Believe in Twin Flames or Not

Q Why is it some people do not believe in Twinflames? I had a psychic reader tell me that I have many soulmates but she said she does not believe in Twinflames.

A Sometimes, people are not ready to hear such information or they do not choose to be open to that experience in this lifetime. It is not a bad thing for it is just a choice. This is one reason why twin flames may not come together in a lifetime because one of them may not choose to step forward into that belief and feel its truth. We all have to respect each other on our particular journeys. What you know is truth for you is there for you and not for anyone else. No one can take away your truth or change your truth unless you allow them to. Feel what is true for you, and know that it is your comfort, your knowing that guides your experience in life and love.

This is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your internal guidance and also to grow within unconditional love as you respect this psychic like you desire her to respect you. That doesn’t mean you have to agree, but you allow each other to feel and believe what you do without taking it personally.

Also you don’t need anyone outside of you to tell you what you know…because when we attempt to do that, we will get others opinions and emotions…if we choose to go to others, know that ultimately we are the only ones that can know and remember our own path.

4 Comments on “Believe in Twin Flames or Not

  1. Brilliant! I love the answer for this. I come across this alot, when readers/psychics just put every strong connection down to soul mates. I too, would say that your inner voice screams the answer to you and confirmation from others isn’t necessary.
    Love having you as a friend Gabriella, i don’t feel so alone in my plight 🙂 x

  2. Aloha, I like your belief about living your own dream, your own reality and accepting each for where they are in their own idea of things. Blessings and Joy 2U Always <3..JudyG

  3. I find a lot of people that say that TF never incarnate together. So I got confuse in the pass. My religion does not believe in TF, soulmates or pass lives, So, I never discuss these matters with people of my church. Thanks Grabrialle for you explanation.