big puzzle game and pieces are falling apart in order to move into place.

    I have experienced this before with my twinflame, and of course I didn’t have this insight at the first times it happened and all was just so extremely painful and always seemed just a completely hopeless situation, but when we found each other again, we were able to see that things in fact *had* to fall apart in order to move into place. And this has been like this in every situation of 3D separation so far. Every time things were being moved into place by this (for both of us by the way) and every time it was important.

    I know this doesn’t make it easier and doesn’t reduce the pain …. well, yes, but maybe it does … just a bit 😉 … because when we know there is a reason behind all of this and all is being arranged *for* us, then we can trust more easily, and also again feel our twinflames in our hearts, where they have always been, and we will be able to feel that there is in fact no separation…. and some time along the way … a miracle will happen …. unexpectedly …. and make the impossible possible 🙂

    Sending so much light and love to all,
    and lots of faith and hope,

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