Communication in Dreams With Your Twin Flame

Have you felt as though you are communicating in your dreams with your Twin Flame? Do you feel as though you are traveling at night but not aware of where you have been? Many of us are preparing for twin flame reunion. One of the steps for physical reunion is releasing the ego as much as possible so that it is easier to consistently remain in the space of unconditional love with each other. Our dream time is one way that we can communicate with our twin and do work on an unconscious level. We will discuss this deeper with more details.

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  1. Joana,

    Yes, after meeting my wife, I finally met a naturopathic doctor who diagnosed me with Hashimodo’s Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disorder, that can be remedied with supplemental Thyroid hormone.

    I’m not positive that’s the true diagnosis- in any case, the hormone therapy seems to be working. Prior to that, I was always sleepy, unless I forced myself to constantly exercise- so I took a job as a cycle messenger, which gave me (temporarily) the energy I needed. What was actually happening was that I was over-stimulating my adrenal glands, which allowed me to keep pedaling (I was riding 50+ miles a day, year-round), but eventually this over-taxed my adrenal glands to the point where I experienced “adrenal burnout”. At that point, for several months I was unable to get out of bed for more than a few hours every day!

    The main ways my wife nursed me back to health, were that she provided a loving and supporting environment for me to recover, and then assisted me in making (and not forgetting) doctor’s appointments, etc., which was actually very difficult because if you suffer from extreme hypothyroidism, your brain is in a constant ‘fog’. Also, my mother-in-law purchased us a Reverse Osmosis water filter as a wedding present, and I believe this has helped clear my thinking, and re-kindle my latent intelligence and psychic ability.

    I actually believe that the true reason for my Thyroid problems, stems from the fact that my Pediatrician prescribed me massive amounts of Phoenobarbitol when I was very young, from approximately 5-10 years of age. The reason for doing so was he felt that I was at risk of epilepsy, after viewing my brain’s electrical activity on some kind of brain scan they performed at the Children’s hospital. This is despite never having a single epileptic seizure.

    In retrospect, I believe that the high level of electrical activity which was revealed in that brain scan (I remember looking at the printout w/ my Mother at the Doctor’s office, my results were WAY off the charts) were simply showing my high level of psychic ability at a young age, which our Pediatricians have been unwittingly trained to look for, and sabotage, at as young of age as possible, under the guise of preventing epilepsy (or any number of other medical problems).

    At 33 years of age, I am still battling issues which stem from the extreme level of growth-stunting Phoenobarbitol which I was given as a child. My outward appearance is youthful as a teenager- most people are shocked to learn that I am married. On the inside, I feel like an old man, as my joints cannot take a lot of stress any more, for instance, jogging is absolutely out of the question. I’m sorry to go on and on.

  2. Christopher, my husband problem with his thyroid was originated according to him with the radioactivity material in the milk, (he is a baby boomer, he is 10 years older than me) He has a job as a professor of the university. The same where I met my TF, coincidence, but my husband is professor in another area from my TF, in the same building, coincidence. He teaches in the level 3, and my TF takes clases in the level 4. This job, is wondeful for my Husband because it gives him time to come home and takes naps. His life even with the medication is: his work and naps. I see him taking at least 3 o 4 naps on weekends, (he just says to me that he lays on the bed, but I know he is sleeping) and on the weeks days one nap. I think, that his low energy ruined his first marrieage, now I can see that. Now, with his new diet and some exercice he looks better than years ago when I first met him. He watches everything that he eats, he tries to eat organic, I iniciated him on it and he avoides products with chemical on his food too. You did not go long, it is understandable.

  3. Yes, diet can make a big difference in energy levels, especially if you have hypothyroidism. I don’t eat fast food, and avoid sodas / artificial sugars like the plague.

    Still, I drink an average of 2 espressos per day, just to keep me going- usually first thing in the morning, followed by a 2nd a couple of hours later.

    I, too, nap frequently, though not daily, and certainly not more than once per day.

    One thing your husband might want to try, that I’ve discovered recently, are Vitamin B12 chewables- they sell them at my grocery store, and are a natural way of raising your energy metabolism. If you can find them in cherry flavor, they taste like candy.

