Twin Flames, Twin Earthquakes, Twin Towers ~ Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ Rising in Love

Everything is connected, interconnected, weaved within the other intimately and a part of everything else. Everything and everyone is ONE with all that is, therefore we are affected and a part of each happening that goes on in another’s life as well as what unfolds on a global scale. We are breathing and feeling with the Earth and all of humanity as we are affected by what we have called “tragedies, earth destruction, conspiracies, etc.” Within these events, there are many, many messages from our unified consciousness calling to be noticed, heeded, and reseeded so that we can build and create anew in the way that unites us all as the family that we truly are.

I’m going to share with you bits of pieces of insight that came to me, as they came to me…so take this as a stream of consciousness (our consciousness) coming through with pieces of a whole that you can piece together as you go along. At this point, perhaps you are aware and awakened to the truth that we are connected beyond our physical bodies, so I need to start with a dream that a friend of mine had. My friend dreamed that my beloved twin flame came to her and said, “2, 250, 250.” This dream occurred on the evening of Saturday, August 11th. Sunday morning she informed me of what my twin had expressed to her. The first thing that came to me was that there are 2 250’s, but then 250 and 250 are balanced, and if you put them together they are the equal balance of one another, as 2 in harmony. A whole myriad of things came after that…and I sat down at the computer following where Source/the oneness was bringing me, to websites, writing notes, etc…and this is the first thing I wrote Soul Journey Man.

So the other thing that came from the above expression in my friend’s dream was the relevance of twin flames, beloveds coming together in balance and harmony in a deep vibration of pure love. The purpose of twin flames uniting and sharing their love and union with the world is to embody the truth of our oneness, our inherent essence and our unified consciousness. This is absolutely a HUGE part of the Earth and Humanity ascension as it IS ascension, twins are rising in love for all of us, as we, all, everything IS one and connected. Before I share the next thing that came through, I need to express a bit about the significance of 11 regarding twin flames and the union of all that is. 1 and 1 exist on their own as whole beings yet when they come together, they create an extension of their completeness and create 11 (their union as one).

1. as the love increases within one twin flame as an individual, and the other twin flame as an individual (as 1’s)…

2. they then share it with each other, increasing their love for themselves (creating the 11)…

3. and then extend this love to the world (increasing the oneness and love vibration). (1+1=11)

You can read more about this here: Twin Flame Union is About the  Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission and Being in Love and Sharing Your Completeness

Back to the 250, 250…on the morning of August 11th, there were twin earthquakes in IRAN, and the second happened 11 minutes after the first. Twin Earthquakes in IRAN.

Now remember, if everything and everyone is connected, then truly, there are no accidents and what happens is a message for all of us…to give you a bit of a simple example, if you ate something that upset your stomach, you might feel rumblings and pain inside, then you might even have to purge what was toxic to your body, right? Well, the same is true for the Earth, yet we are connected and ONE with it, so within anything that happens, there are messages…let me share some with you. IRAN is a very significant location for Christianity since it is the area where Jesus Christ walked…and therefore, the messages that were given are extremely relevant. Many of those messages were of oneness, of connection, of the balance of all things, Male/Female, Light/Dark, Right/Wrong. THE WAY has been so misconstrued from being the way of ONE to the right way vs the wrong way. Hence this is what creates wars and separation on all levels. The Earth is reforming to inform us, that it is time for Christ’s return, the Christ consciousness within each 1 of us, to be illuminated, and lighted throughout the world.

Ok, let’s take the date of these earthquakes, 8/11/12…have to get into a bit of numerology here. Many of you may know that 8 represents infinity (the oneness, what always is, has been and will be) and now from above you understand the 11 – which expresses the oneness within, between and with all – twin flames are the embodiment of this. Let’s talk about the 12. When you look at numbers that have more than one, there are always at least 3 parts (within 2 numbers, there are 3 parts to look at). In 12, we have to look at 1, at 2, and at the joining of both. 1+2=3. One represents the oneness of all, 2 is the joining of “opposites” as one and three combines them both – so the oneness of all is expressed through 2 joining as one, and then extending that out to all, which brings it back to the oneness. This is a very strong message within what happened in IRAN, with the numbers, with the location, with the twin earthquakes, the date, how long before the 2nd 1 happened. We can even see it further by looking at when the first quake happened, at 4:53pm. When we add up those 3 numbers, we get 12 with a magnitude of 6.4, added up to 1. Again, the message with 1 and 12, read above again if you need to.

