The Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage

This is SO worth a read! Tears of gratitude & peace ran down my cheeks!! “This year is all about true loving heart exchanges.” This does explain in depth a lot of what we have already experienced but also what we ARE and will be experiencing as these days continue to unfold…and bring us into sacred marriage with our beloveds to serve this sacred, divine love to the world on deeper, more profound waves of sweetness.

Thank you with all of my heart to the courageous Lightworker’s who have given their all for Sacred Marriage in their attempt to rediscover and reclaim what truly belongs to every human being. We have given it back to the future of the human race, now we need to sit back and witness.” This just touches my heart SO deeply, brought such strong emotions to my blessed ONE heart, and the warmest waves of gratitude and peace in my soul. I love ALL of you more than these words can even express…I am right here with you as you open your hearts and your arms to let the sweetness of uniting in all ways with your divine beloved to happen, as it already is…

The Hieros Gamos

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  1. ah gabriella, thank you for this article, i feel like i got a cheery on my iceream, like i reached the full circle, i needed those words…i feel such warmth in my hearth, thank you