Be Excited for Each Step on Your Journey

So tell me, do you like to know the ending of a book before you get there? I had a teacher in one of my college English classes who revealed the ending before I got there. I got so frustrated I refused to read the rest of the book. There’s something exciting about going ON the journey, all of the steps in order with the characters. I still feel this way with books. Now that my intuition has given me visions of “end” results in my own experience yet not the in between, I have a new understanding. I have a new understanding and appreciation for what this teacher was expressing, that you know the beginning and the end, BUT…you don’t know the in between experiences to unfold. It’s a whole different experience.

1 Comment on “Be Excited for Each Step on Your Journey

  1. It is like climbing a mountain, I guess, I can see the top of the mountain from below. I found the definition of the word “climb” in my dictionary: “To go upward with gradual or continuous progress,” “to increase gradually,”to ascend in growth,” These definitions describe my journey.