So, another thing that came, was a license plate I saw, 13RC13. This is what messages I received. RC= Return of Christ or Christ consciousness. Reading the first 13 is relevant for before the return of Christ…there were 12 apostles following 1 man…bring in the return of Christ and you get the second 13, what the number 12 represents bringing us into ONE, THE WAY of ONE! So we are then following the Way of ONE, yet not only following, but BEING that ONE (oneness).

The universal language is always present in the layers within everything, music, numbers, words, silence, sound, pictures…and something that had been created in the “past,” is still present now as it will come back to our awareness in the moment that it is needed, for us to see another layer within it. Now remember, I was getting this through bits of pieces that were coming at me, as I was guided what to look it, writing notes all the while. A song came through…and before you continue reading, I’d suggest to listen to it…see what you receive.

You can see probably right away in the title is IRAN (I ran). What a powerful addition message(s) here! IRAN all night and day… (running away from the light – illumination- if we watch the news constantly it can take us away from the messages of light coming through us – always goes back to balance).  IRAN, I ran, so far away from union, (yet IRAN is where union walked –Jesus). Floating in a beam of light with you – touching, loving, being the way we are used to (with form) is disappearing to move beyond form…we are being transformed…to transcend form. What of the old is falling away, and what of the new is coming through…instead of running away, we need to come back in union with it all, in ourselves, each other and the world/Earth. The Way of ONE is about being in that light, and uniting that light with others and shining those lights to the world…which is why in the song, they couldn’t come together and stop from running away until they saw that they were transforming into light, and IN that light together. There is nothing to be afraid of in the light…this is one of the biggest illusions that has been seeded in our minds that we are shedding and reseeding the truth of our consciousness that light is ONE with all that is, as it is pure and loving. Therefore fear cannot reside here anymore. There is no more running away. We are illuminating, lighting up IRAN!

So more bits, more pieces, more bits and pieces coming through…in that song, some other lines struck out at me (shining the light upon them), “a cloud appears above your head, a beam of light comes shining down on you, shining down on you. The cloud is moving nearer still, Aurora Borealis comes in view, Aurora comes in view.” Wow – how that truly described what happened accurate with that beam of light! So the first layer that came was Aurora Borealis…aurora is a display of light in the sky caused by energetic charged particles  They are ionized or excited by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric particles being funneled down and accelerated along the Earth’s magnetic field lines; excitation energy is lost by the emission of a photon, or by collision with another atom or molecule:  makes spiral shapes– they can be seen at night however, they can even go on during the day but not be noticed. There are layers within everything all the time and if we are not aware or have our eyes WIDE open, then we may miss them, however these layers inform us, reform us, and can bring us beyond form. Aurora Borealis is what is called the Northern Lights, named after the Roman Goddess of Dawn and the north Wind. Some call this phenomenon the “Dance of the Spirits.” Before you read what came through next, watch this…watch it and feel it…feel the light within all that is, and feel it flowing through you…let yourself be awash in those beams of light!