    Exercise makes a big difference, too. I have to watch myself- it’s easy for me to overdo it. I can’t run anymore, because I will suffer from unbearable joint pain which lingers for weeks afterwards. Luckily, I can still bicycle with no problems (though not like I used to). Even if I have no time to ride, or if the weather is crappy, I still try to do 30-50 squats ever day. This only takes one or two minutes, and really helps me stay energized.

    Your husband’s theory about radioactive milk causing his Thyroid problem is quite possible. I know there are certain radioactive compounds which accumulate in the Thyroid. You can take iodine to help this, I have been taking small quantities of Lugol’s Iodine solution 2-3 times per week as a precaution, after the Fukushima disaster.

    You are so lucky to at least know how to find your Twin Flame!! I have no idea where to find mine; I have been having horrible thoughts, that she has moved, is with somebody else, out of the country… I just don’t know. I have no way of knowing. There was such a strong psychic connection between us for about 2 weeks after our 2nd “meeting” (if you could call it that), then since then almost nothing. I feel if I could just know her name, then I would have something to hold on to!

  4. Christopher, yes I can find him, but what about if he still running away from me or me from him. And I’m terrible and painfully shy. I just wish to be his friend at least like Sidney is with her TF. I still feeling the connection with him day and night. And my psychic abilities are increasing on me I feel that way. I have really long telephaty conversations with him. I feel that he is not catholic like me, he is cristian but I don’t which denomination. He is in my dreams, but sometimes I can not remember those dreams. Did you watch the movie: “Before Sunset”? It seems that is a romantic story about TFs. The man in this movie, wrote a novel about his only one meeting with according to him “a wonderful woman” He did not have any clue to find her again, and in the movie he states that he wrote the novel thinking that maybe this lady will read it and look for him. And in the movie such think happen. So that is a good idea.

  5. Yes, I’ve seen that movie and I liked it a lot!

    I realize it’s not easy, this whole TF thing. The main difficulty I currently face, is that my wife is so dependent on me for so many things- and I love her so much, she has been so good to me, that I just can’t walk out on her, at least not yet.

    My TF got to see my wife once, at the movie theater; my wife was born with a condition called SMA, and is confined to a wheelchair. So I at least know that my TF has seen that, and must be able to understand the position I’m in.

    I feel like even if I was able to meet my twin again, we would not be able to persue anything beyond just a distant friendship, like on Facebook or something, because I’m not currently in a position where I can leave my wife, and she would be able to provide for herself.

    I think this would be extremely difficult for the both of us, because there’s this just magnetic attraction between the two of us- I could sense this immediately at our first meeting. You know that Adele song, “Rolling in the Deep”, which goes “We could of had it all…”? I feel like this is what her heart was singing to me from the moment our eyes first met, and she saw that I was married (because of my ring). I just don’t know if either of us could stand to be “just friends”. So maybe it’s best that we don’t see each other for the time being, until the situation changes somehow.

    Despite this conundrum, I feel grateful for having met my twin, if only briefly.

  6. The true is that could not be just friend of my TF, I felt a intense magnetism and energy when he was around. He is younger than me, and sometimes I understand that maybe he is more confused than me about this whole experience. Thank you to all of you, it has been a support for me to be able to write about my experience of meeting my TF and reading your answers. I did not tell yet to anybody about this, even to my best friend(which I met sinse middle school) Maybe she will think that is a crisis I’m having and I’m sure she will make an appointment for me to see a doctor. She is a esperitual lady, but I think she will not understand me. Anyway, sometimes I don’t understand myself. I always see older man than me as possible candidates for dates, and now my eyes went to this young man. Believe me, I tried to fight my feelings but I could not. I can say that I love my soulmate(husband) like a dearest friend, but I adore my TF and I feel so happy to experience the love I feel for him in this life time. Note: I was sad, because I could not access this site for almost an hour. The access was denied for some reason. I hope not to have this problem again. I really enjoy reading all the post aroung here. Sorry, about my grammar mistakes, English is my second language, Spanish is my first language.

