Mirror, Mirror of my Twin, What are You Revealing Within?

Q. I think this is the hardest part for me to do. I feel I have met my twin and through alot of turmoil and tears, we are seperated at the moment. I have learned so much about the twin flame experience since being seperated. I would say that I am the chaser of the two. I just remember the feeling and the declarations we had in the beginning.

Now it seems that it is some sort of mind game or power struggle. I truly am getting drained both mentally and emotionally. I have cried enough. Now im surrendering out of sheer exhaustion. Is that what usually happens? Help!

A. So tell me what is the hardest part for you? Is it the releasing fears? Is it allowing yourself to be present to what is happening right now in this moment even in the midst of what you feel is not happening? What is or is not happening is all connected, and consistently calls you to go within. Honestly, this is where the feelings of exhaustion can come from, as through this journey we are encouraged again and again, to go within – going again within…because through the tears, through the “turmoil,” we have continuous opportunities to see why we are creating them. We do create the tears and the turmoil, for tears come from feeling separation (separation from Source, from self, from your twin) and turmoil comes from the same, but also not desiring to see that perfection is always in every moment, and that there is something for you to receive within any and every moment that unfolds along your journey, just as there are things that you give each moment to others.

The beauty, and some may call it the curse (yet this perception doesn’t exist when you see the truth of this love), of this twin flame love and connection/relationship is that it molds you and makes you to become the best representation of God that you can be, as your 1(on your own) and as your 11 (your union with our twin) but in order to allow for this, you have to be willing to go deep, to move past the old paradigms of relationship (such as blame, conditions, roles, rules – outdated ways of reacting, responding and being in love) to BE the love that you feel and desire to experience, while allowing yourself to be loved through the steps along your journey that seem to be against you. Your twin is not against you…nor is your union distanced from you…it is here right now…it is all unfolding right now…and each moment, you have the choice, again and again, to choose love…or to choose fear. To choose love asks you not to see any interaction or non-interaction with your twin as a “mind game” or “power struggle.” Rather, see what is your twin revealing to you about you…what are you revealing to your twin…what are you needing to learn and what are you giving? See, you are both in every moment the teacher and the student. The draining honestly is from the mind/the body, but the Spirit is never drained…and when you align your mind/body with this truth of the Spirit, then the exhaustion becomes less and even completely disappears. Surrendering to what IS in any moment is important though, but that’s not giving up, that’s surrendering any resistance to what IS right now, knowing that everything is always, in all ways perfect, in every moment, and what may seem like it isn’t right now doesn’t mean that it is NOT. Not only that, but also every moment has been created by your soul to prepare you, shape you, into what you have chosen to be and share in this lifetime, which does include your twin flame, with its various and versatile co-creations.

Sending you the love and peace to let go of any resistance and move into acceptance, bringing you into the dance, the dance of infinity always that you and your twin are moving through with one another…allow yourself to move from the “mind” and “power” into the love…so that they are transformed into love games and love struggles…but the games and struggles become fun, because you are loving within them and creating them anew…as you flow with one another. You ARE flowing with one another…that is the truth. Feel that emotion – that energy in motion.

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2 Comments on “Mirror, Mirror of my Twin, What are You Revealing Within?

  1. Deareat Gabriella ,
    It was very helpful to read this post. To know that exhaustion is of mind and body and not Spirit. I have often felt exhausted and your words are a strong reminder to flow into acceptance. I happened to see my TF on 3 consecutive days. We had strong connection and though we both wanted to be with each other , something told me this was not the time…. What could it be.. He kept a safe distance from me , but communication was going on between us without words… It was only a few days back he told me how he wanted to be with me physically, but when we were together for three days, he made no move to get close physically !!! I too felt that this was not the time and that there is something that needs to be integrated.. God… I seriously do not know what it means.!!!!! I have tried going in and in and even meditating to find answers.. All I can feel is a void and at the same time a divine happiness that I have shared my deepest desire with my TF by telling him about our need for union. Whether it resonated with him or not , I just feel hugely relieved as if I have finally reached my destination and set down my burden. I get this strong conviction that my TF will take care from now onwards.. How, when..? I have no clue.. I just know that he will take care.. He has not mentioned anything about our reunion ….. Oh Gabriella this journey is indeed one of just FEELINGS and in your blog I find the strength to go through all this without feeling lost. Your words keep validating what is going on and my love and gratitude to you always. The Heiros Gamos post was indeed resonating strongly.. Is it truly time for our TF reunion in always!

  2. Sleeping Beauty!

    I’m glad that you have found this post and the Hieros Gamos post helpful as well as resonate with them. Speaking of feelings, I’m getting the sense that connecting with what you are feeling is what is needed…as you let your heart, your inner knowing, your intuition to guide you. I’m here when you feel inspired to share, and supporting you as you continuously connect with and follow your inner compass. Sending you such love always, in all ways, in every moment!!!