Lights Over Lapland the Aurora Borealis

The second thing that came through with “Aurora comes in view,” was the July shooting in the theater in Aurora, CO. I am not going to get into the conspiracy thoughts here, I’m going to bring light to certain numbers/messages within this event. Feel your own emotions with this all and allow yourself to go where you are guided to go. The shooting was done in theater 9 and it was at midnight during the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Midnight is between night and day. Rising is of and in light, yet the dark knight rises. The number 9 represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number 9 deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. 9 beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference. **Being the last simple number, it is the number of finalization or finition; it is therefore the most complex, that marks the full lighting up of the numerical series.** Number of the man, as a numeral symbol of his gestation (nine months).** Number of the harmony, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of the ideas.** Symbol of the creation and the life as a rhythm and development.** As a product of 3 x 3, it is the expression of the perfection, the symbol of the virile power, in addition to be associated to the couple.** Bringing in Aurora Borealis, the wind is bringing a new dawning. Aurora, CO, shooting – dawning. We are leaving the “old” and creating/bringing in the “new”…these events are urging us to do that, all as one, together in union. Right now, we are witnessing the collision of the old and the new. We are in the process of releasing polarity/duality becoming one, in balance. We are merging “opposites” into one, light/dark, male/female, old/new. The patterns of running away will no longer work. They take us away rather than bring us together, yet even though we run away, we can’t get away! We are floating in a beam of light with one another and all that is, and if we try to reach out on the surface without seeing and integrating the light, what we are reaching for will disappear, for those are the illusions falling away. Just as those Aurora Borealis lights are always evolving and changing, so are we, we are light creating through the rising of love.

The last but definitely not final piece here to all of this…is 9/11.  I started with talking about the number 11 and what it symbolizes as well as the significance of twin flames within it, within their love as 1, as the 11, and the extension/expression of that love to all that is. United twin flames will and are birthing us anew, rebirthing us all into ONE. Let’s look at the numbers and messages within 9/11/12. This is the 11th year since the twin towers burned to the ground in 2001. If you look at the date this year 9/11/12, you get 9 – Number of the harmony, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of the ideas. As a product of 3 x 3, it is the expression of the perfection, the symbol of the virile power, in addition to be associated to the couple. (twin flames, twin towers, twin earthquakes – uniting of “opposites” into one) 11 is the number that symbolizes the oneness within, between and with all – twin flames are the embodiment of this. In 12, we have to look at 1, at 2, and at the joining of both. 1+2=3. One represents the oneness of all, 2 is the joining of “opposites” as one and three combines them both – so the oneness of all is expressed through 2 joining as one, and then extending that out to all, which brings it back to the oneness. Combining the messages within the twin earthquakes, on 8/11, occurring 11 minutes apart, in IRAN and 9/11 as this is the 11th year since its occurrence (and if you add 9/11, you get 11!) There is such a STRONG and vital emphasis on bringing balance back, bringing the balance in harmony of what we see as “opposites,” into the oneness that they are. Twin flames in harmony with their oneness and their oneness together are now contracted to bring that oneness into the world within a creative, inspiring, illuminated state of being to rebirth us all into the ONE that we are. This way, we are and will continue to spread the messages of light to continue to expand our consciousness and awaken us to who we are! Whether or not you are physically with your twin on Tuesday, 9/11, make love…let the love flowing through you merge with the love flowing through your twin, flow together the love into the world, into the spiral shapes affecting all that is…dance with your spirits and watch how those moves spark deep vibrations of love rising throughout the cosmos!! We are building that love up and bringing it back down to burn it to the ground back up!


Click the link below!

Burn it Down ~ Linkin Park ~ Rebirthing us All

25 Comments on “Twin Flames, Twin Earthquakes, Twin Towers ~ Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ Rising in Love

  1. Gabriella, what exactly do you mean when you write “We are illuminating, lighting up IRAN!”?

  2. Dearer Gabriella !
    You sound so excited and I get the feeling we are on the threshold of something great ! Your messages are so uplifting and full of energy and it flows on to us. The waves are coming in pretty strong . Thank you. Yesterday I had a dream that mybTf and I are spending time together and he gave me a white flower and I was so happy !! What can it mean?

  3. Christopher,

    What I mean by “We are illuminating, lighting up IRAN” is both that we are lighting up the messages within what occurred in Iran, but also we are lighting up the other message within IRAN (I ran – running away from union). As we allow ourselves to recognize and remember that we are light beings, then we shine this light upon everything and everyone we encounter…illumination to the extreme, in such sweetness, therefore we are bringing light to the illusions and bringing forth the truth!