  7. I’m thinking about what you (Joana & Christopher) are saying about how you could not be “just friends” with your TF. And I know where you are coming from when you say this because the attraction, energy, magnetism and flow of love is so strong between TF’s. But as a friend who wants you to experience this very tender love for your TF’s, I would ask you to please not ask the universe to put limits on how you are to give and receive this love. If your relationship appears in friendship form because one or both of you are married and are working through stuff with other souls, would you turn it away? Be open to whatever outward form it takes. You may have nights where you fall asleep with tears in your eyes because you cannot yet freely express all that your one shared heart and soul longs for. But you will find strength as more love flows into your old wounds and washes them away. Your fears will subside as you open more through your TF love. Don’t dismiss “friendship”. Each moment spent together gives you time to open gently and sweetly to each other, deepening your awareness of what you are to each other, to feel each others energy and heart-purpose/heart-desire (masculine & feminine energies, respectively). Each moment spent apart gives you time to reflect on how miraculous and perfect the process truly is, regardless of surface appearances. How long will you spend falling deeper and deeper in love? Forever.

  8. Thanks for your words, they make me see things different. Depth in my heart I wish to know something about him(my TF) and what he is doing. Belive it or not, I tried many times to inciate a simple conversation or say just hi! to my TF. But he seemed so shy and scare. His way was to see down or turn his head away from me, whe he saw me coming. I just wanted to break the ice a little bit. He tried to do the same a couple of times, and it was me that, I did not get it. My marrige has becoming more friendship than otherwise. It does not make feel sad, we are taking care of our son and maybe this is the reason we are together.

  9. Sidney,

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. Of course, I would never reject a friendship with my twin! I feel like I would give anything just to know her name, let alone the opportunity to speak with her again…

    Where I was coming from when I said we couldn’t be “just friends”, is that I know my wife would never trust me having my twin in my life, even if it was just in passing. And if my twin and I were ever alone together… there’s just no way my marriage could survive.

    As I have said, I love my wife, and she has done great things for me- I feel like I owe her my life. We have been married for almost three years, and her quality of life depends a great deal on me now- so I feel like neither her, her friends, or family would ever be able to forgive me for leaving her to fend for herself. My wife is a wonderful woman, but is unable to give me children, which my mother is very upset about- in fact my marriage has driven a wedge in our relationship for this reason.

    Going forward, I know that both you and Gabriella have coached me to have faith that everything will work out. My heart knows this must be true, but my head is so filled with worry and doubt!

  10. Sidney, Joana, Christopher,

    My second book will be sharing on this in much detail…that the twin flame connection/love/union is all about unlearning separation so that we can fully live and be in union. Separation creates limitations, expectations, attachments to a relationship/connection whereas union understands that there are no lines in between love. Love is love that is there to give and receive in each moment, love understands that all love shared is love shared with all…as we have expressed in previous comments and posts, that when you are sharing love with another in relationship, that love is also being shared with the twin. Unconditional true twin flame love allows for any free will choice on your end or your twins end to be, without feeling and thinking in the way of separation and exclusion…if you were ever to deny love to be given or received between you and your twin, I ask you to see that this is in separation…what thoughts are coming up when you envision that, what feelings are coming up? Both your feelings and the awareness of them as well as your thoughts will help you to determine what is going on within and when you understand what is going on within, you can change your actions and your experience around you if they are not in alignment. Again, love, love deeper in every moment, with yourself, those around you, knowing that all of that deepening of love is also shared with your twin flame. Only the mind/ego sees separation as the heart and soul only knows union, unconditional love, all as one.

