You Are Already One with Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin flame and I may have had some fear, but she is the one that pushes me away. I experienced and am aware of this deep soul love for her and she never tells me what she thinks other than puts up walls between us, keeps her distance, but she asks me into her life to share experiences of healing and spiritual discussion. Other than that she keeps pushing me away and I have endured this for three years.

I love her enough that I would die for her in a heartbeat if it meant giving her more life, but when she pushes me away, it breaks my heart on the deepest levels possible.

Are we meant… are all of us meant to come together in the end?

A. I feel the pull of your heart and the intensity of emotions flowing through, as this journey brings such strong feelings of the deepest love out of us and into us!! This is absolutely a journey of self discovery, of self love, spiritual growth within and of self/beyond self, which is intended to bring us more profoundly into the depth of love within us and beyond form. This twin flame love defies all limitations and goes beyond any attempts at limiting it, and it creates a deeper desire to want to give of the love that we are, for in giving out love, we receive it more! So, in answering your question…are all twin flames who are aware of each other meant to come together in the end?! Well, every twin flame, individually and together, have chosen ahead of incarnation what their journey on their own (as 1s) and together (as 11 – two 1s coming together creating an extension of their oneness) is…which is why it is so important to continue to go within, to remember your soul intentions with each step that you take, knowing that you are always guided, and the signs to point you are there and will continue to come, to surround you. I can say that if you are aware of your twin and have met, then there is something that you have planned to heal, something that you have planned to create together, and to bring that healing, that deeper love (within you, within her, and within you both) into the world…and how you go about doing this, you will know as you go along, as you let your heart and each moment guide you. Within that, knowing that you are connected, you are loving beyond your physical form, and that love has never forsaken you for it could never forsake you. It is there continuously awaking you, awaking you into the truth of deep, unconditional, divine love that always is. Sending both of your hearts so much love…you’re not alone on this journey. Hang in there…keep feeling love, giving love, even if you feel there are walls…love always is, love always loves. Each time you notice distance or a wall, it is there for you to move deeper into love within yourself and extending it to others around you while allowing yourself to receive that love back, and then extending it forth to your twin again…this is a neverending beautiful circle of love increased for ALL. Lots of love to you!!!
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7 Comments on “You Are Already One with Your Twin Flame

  1. I feel with you in this. I have been on and off with my twin flame for over 10 years. I also feel a tremendous pain by his pulling away and a ultimate longing to be near him. It Will only come about i think when i am in that divine essense fully and have let go of my need for him. I truely belive in the reunion. Why would god create such a divine love and not let it manifest in full and be shared and expressed within this world? It is truely the ultimat gift if we can let go of fear, the need for control.. There are in the universe a hundredmillion and more diffrent kinds of relationships in this world that god grants us a cocreation with. And i am sure that there will be room for this divine reunion too. Let go of the fear and trust in your heart.

  2. Oh my! For a moment, I felt that the man asking the question was my own twin. I wish I were able to tell my TF what I think instead of keeping a “safe” distance. From the moment our eyes met 3.5 years ago, I felt absolutely naked knowing all my defenses would fall. As we share in life’s experiences, he becomes more precious, even if I want to run. I think at the core is a fear that our original split so many lifetimes ago was abandonment, rather than an agreement to part in order to later be re-united. The very last person we can stand to feel abandoned by is our twin flame. With anyone else, we know we will recover. So we keep our distance until the distance itself becomes unbearable folly. I am certain that all twins will find their way back to conscious union, but there is much healing and forgiveness of perceived rejection that must happen. Peace and love to all.

  3. Beloved!

    You write it so beautiful and so clear!

    Your twinflame reflects your own behaviour against yourself, when you will die for her you reject yourself. This is why the wall is there! It´s your own wall you put up against loving and value yourself!

    Heal this within yourself and you will reunite with your twinflame!

    Love Shakti Satgeeta

  4. I believe that this TF relationship is more frustration than anything. To be honest, most days I wish it wasn’t shown to me. I try to turn away and to become engaged with someone else – and the constant pull and signs of the universe (of reunion on ALL levels) keeps bringing me back – which is beyond frustrating when he could care less about me. It’s like having a carrot dangled in front of your face in perpetuity. As much as we can write all the pretty words about the reunion and stepping into love – I get that, but it doesn’t take the pain away, and from my experience thus far – the signs keep me at bay with all other relationships.. which lead me to believe I will be alone indefinitely – I know my spirit is not alone, but this doesn’t help with the human needs of physical love.

  5. Thanks Shakti, I will be careful about what I’m thinking, my TF runs aways from me, but I do too, yes I agree with you maybe it is me the one that build wall between us. It is true Misty, since I met my TF nothing is the same, and I’m afraid it is not a turning back again to the point it was before. So, I was tire to fight with this reality…because I don’t think is a fantasy or something my mind is inventing. I’m completely another person.
    Love to everybody

  6. Dear Gitte:
    I like what you wrote: “Why would god create such a divine love and not let it manifest in full and be shared and expressed within this world?” I suspect that God wants us to merge with our TFs first with the other bodies, spiritual, emotional, etc, and etc. before our physical reunion. Well, it is how I feel, when I CAN not see my TF in the 3D plane, my spiritual communication with him takes over. I need to say that sometimes I don’t know if IT just my imagination or otherwise I’m always receiving messages and wave of love from him (my TF)
    Waves of love to everybody

  7. Dear Joana,

    you wrote so beautifully “I suspect that God wants us to merge with our TFs first with the other bodies, spiritual, emotional, etc, and etc. before our physical reunion.”

    A deep deep “yes” from me to this insight … yes, this is what I also feel very deeply. I can feel that every tiniest bit that is not in complete alignment on the other levels in fact hinders anything in the 3D so much, even the smallest things one might like to do together … and I think that your insight is truly one crucial key to understanding the whole twinflame journey.

    I have the impression that the uniting and the merging is somehow not begun on the physical level moving upwards from there, to the emotional and heart level and then to the spiritual and soul level, but is somehow working its way down from the level of the soul, where we are so profoundly connected to our twinflames, to the level of the heart, which is probably very much activated for all of us here who are consciously on this twinflame journey, until this connection is really stable and just with us, day in and day out – whether we are currently in 3D contact with our twins or not – and then it moves to the physical level as well…. (until the cycle repeats for more alignment on all three levels)

    I said above that this is “one” key … LOL … because every time I hit on a big insight I tend to think: *this* is the key to it all 😉 only to find out that this is one of the keys and there are in fact many. 🙂

    But this is definitely one of the big keys, I think, and I have the impression the twinflame journey is such a beautifully designed web of love, light, angels, signs, and as well pain and sorrows, but somehow so wonderfully made that in the end we shall see all the beauty of it and we will all be overwhelmed by it 🙂

    When we manage to see it this way: as long as we are not together with our twins in the physical world, this means we are working on the union on the soul and heart level and every day is never ever in vain, but a precious, precious jewel on the path to full reunion … and by everything we are experiencing on the soul and heart level, we are facilitating wonderful experiences with our beloved twinflames on the physcial level as well that will most surely come again 🙂 …. well, if we can see it this way, we will be able to enjoy the journey and it will bring a smile to our faces!

    Sending all of you so much love and light