Being in Love and Sharing your Completeness

Q Can my relationship partner complete me? Is this person really the other half of me and what does that mean?

A Years ago, when the movie Jerry Maguire came out, there was a lot of hype over the line, “you complete me.” I think it is important to clarify what this means as we enter into the new way of being in a relationship. I want to also touch on the term “the other half” as well for your twin flame, one who you are choosing to be in a partnership with, is not your other half but rather an extension of you. Someone does not complete you, but rather shares in your completeness. What I mean is that you are complete on your own, as your partner is complete but you can choose to come together to share in your completeness. There is a completion so to speak when you reunite with your twin, but it is not a need based sense of feeling whole. It is rather another step towards fulfilling your intentions in this lifetime, as you extend your love you create together with the world.

Another aspect of this is the statement of being in love. Here is a question you may have heard: Have you ever been in love with someone? Well, I would change this question around to be: Have you ever been in love and shared that love with someone? When you are feeling whole and complete, you are being in love. This means that you are resonating with the love vibration which is so naturally who you are and you are bringing that love to your life experiences: in your attitude, in your relationships, in how you react to situations you encounter. To be in love with someone is dependent on that person to help you to feel love, and the relationship to offer you happiness. But it is the love within you that you connect with which creates your happiness. So therefore, you are not in love with someone, but rather you are being in love with someone. You are both resonating in love and sharing that love together.

11’s are very common as you come nearer to the physical reunion with your twin. You may find yourself seeing 1:11, or 11:11 on the clock, the minutes on a song you listen to, purchases you make, messages you receive. This is a powerful number of awakening. Look at the number 11 and let’s relate it to what I was discussing above: 11 is 1 and 1…1 and 1 stand on their own, but when they come together, they make 11, which is another creation they create by being together. However, 1 and 1 can also exist on their own. When you join together with someone in this new way of being in partnership, there are three parts of the relationship: you, the other person and both of you together. It is a beautiful tapestry of being and sharing, loving and creating.

This image shows how when 1 and 1 come together, they share in their love and then they create a circle of love which extends to others and the world. They are in the middle of the circle always receiving the love back and again extending it outwards…a circle is the symbol of the neverending outpouring of the love that is expressed and shared between twin flames.

As always, I am here to answer any further questions you may have.

3 Comments on “Being in Love and Sharing your Completeness

  1. Hi Grabriella-

    How can I be able to tell whether or not this person is my twinsflame or my soulmate?

    I’m currently seperated from him right now, he is currently in a relationship with a woman that I till this day, I’m not really not sure why he is with her. My intuition said that he is with her because it is safe and he knows that if it’s doesn’t work out he will be okay. He seems to be afraid to commit to me despite our connection, but he has been committing to this person for a year now and recently just move her in.

    I feel that he knows she could never breake his heart, but i might. Maybe this is just another way of me comforting myself, because I do miss him so much and I feel like I lost my best friend. When I met him, for the first time in my life , I feel that I am not alone in this world. Currently, I am physically in pain, why chest hurt for months. Ow and I have dreams about him almost everyday. I have NEVER feel this way about this one. I really hope that him and I will reunite again in this life time.

    His birthday is around the corner, I’m wondering if I should send him a card or let it be since he is with someone else at the moment. What does you intuition said about this?

  2. TT,

    When you encounter your twin flame, you will know…as you release the illusions of what you may have attached to, the truth comes through on such a deep level…and knowing who is your twin flame comes from a deep soul recognition embedded within you. I have many Q&A’s on my blog regarding the knowing of your twin flame. Here are a couple of them: Doubt Comes From the Mind and Truth Comes From Your Heart and Personally You Already Know Your Twin Flame. I’d recommend exploring there. No one can tell you who your twin flame is…this is a deep soul memory that is for YOU to remember…and when you remember, it brings you profoundly within your own essence, reconnecting you even deeper to your own intuition and your souls plan for creation in this lifetime. I would recommend you to follow your heart and your intuition in each moment. What I can say is that you will know…and I know that in itself sounds like a cliche but it’s true…you will know, from deep within. This is not a knowing from your mind and wondering…because when you know, all doubt will be gone, as you will be left with this complete and utter certainty that this soul is the other half of your own. I can’t give you any list of signs because that would be creating a box around the twin flame knowing and experience…and your journey is uniquely yours…your remembrance will come as it will in the way that it will. When I met my twin flame, I knew without a doubt that he was my twin flame, though I did not go about telling him this…only presented myself to him…for there is an honoring of the right moment that is needed to remember…each twin must come to this awakening/remembrance on their own…for it is only when it is felt so deeply within from a strong place of knowing will the soul/body make the choices towards the profound spiritual growth that becoming aware of the twin flame calls for, and for the laying out of experiences which aid in the preparation for the divine mission and sharing of love between the twin flames.

    Love expresses love regardless of any perceived limitations. Union sees that all love is love shared with all, and honors love in each moment, each experience. Follow your heart in the deepest vibration of love in regards to sending him a birthday card. There is no “wrong” choice. Follow what you are feeling…let love guide you.

  3. I know he is my twin flame. We recently came together in the physical and I was consumed with fear and feeling victimized because of on and off again relationship has been traumatic. He is an addict and I addicted to him. We have been pushing one another away then being pulled back together. Our love for one another is so intense yet we continue to hurt one another. I am triggered so often and have taken my rage out on him as of late. I fear I have pushed him so far away. I am running from facing my pain. I cannot seem to let go of our past and all of the traumas. We are both so wounded and broken. I feel so lost and confused. I would be so grateful to hear that this is all part of the process. I see 11s through out all my days. I am scared that I have broken his heart.