    You are so welcome – glad you resonated with this! Thank you for sharing!!

    Sleeping Beauty!

    I am excited!!! Glad you’re catching the waves!! What a beautiful dream you had last evening. What do you feel it means? I have a feeling that you already know…white represents purity and love (how wonderful that your twin flame gave it to you AND that you were spending time together – perhaps this is a glimpse of what is coming). The other part of the color white is that it symbolizes wholeness/completion and the removal of any obstacles that had attempted to block your way. You mentioned in one of your recent comments that you felt a divine happiness within like you have arrived at your destination…and so it can be an even deeper reassurance for you that your unified heart with your twin flame is complete, that you have embraced the love within you for you (which naturally includes your twin flame and all that is). This is the freedom and sweetness of love!

  4. Oh God Gabriella !!!! Thank you so much !! These interpretations overwhelm me and I feel so blessed and humbled. You have a way of coming up with the right words at the right time and so this must be it !!! Yesterday, I was reading an article , a channeled message about twin flame reunion and the article ended with the words, ” we are waiting for Divine Timing” . So wherever we turn love is present and guidance is all around. It is exciting times. Love to you all!!!

  5. Ah, i just read all of your comments and i feel tingling in my chests, sometimes i think that i will turn into molecules and spread all around.

  6. Hi sunshine!
    Ya I too feel the resonance! Did you contact your TF ? Even when I listen to some songs , they seem to contain these messages. Sometimes our attitude helps us ride through these waves. When we accept that this is how it will be, with ups and downs and accept the journey more than the destination, we can manage to stay afloat!!! Blogs like Gabriella’s help to raise our hopes and energies !!!

  7. Sleeping beauty,
    yees, exactly, when we accept the journey we can enjoy. i have days when i`m just floating and sometimes i feel like i have to correct myself so to speak, i think those days something coming out or i need ti focus on something. i haven`t heard with my TF almost three weeks, i decided not to take any actions, i was a litlle bit overwhelmed when we came back in touch again, now i think that i just have to wait and give him some space, i think he has alot on his mind right now.
    Ah yes, songs, i see, hear messeges all around, so many musicians are awaken, i just enjoy listening those songs, my heart grows bigger.
    I also have that feeling that “we are on the threshold of something great” like you wrote, it`s so big, i feel that completion and i have goosbumps all the time, i just have to smile. Yes, everytime when i feel that i need that warm energy i come to this blog, it became a part of my journey and all people on this blog, here a can really feel that we are all one

  8. Sunshine!
    I am so glad that you feel the tingling. I have been feeling that a LOT recently!!! I’ve been feeling it when I get insights on my journey, pieces of light/inspiration/remembering from Source – hearing certain songs, and so much more, that I just get SO excited to write and to share…this next book is going to be a bundle of ecstatic energy enfolding us all into a sweet, warm, embrace of HOME!! *sigh* I wanted to share some lines from my Soul Journey Man piece that I feel is relevant here. Destinations are never a completion, for the journey is still ongoing. The journey is the process of moving through the destination, into the destination, and joining the soul, the journey, the man, which is the destiny of all – this is the journey. The destination therefore falls away, for it is not a place. Just as Sleeping Beauty mentioned that she felt a divine happiness within and that with each encounter with the twin brings a burst of spiritual growth…the journey is to allow ourselves to delve within (divine – dive in) to our own divinity, with the help of our twin…just as in Sleeping Beauty’s dream, her twin flame gave her that white flower…we all know by now that our twin flames are mirrors for our own love, our own self, our own awakening/enlightenment…when we accept that fully and no longer resist each moment, then we realize that we are within the destination rather than trying to get to it…experiencing it ever deeper with each unfolding moment. SO beautiful! And so much love building ALL the time…increasing the excitement to share it and spread it around!