  11. My husband (soulmate), I’m very sure he has aspeger syndrom. Why I know even he never has a test to find out? because our son has PDD-NOS. These two syndroms are part of the autistic spectrum. Asperger syndrom is a neurological problem as PDD-NOS. A lot of people are aspergers even if they never acepted or are diagnosed. No all people who has asperger have the same syntoms. In the case of my husband, the syntoms are: He can not demostrate affection, I can not have a heart to heart conversation with him, believe me never! in these years I have married with him. When he says things he does not know if he will hurt the feelings of people; in this case me, but he has learned to be careful at his work place, but with me is the way he feels. All these years, I have been reading everything about this syndrome, just to understand him. I have a lot of books, information, even a copy of the test to find out if he is asperger or not, (he never did it). So I have been living this life with him, and to make things worse, his mother probably had the same. She never demostrated afection to him, according to my husband. I found a support group and thanks to my hobbies, studies, and my own business, I’m focus in my life and not in my husband neurological problems. Two years ago, he just told that he did not feel any conection with me and the years he has been living with me were a torment. I don’t say those thoughts even if they cross into my mind, but I would never say that to him. And these is a little example. I never have intimacy with him, everything was like routine and mechanical, it needed to be at 6:00 am. and his way. Oh my God,…I read that among people with asperger the percent of divorce is high. I have been hunging up here for our son and for him. I feel sorry and tenderness for him. I did not know anything about asperger before I married him, I wish I should know something about it. I thought he was a great listener, but the true is that he does not have a normal conversation. He just talk about science (he is a scientific), movies, and the news. But nothing emotional, if I start talking about something that comes from the heart he cut my conversation or ignore me. I had suffered in the past a couple of breakdown and he did not have any idea. With my son, I allways give to him my love and a lot of hugs, so he can demostrate affection. My soulmate does not like to hold my hand, he does not like to dance with me either. To make the story short I did not have honeymoon. I just wanted to talk about my situation. When everything look so sad for me, then I meet my TF.

  12. In what way is your husband or wife your soulmate? I think the term “soulmate” is often misused to the point that it loses all meaning. Not everyone who you are in relationship with is a soulmate. Many people like to call their spouses their “soulmate” because they have taken a vow, often during a religious ceremony, and therefore it is romantic to think they are married to their soulmate. I am not denying the learning process, love, or commitment between two people in a marriage, but suggesting that the term soulmate is more specific. I believe it is a relationship in which two souls are energetically matched and come together to learn to express love in a multi-dimensional way, so that each soul “graduates”. The “graduates” are twin flames which are male & female aspects of one soul that incarnate as two personalities in order to provide a guide or template for relationships (of all kinds) to evolve. Twin flames always incarnate together, as there would be no point in only demonstrating half of the love equation.

  13. Sidney,

    I do not know if you were directing this question at me specifically, because Joana and I have been talking back and forth here… but you raise a very good point. In my situation, the short answer is, I don’t know!

    I can tell you, that when I first met my wife, it just felt ‘right’. In my head, my intellect told me that she wasn’t everything that I really sought in a woman- but my heart felt so happy to have met someone to share my life with, that it was able to drown out all of the doubt.

    Before I met my wife, I had suffered through a decade-long period of extreme loneliness and isolation. My life was a downward spiral, emotionally, physically, and energetically, as I have described in previous posts. I felt I was at “rock bottom”. My wife, who had never been in a serious relationship, was also similarly happy to meet somebody too- I know now that she had plenty of doubts and reservations about me, too.

    When we first made love, and our chests touched, we both felt an intense ‘burning’ in our hearts, that was the most wonderful physical sensation either of us had ever felt, before or since.

    As our relationship progressed, I was continually felt with fear and doubt about our long-term prospects; seemingly at every low point in these feelings, my (now) wife would prove herself to be such an overwhelmingly compassionate and dedicated companion, that all of my doubts would just melt away. She has shown me so much love and understanding, that it’s just unbelievable.

    When I proposed to her, again, my head told me that it was a mistake- that I could never be 100% happy with her. My heart, however, told me that this woman was so much more deserving of my energy, love and time than any other I had ever met. Also, I was wanting to move in with her, to share a place to live, and she insisted that we marry in order for her to be comfortable with it. So, I proposed, and our wedding day was truly the happiest day of my life. I finally felt like we had “made it”.

    As our marriage has progressed, I realize that we are really quite different people. While she fills her free time mostly with church (both attending and volunteering), television, and shopping, I prefer to fill my days with art projects, bicycling and working on my business. Before experiencing adrenal burnout, my passion was the outdoors; whether mountain biking, snowboarding, or hiking; while my wife’s disabilities prevent her from enjoying most of these things.

