Consistently Choosing Constant Creative Co-Creation within a Close Connection

I recently came across this video. I ask you to watch it, with an open mind, with an open heart, with the perception of the unity of all things. Watch it more than once if you feel guided to, before reading what I wrote below it. Above all, have fun! Isn’t this what life and love is truly all about? To experience the “separation” between it all to fully know the truth of the “union” of it all.


I am in such love with this co-creation between the woman and the man in this video. Can you see that? Can you see that they are co-creating together? In co-creation, both the masculine and the feminine energies come out within each other and as each other, and they are being both the “good teacher” and “perfect learner.” For one teaches, and one learns, then the other learns and the other teaches, while within it all, at all times, they are both learning and teaching, co-creating together to share the whole process with the world. As they learn, they teach, and as they teach, they learn.

I truly enjoyed the balancing of it all with the playing of the words…emphasizing the “serious” in the fun and the fun in the serious to bring all into the awakening that truly in the middle point, it is all connected and not just one way or the other.  We are “starting a new chapter,” with our twin flames and ALL as ONE, and that chapter collapses duality, merging it all into ONE. We are in the journey of the soul in man experiencing itself and expanding beyond limitations, always in creation, in co-creation for we are not separate but in union.

We are co-creating within every moment of our lives, with the twin flame…with each other…and this unconditional love that is what we are urges us to always, in all ways, go beyond the surface, in all directions, not seeing the judgment (the duality – this way or that way), but noticing the opportunities to go deeper, for creation and connection, connection with the creation.  What is the purpose of this? What is the “new chapter” asking of us? It softly encourages us to encompass the integration of the wholeness of it all. All of the pieces of the puzzle absolutely make a complete puzzle with ALL of the pieces intact, as all of the pieces are essential to make the whole. One of the other important messages within this song/life/video is the essential step of following your own heart, your own way, on your path of your destiny. It is yours, that you then share with every ONE.

Watch this video again…and even focus on each line in it…don’t look at the duality, but see beyond your human eyes, into the middle place of feeling the wholeness of it all, the oneness that is. You are not just one of something, you are the all of that something, making you whole…as there is darkness in light, there is light in darkness, which brings you to understanding that dark and light are one. Seeing only one or the other creates the separation and the experience of separation, which is the illusion. This new chapter we are co-creating us ALL into, is recognizing the illusions so that we can stand, speak, be, love in the truth, of ONE, the oneness of it all. AND as we see, stand, speak, be love in that truth, we then extend it to the world. This is what we are ALL here for. Joining with our twin flames is not only a part of this, but it IS this.


To end or to begin! : “Just leave every One (to be as they are, as they choose in each moment with acceptance)…Believe only ONE (it is all ONE)…If you don’t like any one, live alone (all one).”  Make of this what you will…and if you want to share, please feel free, for I’m a perfect learner just as I’m a good teacher 😉

2 Comments on “Consistently Choosing Constant Creative Co-Creation within a Close Connection

  1. Gabriella, thanks for sharing this – LOVE IT!!
    Enjoyed the song immensely. I am a very good, bad girl too…
    Thank you again. Your spirit shines – as always…

  2. Sweet Angele,

    From one very good, bad girl to another 😉 cheers, and thank you for your words. They are a warm blanket to my heart!!!