    I had a conversation with someone yesterday and she asked me, “how can we stay in the moment when we notice the signs and it pushes us into expectation for when things will happen?” This is a really good question. This journey is so much about balance – within and without – and when we understand that the destination is not our focus but the journey as it is all ONE, then we allow ourselves to BE in the divine flow…and the divine flow aids us in understanding and becoming aware of the universal language of the universe, which is in numbers, synchronicities, sounds, silence, etc, as we are then able to recognize the insights, signs, guidance that come which bring us into inspired action as we are guided. However, this is different from being in the space of looking for the signs and then trying to figure them out…when you connect with and understand the universal language, you just flow with it, and you know how essential every moment, every step on the journey is, as this brings you completely into the moment (although also very excited for what your intuition is gifting you with what is unfolding) but you have now moved into the state of balance and harmony with the flow of it all, as you know that it is all ONE. Love to all of you – hugs all around!!!

    P.S. I have always felt how warm and sweet it feels when people share their experiences along the journey to bring the words into a way that you can see how things unfold…and I feel guided to share with you all how things have been unfolding on my journey recently. Last year when I visited my family, my uncle went into the hospital and was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He has been battling this since then and in March was placed on the list to receive a liver transplant. It can be rare and sometimes impossible for someone to get a liver transplant, and we were finding that to be the case…however, as things in my experience have been progressing forward to jointly be with my twin flame in all ways to be intimately and co-creatively sharing our love and messages with the world, things took an amazing miraculous turn! I was receiving messages and seeing the synchronicities of my returning to LA (right now am in MA visiting family) yet nonetheless I honored exactly where I was at in the present moments, knowing that all is perfect and all will unfold as it is meant to, and I only take action when I get a strong inspired nudging to do so…so then, on Saturday evening, I received a beautiful email from my twin expressing that LA will welcome me back with warm hugs full of love when the time comes, that everything is unfolding NOW (hence the journey)…and then 2 hours after that, we get a call from the hospital saying that they found a liver for my uncle and to come right away!!!!! How amazing…so I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in the hospital as my uncle went through this surgery…now my soul knows that there was no way that I could have left MA until this miraculous situation unfolded for my uncle!!! I do know that at the perfect moment my twin will be in the physical presence with my uncle (for there are “past life” experiences to be healed and love to be shared) but all in its perfect time and order. All is always, in all ways, unfolding now…and I give this reassurance as well as the deepest vibrations of love within my being to ALL of you! *warm hugs*

  9. Gabriella,

    Thank you for your explanation, yes it makes sense. The statement I had quoted just looks strange, when taken out of context (yes, I admit to that).

    “Illuminate” is a term that is greatly misused in our culture, there are many who use this term to describe what is really bring darkness upon the world, not light- though I know this is not your intent.

    Also, “We are lighting up IRAN” set off alarm bells for me too- ‘lighting up’ is Army talk for opening fire on a target, and we all know there are lots of Americans who seem fixated on attacking the nation of Iran… so this is why your sentence stood out to me. I admit, I am taking this sentence totally out of context, and that is not fair to you- your writings did resonate with me, it just that I read this sentence and my heart sort of went cold.

  10. Christopher,

    I am glad that you mentioned that line, and even more so that you took it out of context. The reason why is because our language, including every word and even numbers, have been changed around for so long to illicit fear and therefore bring us into separation. These are the illusions that we are now lighting up so that they actually can be burned to the ground but I mean with light, not with anything that creates harm. This way it allows us to be become illuminated (and yes this is ONE of the words that has been rearranged to represent darkness) to what is illusion and what is truth. Yet darkness is also part of light and in order to change the ways of darkness into light, we need to recognize the connection of both…you can see how you looked at that line and what you felt as a result, how strong this instilled fear by using language of light to bring about fear…it’s quite intense and quite layered. There is no need to apologize – I am very glad that you brought up what you did because it adds further insight/light/illumination to the many layers of illusions and fear we are transforming into truth and love. Sending love to you!

