True Love Partnerships

From the book 11:11 Inside the Doorway by Solara

One of the ways in which we can reach the state of One Heartedness is through a relationship with your True Love. Coming together in partnership with another is not a prerequisite for entering the New Octave, however it does provide a fertile ground for experiencing True Love. For those of us who choose this path, we must be prepared to fully surrender our beings to utterly new forms of living and loving. These new relationships will be unlike anything we have known before! We will be creating a new map of relating in Oneness.

The unification of partners is the first stage in fully embodying the Template of True Love. This process has already begun and shall continue for the next few years. It is available to all who enter the Doorway of the 11:11 and anchor their beings on the Template of Oneness.

And how do we meet our elusive True Loves who have been so difficult to find for what appeared to be aeons? The answer is effortlessly, and when you least expect it. There is no search required, for we are all traveling on an irrevocable trajectory towards total perfect union. This is woven into the inner fabric of the Template of True Love.
After consciously choosing to experience True Love with a partner, we must focus our intent by openly expressing our yearning. Allowing ourselves to give wings to the deep yearning for union which emanates from the core of our being serves to clear the path. After we have done that, we simply let go. Surrender and know that what is truly yours will come to you. And your True Love is already on their way right now!
Next, we enter the phase called the Sacred Pause. We might consider this as a time of waiting. But it is not waiting in the old sense of the word – waiting while uncertain whether it will happen or not. Rather it’s waiting with the absolute sureness of its outcome – that your True Love definitely approaches. This Sacred Pause is a most important time.

While you are experiencing the Sacred Pause, there are many preparations to be done. First, you can tune into the vibrations of your True Love, feeling the purity of love between you. Then the Sacred Union starts to activate. This begins on the highest spiritual levels and words downwards until it finally manifests on the physical. Until you encounter each other in your physical bodies, know that your Sacred Union has already begun. You are together on the higher planes and ever coming closer.

During this time you may experience important dreams and insights. You will definitely feel a great stirring and shifting on deep levels of your being. It’s important that you allow yourself to feel the activation of your Greater Heart as it further aligns with the Template of True Love. Often, a tremendous amount of clearing will take place as you release old concepts of love and relationship. Although this can be intense, there will be a powerful inner healing as you shed your old hurts and disappointments and get in touch with the depth of your yearning to experience True Love.

The next step is to become an embodiment of True Love. This is necessary before your new partner arrives. See everyone in the world as your True Love. Feel your inherent Oneness with whomever you encounter. Treat them all with tenderness and respect. If you can do this, you will be amazed at the amount of love which will be directed at you. You will become a Beacon of Love. Now you are ready to encounter your True Love…

Even the way we recognize our True Love shall be different. Personal preferences and prejudices are dissolving as we move into all-pervading Oneness. Prepare to set aside any preconceived notions you might have on what your partner will be like, or even of how you would like them to be. This union is not going to originate on a personality level. What there WILL be is an unquestionable alignment of Essence between you. Neither of you needs to extend any effort to make this happen. It will simply be there, ready to be acknowledged.

In the New Template, these Sacred Unions are going to come about in unusual ways. It may be with someone you have known for years and never thought of as a potential partner or it may be with a total stranger. You might be involved in a ceremony and discover afterwards that you have been married! Now that’s an interesting way to start a relationship…We should expect the unexpected and flow gracefully with however it chooses to manifest. One thing is certain, there will be no questions or should we or shouldn’t we; is this it or not? You will know quite soon if you are True Loves.

What happens once we are finally together? We will certainly not be focusing all our energy and attention on our partner nor they on us in the old way. Instead, each of us being already whole and complete, we shall simply align our Greater Hearts into the One Heart and embody True Love. And there is nothing on Earth more powerful than fully embodied True Love! You don’t form a self contained unit like the 3D relationships with their endless processing, adjustments and compromise between the partners. You radiate your state of True Love to everyone, lifting the level of harmonic resonance for the entire planet. You fulfill your Divine Purpose united together as One Being.
This does not mean that you are inseparable. It is important that you each give yourselves time to be alone and that you stand in your full empowered Presence at all times. Your two beams of the One Star are going to join together to form One Being, but this can only happen after each of you have irrevocably merged with your own beam. Established roles found in the old kind of relationships are going to disappear as you step into a new level of equality and balance.

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  1. Good results is usually a ladder that can not be climbed with your hands in your pocket

  2. Gabriella says:

    I absolutely agree that on the ladder of love, we have to be active in our desire to create and be in a true love partnership. We have to follow divine guidance and inspiration when it comes to us, but that we also don’t have to go out searching for it, as this would happen naturally. The results come with our action in thinking positive, knowing what we want, taking steps toward it, and allowing ourselves to receive, knowing that we are worthy to receive the love that we desire.

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