    Is my wife really my “soulmate”? I’d like to think that yes, we were meant to be brought together; the more my intellect analyzes our situation, the more I think it was just a marriage of convenience. I don’t doubt that we have experienced love, but maybe sometimes love isn’t enough? Now that I’ve met my twin, I’ve finally remembered that I always wanted, and sought, much more in a wife. Maybe I finally just “settled” on my current wife because after 15+ years of searching, I simply felt exhausted and tired of looking. One thing I feel certain of- if I hadn’t met my current wife, I would have had a much more difficult time of pulling myself up from the emotional and spiritual hole I had fallen into.

  14. I wanted to share this journal entry that I wrote to Twin. I had a very intense dream of us last night and it really helped me to see some very interesting motives in myself that needed my attention. I wanted to share what conclusion I came to with that dream.

    I had a dream of us last night. You appear in my dreams quite often. Usually I am called to just be a witness to you and your process in life. I am just supposed to watch. There was one other time I dreamed of you interacting with me. We sat side by side and you smelled my fragrance and you liked it. You never speak to me in my dreams, usually you just live your life, and I am being asked to watch. If you do interact with me, you never speak. You just look at me.

    We were finally face to face in my dreams just last night, the day after you posted here. We have never been face to face in my dreams. This time we were. I couldn’t see you, and you couldn’t see me. Yet we were intentionally engaging with each other and sat face to face at the table. We both couldn’t see past out need for self gratification and the shadow side of our egos. I tried to puff myself up in front of you and wanted your approval. You didn’t hear me. The only time you truly responded to me was when I asked you if you felt betrayed by me. Your face turned red and you shook your head yes. Even my explanations were laced with shadow ego. You also wanted me to continue to feel guilty and shame. You were surrounded by lots of distractions and you could not see my heart, though I was operating through self gratification, I still wanted to connect with you. You eventually turned your back on me and kept walking. I was left seeing the result of me self centered ego driven pursuits. I did not protect the most intimate and innocent parts of me; I exploited them so that I could puff myself up in front of you. You did not see me because you wanted me to feel shame and your most intimate and innocent part of you were not protected either. Both of our intimate and innocent sides of us, or parts of us (individually) were unprotected. Too much was exposed to those side and they and those places were not kept safe from harm.

    This was not a dream of blame. Just a dream that helped me to see my ego based motivations. Cause I wanted to reach out to you in waking time. I almost did a couple days ago. Now I see my motives behind it. We were still not ready to truly see each other. Neither one of us could see past our need for self gratification. With self gratification being the main motivator we will still not be able to see each other purely, and clearly.

    If you are having intense dreams about me and my most intimate and vulnerable sides, I ask that you please send out prayers on my behalf. If you are being asked to be a witness to my dark sides, please don’t judge it as I will make sure to consciously not judge you. I need a witness so that I can continue to clear out some of these things in my life so that I can see light more purely. I will consciously do the same for you. I wonder if we experience the same breakthroughs at the same time. Our souls are deeply connected. It is not fun to know that someone out there may be a witness to my hidden and most dark places inside myself, but I also really appreciate your presence. It encourages me to face what needs to be faced, clear out what needs to be cleared out, and release what needs to be released. I don’t judge you. Please don’t judge me. I hope you are proactively working through some of the revelations you are experiencing on your end and also helping me, however you are supposed to, to become more aware of and clear out part of me needing that special attention.

    Much love, dear friend. Always much love. No judgements.

  15. Janique,

    Thank you for sharing your dream experiences! I’ve only had one dream with my Twin, and every night go to sleep wishing I could have another…