  11. First time sharing other than in private 🙂 the signs stand out for me in this beautiful piece so much, I first need to start by sharing, I turn the corner on my way to work, and it is 11 miles on the sign until I reach the town of (his name) The first road is Lovejoy in the town the second is Locke, when i actually get into the town there is the biggest sign that says BLANK WELCOMES YOU!! it is all full of beautiful small churches, the town hardware is called Darling which is what he calls me, the highway it is on is 52 his age, the highway i get onto to go to work still in the town is 69 mile marker 111 running over looking glass river, right at that mile marker. The next road above which is an over pass is goodall. There were so many other signs when we met that were incredible, that resonate with everything i read about it just is a miracle… and so inspiring and heartbreaking at times too.

    A Month ago there was horrible storm on my way home from work the cloud so huge looked like a big mushroom only over this town scared me to death everyone had to pull over the rain was coming down so hard and fierce.. I knew it meant something you feel it… The other day coming home from work i noticed a clearing in the white clouds almost seemed to be just for me in the shape of a heart with the sun shining thru made me cry. i will wait i have to, I have no choice we have been chosen for this journey i know this is true i feel it.

  12. Gabriella,
    thank you for sharing that question, i was just thinking about that yesterday and today and i couldn`t put that in words and again i see how all is so connected, and we are too. your post truly touched my heart i was smiling and crying in the same time, i remembered how i was asking strenght from my tf, to be strong for my aunt in very difficult family situation, every time when i`m trying to help someone i can feel that he is with me, he is my comfort and my strenght in the same time and my peace. Thank you for sharing your part of a journey! When we share we learn, that is priceless.

  13. Sunshine!

    When we share we learn, and when we learn we share!!! I am so glad that you were crying and smiling through hearing my experience! AND I am so happy to hear that you are feeling your TF with you at all times, especially when you are extending the love within you to others!!! How beautiful this love is, isn’t it? Sending you so much love always.

  14. Yes, there is no words to describe that, when i could just put a feeling in this text… I wanted to ask something about merging masculin and feminin energy inside of us? How will that manifest, what this actually mean? i`m asking because lately i can almost feel that switch when i have that smooth, calm feminin energy and when i have that defensive and assertive masculin energy, i can really feel the difference.

  15. Thanks Gabriella, there are a lot of symbolism in your writing. So I have been reading it over and over. Let me tell you that the first time I started reading it, I did not finished it because I did not have time, but when I look the time on my computer it was 1:11. A lot of events has happen to me these days, dreams and messages I’m reciving from my TF. I don’t know what all these is about it, maybe I need time to put them in order. Could you write about “transition” from the 3D to the spiritual world.

  16. Gabriella,
    do you now the real meaning of white butterflies? The last few days I see them every time i go out.

  17. Sunshine,

    Since butterflies go through a process to become a butterfly, they usually represent transition and change, and often come to visit you to let you know that something is approaching or a transition is in process. I have had white butterflies visit me too, and every single time they come, I am filled with such peace. Come to think of it, the times I have noticed them, there was change in my experience shortly thereafter. Pay attention to how you feel and what you are thinking at the time that they come, for that is very significant. Some people say that butterflies and white ones in particular resemble the soul, that loved ones who have passed come to visit through them…however, I must say that every time I’ve had a visit, I feel my twin flame, with such strong love and peace rather intensely! First of all though, follow what your intuition tells you when you notice them. Such beautiful wayshowers animals in nature are!

  18. Tulip,

    😀 I am glad that you have shared in public! AND I hope it’s not the only time, of course whenever you feel to, you are so welcome. It is so beautiful the signs of the universe to guide us along our paths and to reassure us that we are loved, that there is a force which connects it all so beautifully surrounding us at all times. No doubt love, that you have chosen your journey, and as you keep connecting to the love within your heart, the strength within your soul, bringing the passion within around, you will have the umph, spunk and inspiration to continue forward, as you are. SO much love to you girl, in all ways!!

