Move from Longing into the Deepest Sense of Belonging

The following comments and responses are from this post: Mirror, Mirror of my Twin, What are You Revealing Within?

*my responses are in bold italics*

I can totally relate with this feeling.. My heart is now aching with pain of longing…already loosing hope of finding the one … I wish to connect but I got this feeling that I’m losing my way with the passing of each day…sorry if I could not be positive now… I am submerged in grief.

Step by step love…it is all happening…right now you are connecting with that love deeper, and therefore it must and will be reflected around you in the form of the perfect partner to reflect your light. Keep connected to that truth…through the emotions (energy in motion) we clear out the illusions and know the truth…so feel away to let it all wash away. *hugs and love*
I can so relate to that feeling. I used to feel like that too. The frustration not being able to be with the one you’re longing for can be so heartbreaking. But when you start realizing you don’t need his reassurance to love yourself it will make you feel less frustrated and more powerful. When you heart is aching and longing for reassurance from some one else, it basically means you still have to find the real love within yourself. Like Gabriella says… They are our mirrors!

You are absolutely bringing through the truth!!! This journey of awakening and spiritual growth that takes an accelerated jump when you encounter your twin flame is about love…and it profoundly urges us to go within to receive that love from our own heart (as it is our one heart unified in vibration with our twin flame and all that is), to feel the love we are and hold for our own self, as this love then intensifies and desires to be spread/shared with our twin flame and all the world – hence why twin flames not only be love and be loved with each other but they serve this love all around humanity/Earth. However, important to note that we are energy in motion (emotion) and allowing ourselves to feel emotions does not mean that we have more “work” to do, it actually means that we are releasing what is illusion (separation) to experience and remember the truth (union). Through the feeling absolutely comes the healing, and then the revealing that you are love, you are loved as you remember you are ONE with all that is/God/Source.
I’ve been missing this page or actually decided not to read some posts here,due to some emotional , mind and spirit chaos lately or should I say I’m still in a state of finding or wanting to hear my inner voice but today my intuition told me to visit the group …to read an important note.. and just now I end up finding this post… It helps a lot . … thanks angel…. be blissful

I’m glad that you took a break from reading posts in here! Honestly, I have been doing this a lot everywhere, for it is always important for you to go within and “detach” from receiving input/stimulation from all other sources for that enables you to hear the guidance from your inner voice/compass. This way you are able to clearly know what your path is and what next steps to take, what you need to give, what you need to allow yourself to receive…this journey is absolutely one that brings you within, again and again, to feel the love that is you, as this love guides you and reassures you on every step of your path within your destiny. It truly is blessed…what a treat to let go of all the armor (the illusions) you’ve held for so long and deeply experience to completely remember/know the truth…all miracles and possibilities and true creations are born from this space. Love to you…be always blissful sweet girl.

*note – as beautiful as it is to have reassurance/encouragement/support from others along this journey, it is also equally beautiful (and essential) to find that reassurance/encouragement/support of truth and love within you as this is your inner compass, your inner love reservoir which is your shining light, steering you in every moment, in the deeper direction of your destiny. Bring that longing to receive into the truth of belonging within Source…you truly have it all within you, as you are the love you crave, and as you connect with this truth and FEEL it, you are saved from the illusion that you need to receive it from outside of you because it IS you…what happens then is that your outer experience reflects this truth of love that you have remembered within you…but it always, in all ways, calls us back within. It’s divine ~ so dive in ~ and remember/discover your divinity as you love within infinity in the Trinity of ONE ~ be love ~ be loved ~ BELOVED (God/Source/All that is) emotion (energy in motion).