  16. I felt the need to respond here…and I ask you, as I ask everyone to feel what is in your heart and if what I am going to express resonates with you, take it. If it doesn’t, that’s ok too. We each need to follow our own heart in what feels right for us in each moment. This is what I have been given by Spirit to understand about soul mates…now many of you may have heard that we are all one, that we are all connected with everyone and everything, all that is. This is how Spirit sees everything, all the time for there is no ego/mind that gets in the way. Ok, so taking that we are all one and connected, into the perception of soul mates…everyone therefore we encounter that we choose to be in intimate relationship with is an aspect of our soul, however, there are levels of soul mates…the higher you get on the ladder of love, the more your soul mate relationships will reflect your evolution of spiritual growth and capacity for loving in the vibration of unconditional love and the closer you will feel as a result. Every soul mate relationship has something to offer us and we have something to offer to the soul mate because it is true that these relationships are meant to help us to rise higher up the ladder of love, increasing our vibration of unconditional love, and to prepare us for the top of the ladder, which is the twin flame. Soul mates do not only have to be intimate partners, but also friends, family, etc. The more energetically matched you are, the closer you will feel…there may be times when you don’t directly communicate and then come back as though no time has passed…the deeper the soul mate, the more clear a reflection of you, the deeper the love between you…the more committed you are to getting back to the space of love between you. What I mean by that, is that challenges may comes up, yet you both become committed and willing to see and feel the love between you making that the focus, the more comfort and peace will be felt when you are in each other’s presence. Now I do feel that as Sidney expressed, the term soul mate has been “loosely used” for it has become a way to settle in relationship than to take the soulful willingness to continue to evolve, to work through the challenges and rise higher up the ladder of love and underneath this, is fear, on so many levels and so many different aspects/areas. We have been programmed to blame another or see the errors in our intimate partner instead of looking within, to run away from the relationship to continue the search for the “one” that will make everything smooth and happy all the time, to stay in a relationship that internally has already transitioned for fear of not finding another, so much more…but I encourage you to take a look at your current relationship to see what you have received, what have you given to your partner, and what does your soul tell you regarding the relationship? For example, if you are feeling as though you are not receiving love from your partner, your soul mate, then what are you to receive from this? Have you looked within? Do you know that love comes from within you and if at any point you feel that you aren’t receiving it, it is a chance for you to give that love to yourself, to know that love is what you are and therefore you are never lacking it? For all that we truly need is within us and it is only the ego/mind that goes into expectations as to what we deserve to receive and should receive from another, be it soul mate or twin flame.

  17. I thought that as you say, Gabrialle that soulmates are family and friends. I think my best friend is one of my soulmates, we are allways in communication, and she is the only one I can talk about everything, one of my sister too. I think my husband is one of my soulmates, he has been helping me with his practical mind to finish and put together many projects in my professional life. Maybe it was me that I was asking to many things to him that simply he can not give me. I finally, I acepted and understand the way he is and since I met my TF everything change. But, it was a lot of pain before, I think, I have been helping a lot my husband too, I think he likes my company.

  18. Janique, I have three dreams with my TF that I can remember, other with his friends giving me information about him. In another, I heard my husband telling me, “here is N”( my TF’s name) I could not believe that my husband knew my TF, in my dream; I saw them together. I usually, dream a lot, but many times I can not remember my dreams. I see my deceased father frequently in my dreams, he passed 14 years ago and I still missing him hugely. He died at the age of 87, and in my dreams I see him in this 30s. I usully, feels my TF close to me all day. So, I don’t know if he is in my dreams too, because I can not remember them.

  19. I’m sure, that last Wednesday my TF maybe was close to me, I recived a wave of love and energy so beautiful, I was in my classroom. But after that I felt pain in my chest for the rest of the day. When, I came home I just rest on bed remembering this heavenly sensation, but with the pain in my chest. It is the same pain I used to feel when I used to see him. If somebody knows what is the reason, please let me know. Next day, the pain was gone.

  20. You are very welcome Christopher. I really wanted to share this journal entry on this website because this site is dedicated to these interestingly deep soul connections. I have started documenting all the dreams I have of Twin because I have had quite a lot within the past year and they will not stop as we are now in 2012.

    They have not all been very pleasant. I have been witness to some hard things and I feel called to continue to send out positive energy/prayers his way as he may be trying to work through some life altering childhood experiences. I guess it is even hard for me to officially call him my twin. I assume he is because the connection I have with him has lasted longer than any other soul connection I have experienced. This one has been the most consistent and powerful spiritual connection that naturally helps me to move further into a pure and clear mindset and so for that, I assume he is my twin.

