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Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage

The Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage between Beloveds *Few things are less understood than the hieros gamos – the “sacred marriage”. Considered to be the “Holy Grail” of sexual rituals, is it within reach of comprehension and explanation?* ~Philip Coppens

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Balance of Spiritual and Physical Divine Union Between Masculine and Feminine Energies

“It is important to not try to understand or analyze such attraction…” follow where your heart and your soul is pulling you towards. You are here to move beyond and within at the same time. When we have become true

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The Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage

This is SO worth a read! Tears of gratitude & peace ran down my cheeks!! “This year is all about true loving heart exchanges.” This does explain in depth a lot of what we have already experienced but also what

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