  19. Gabriella,
    yes you right, i do feel such change inside me and one week ago i had a bigger problem with my health, actually old problem with stomach, but it came back so strong, doctors couldn`t tell what`s wrong, every test was ok, it lasts for over 10 days, then the pain just stoped. i really feel that i went through cleansing because in the same time i had flushes of energy, one day it was so strong that i got fever and the next day everything was fine. it was really tough and i was very worried, but now i feel so good. maybe that was my physical change and now with this butterflies…i always see them when i`m enjoyng with myself, God and my TF. i have that feeling whole month that something is going to happen, will see. Thank you again, much love!

  20. ah, i just have to share this with you, my soulmate friend found her soul mate, maybe TF ( i think so) and i was just talking with her and she is so happy and that happines just passed on me, i can feel that…i spent with her nights thinking when we will find someone to love and she just met him, one month ago, it was like they now each other for years…ah, LOVE…

  21. Sunshine!

    First, I am so glad that you are feeling better ~ I don’t really think that there was anything truly the matter, many of us have been releasing things energetically as we raise our vibrations and consciousness, which is why lots of rest and flu/sick like symptoms can come about, but then they leave just as quick as they come! I’ve been finding that I rest a lot but have been doing SO good with my health, my vibration, remaining centered in the core of my heart, the stillness within despite whatever is going on around me. How divine each moment has been, and how filled with love I AM!! I’ve been having a similar feeling that something is going to happen…and you’re right, we shall see! How beautiful that your soul mate friend found her TF (or soul mate)! How contagious those vibes of love are, aren’t they? How easily they rub off on us…and then we start rubbing off on others as we jump up and down with excitement, within and sometimes literally. Yes, LOVE..!! Gosh…feeling it SO deeply within my heart, thanks for increasing it some more with the happiness that you have now passed onto me. Cheers to love!! Much love to you!

  22. I am too feeling that something really good is coming, and almost feeling like nothing will bother me lately really happy. Hoping that is what will be, or maybe just connecting with love and the universe more? And you were talking about the vibes of love that everyone is feeling I too so much all the time am feeling this, Is it when you physically connect with your tf that you actually bind yourself together somehow through the energy? Or could these be ascension signs? Always so many questions and again thank you… you are awesome.

  23. Gabriella,
    YES! This sentence:”How divine each moment has been, and how filled with love I AM!!”, with love I AM, that`s it. Thank you!

  24. Tulip,

    You bring up such beautiful and relevant, true points with all that we have been feeling, as one (on our own) and as ONE together. We have absolutely been connecting with the love/the universe/the oneness more because the illusions have been falling away and the truth of the interconnectedness of it all has been coming through within us and around us. As a result, nothing can bother us…for the happiness we feel is so intimately interweaved within the fabric of our being, as we are continuously strengthened with the truth of and in this knowing flowing through us, and when there seems to be chaos around us (from witnessing the break downs of foundations for others around us or even in our own experience), we know that it is all happening as it should. For us to build things the way that is connected to the core of our essence of this pure, divine love, other foundations that were not built upon such need to and are falling away.

    Ya know, it doesn’t have to be physically connecting with your twin flame that you connect through the energy of this LOVE…but recently I’ve been writing about spiritual marriage (and how this occurs regardless of the close proximity of the physical bodies) and how all of the pieces of your energetic blueprint become aligned, therefore enhancing the truth and experience of your connection to all that is, to the oneness, which results in feeling the love more profoundly within and around…is this also ascension signs? YES, because ascension is the rising of the vibrations of love and oneness…the complete and total knowing that this IS as it has always been, as we have all, always, in all ways been a part of it, for we have never been separate from it. What then happens, naturally, is that we feel the love, see the love, be the love, receive the love, and become this love more pronounced in every moment, every relationship, every experience, every creation. The feeling that something is coming…is the increasing of this love…and for us all, this does include connecting in all ways, including the physical, with our soul family. We are building onto this love, as we bring us all into community within our unity together. Such glorious and sweet unfoldings everywhere, in process. You are welcome…and you are just as awesome!