    This one dream was so striking for me because it helped me to see my own self-centered motivations in wanting to connect with him in the tangible world. I have not seen him in over a year and we used to be close friends and started off in a dating relationship. We live in the same city, And if he still lives in the same place, we currently live within minutes of each other. I just don’t feel like I am supposed to contact him right now as much as I want to. I was going to contact him a couple days ago and after having that dream,

    I was really able to see my motive. I was not going to reach out to see how he was doing, if he was OK, etc. I realize that I really wanted to reach out to him because I wanted to boast about myself. I wanted to show him how much I have grown and how much has happened in my life since we last saw each other. Not to say that is wrong to want to share success stories. I just feel like at this point in my life, I feel the need to at least be clearly aware of my intentions and I want to get to the heart of my motivations so that I can see him, truly, authentically, and without my filter of how I imagine our interaction is going to be, or should be.

    I also find it extremely important to practice non-judgement right now. If I have been witness to some very hard and heartbreaking moments in his life, I wonder if he has been witness to my past and private present moments as well. It is really interesting to begin to look at my past and my current life choices stemming from the past, without judgement. I see things that I would like to alter and or improve on. I don’t see the need to judge myself, even though it can be hard to know someone else may possibly know a ton of info about me just because of the natural soul tie we share.

    I am learning to appreciate it. A witness is kind of like a therapist at times; encouraging me to dig deep into myself and steer away from operating in autopilot in life. Some of my actions in autopilot are not profitable and even harmful to myself and others. I appreciate the invitation to now slow down and get to the root of some issues. I think he has truly been a witness somehow in my life. I feel his presence, especially when I go through hard times in my life.

    I am in this place where I want to clearly see him. I don’t want the fantasy. I don’t want to hold onto my expectations. He comes with his own story, as I have mine. These stories have have shaped who we are and are filled with pleasant memories and traumatic ones.

    The last time we interacted, I placed a lot of expectations on him. I expected the relationship to go a specific way and it seemed like he was also trying to find a clear category, or definition for this unique connection. It was as if we could not see each other, because we wanted very specific things. Our vision was cloudy when we saw each other.

    Thank you so much Gabrielle for your thoughts. The last sentence really resonated with me. “…. it is only the ego/mind that goes into expectations of what we deserve to receive and what we should receive from others”. I have been chewy on that same concept for some time now. Why do I feel I deserve specific treatment? Of course one should expect respect. But even getting down to society’s expectations of male female interactions. What happens when I let that go? How much more can I see when I release the standard ideal? I shouldn’t expect this soul based relationship to follow the rules that are set by cultural specifics in the tangible world. It will look the way its supposed to look. I appreciate your reminder and invitation to see a broader view of what this twin flame and soul mate connection is.

  21. Christopher, my son and I are outside people, we like to travel, go to the park, fishing, etc. My husband prefers be at home, watching tv or relaxing in bed reading a book. It takes a great effort from me to make him come with us, and if he finally comes with us; I can see that he does not enjoy it. I understand him because I know he is sensitive to light, noise, etc.(Asperger syndrom) He easily get overwhelming for noise, lights, or just being around a lot of people. I suspect this is the reason he needs a nap when he comes home in the middle of the day. I just tell you about it because you mentioned that your wife can not be with you in all the activities you like to do. I understand how you feel.

  22. Could I ever purposely look for my twin flame in a dream? Could I summon the feelings of intense love and longing to manifest him in my dream?

  23. I have been dreaming with my TF frequently lately, he is always in my mind I don’t know if this make me find him in my dreams.

  24. I read the comments and I was blown away my twin speaks to me in my dreams and the one line mostly is she telling me I’m getting out very soon and I see her hand as to holding it up to stop me from moving . This dream has happened 5 times now within the last year and half.

  25. I’ve already met my Twin Flame, about 3 years ago. We don’t talk to each other, we’re way too nervous/shy/uncomfortable exc. in eachothers presence. Sometimes I think I’m being delusional even when I constantly have signs. Such as the very frequent running into eachother at the most random of places. To name but one. And recently dreams where I’m interacting with him. It feels so real even the situations are real. I wish he’d say something to me, believe me ive tried…but as the saying goes “in your dreams.” It just feels so real! And I don’t understand why I feel his presence when it’s just a dream! Is it possible we are interacting with eachother in dreams? We exact the same as in waking life, nervous.