Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage

The Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage between Beloveds

*Few things are less understood than the hieros gamos – the “sacred marriage”. Considered to be the “Holy Grail” of sexual rituals, is it within reach of comprehension and explanation?* ~Philip Coppens


One of the most intriguing, nebulous and controversial topics of history and magic is the “hieros gamos”, “the sacred marriage”. Believed to incorporate both sex and ritual, it should not come as a surprise that throughout history, it has attracted many – and often, those who should truly well stay clear of it. Its fame has meant that the theme was used by Dan Brown in “The Da Vinci Code”, where he described it as how “man could achieve a climactic instant when his mind went totally blank and he could see God”. Brown is not the only one who has linked the experience with tantrism and the withholding of orgasm. He is, of course, also the man who considered Mary Magdalene’s vulva to be the Holy Grail.

The quest to define the hieros gamos foremost is one of answering the question who and when it was performed. Some – including Dan Brown it to temple prostitution, while others see it as the king of the country who marries “the land” – in the form of a high priestess – to rejuvenate it. For the Greeks, it was more abstract. They considered it a marriage between the gods and hence apparently outside of the reach of ordinary human beings. It was only in the Jewish and medieval tradition that the hieros gamos became linked with magic and ritual and it is therefore here that we find the current obsession with it. As such, in 1605, Cesare della Riviera wrote that “in Europe, the tracks of these ancient rituals pass through the Gnostic schools, the alchemical and cabalistic currents of the Middle Ages and Renaissance – where numerous alchemical texts can be read on two levels.”

What is the hieros gamos? At its core, the sacred marriage is more of a sacrament than a ritual. It is a marriage between husband and wife, but is of a sacred nature: it is a marriage blessed by the gods, with active participation of those deities, present in the act of lovemaking between the two humans. Focusing on the king having sexual intercourse with the high priestess is thus largely a misnomer, as the king was equally a high priest, and the queen… a high priestess.

In the 20th century, Carl Gustav Jung studied the hieros gamos through the Rosarium Philosophorum, a series of twenty woodcuts, printed in Frankfurt in 1550. The images have a clear sexual and royal nature: a king and queen are depicted with the sun and the moon, sharing a bed, performing sexual acts, as a result of which they become one, and are transformed. And it is with these woodcuts that we come to the core of the hieros gamos: indeed, the primary purpose of the sacred marriage is that two equals, twin souls, a husband and wife, reunite through the hieros gamos. In short: the hieros gamos, or sacred marriage, was not a marriage of just any human beings, but of twin souls.

The concept of twin souls – more popularly known as soulmates – is as old as civilisation itself. Isis and Osiris were both sister and brother and husband and wife: twins. Rather than seeing this as an incestuous relationship, the ancient Egyptians were using this imagery to portray a complex metaphysical framework.

They – like so many other religions – believed that each human being possessed a soul. That soul was half of one unit, which consisted out of one male and one female half. This meant that for every human being alive, there was a perfect twin soul. The quest in this lifetime was to find that twin soul, and be reunited with it. This was the truest of loves; the greatest quest. If not the Great Work of Alchemy. The alchemist Nicolas Flamel stated that he was only able to accomplish the Great Work while in the presence of his wife Perenelle, but it was equally accepted that the majority of marriages here on earth, was not between twin souls.

Once the twin souls had found themselves, apart from understanding the true depths of love and kinship they shared throughout their many lifetimes together, the hieros gamos would be completed at some point. What was it?

It was seen as God personally “attending” a sexual activity, in which the human beings – male and female – each get “infused” by the divine essence of the male and female component of God.
The best-known historical example of such a sacred marriage is between King Solomon and Queen Sheba. The story relates how the Queen of Sheba travelled from her homeland to meet Solomon, to perform the hieros gamos with him.

This story is discussed by Kathleen McGowan in her fact-based novel “Book of Love”. She relates that ancient traditions stipulate God had both a male and female aspect: El and Asherah. Tradition relates that they desired “to experience their great and divine love in a physical form and to share such blessedness with the children they would create. Each soul who was formed was perfectly matched, given a twin made from the same essence.
Thus the hieros-gamos was created, the sacred marriage of trust and consciousness that unites the beloveds into one flesh.”

Echoes of the sacred marriage can be found in the Song of Songs, directly linked with Solomon and describing love making. The title highlights it was the holiest of all songs, underlining its importance. Margaret Starbird has pointed out that there are strong parallels between the Song of Songs and poems to the Egyptian goddess Isis. Of course, both Solomon and Sheba and Isis and Osiris were twin souls, and hence able to experience the hieros gamos.

The Song of Songs became very important for the Kabbalists, specifically following the Book of the Zohar, which saw the Song of Songs as a prime example of the hieros gamos. It is in the Zoharic Kabbalah that God is represented by a system of ten spheres, each symbolizing a different aspect of God, who is perceived as both male and female. The Shekina was identified with Malchut, which was identified with the woman in the Song of Songs. Her beloved was identified with Yesod, which represents God’s foundation and the phallus or male essence.

Within the Jewish religion, Malchut and Yesod are El, the fatherly creator god, and his consort, Asherah. He was identified with the bull and She with the mother goddess. Indeed, women who have experienced the hieros gamos note that they have experienced this mother goddess energy, some even mentally visiting some of her sanctuaries during the experience. The imagery also reveals how long our ancestors have been familiar with this sacred marriage: the link between the bull and the earth goddess is visible on the walls of Catal Huyuk, built in the 8th millennium BC.

The hieros gamos should therefore be more appropriately labelled the reunion of twin souls, while incarnate in the body, through sexual activity, involving the active participation of the male and female aspect of God: “What God has put together, let no man separate.”

Those who have experienced such union find it largely impossible to describe – “beyond words”. They are, however, capable of breaking down the experience in some components. The man will become one with El, while the female melts with Asherah, the “Queen of Heaven”. During this union, it is entirely possible that Asherah or El is more prominent in one partner than in the other. During these encounters, the sexual activity exceeds – and is different from – a normal orgasm; it is normally more intense, prolonged and multiple, whereby the orgasm itself is more energetic, rather than physical. However, the presence of this divine energy should not be seen as a form of possession; normally, the human sexual energy is equally present, and the sexual experience is a balance and interplay between both energies.

To put it crudely: the hieros gamos is a foursome: two human beings, and El and Asherah operating with and through them.

Where does this leave the reputation of the hieros gamos as a form of temple prostitution? Asherah has been linked with the Mesopotamian Ishtar, whose cult did involve sacred prostitutes. However, should we perhaps see in these women initiatrices: women who prepared and taught certain methodologies as to how sacred sexuality should be experienced between partners, so that their union could lead to a sacred marriage?

Interestingly, the world’s oldest poem, “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, relates how when Gilgamesh discovers the wild man Enkidu, he sends him to Shamhat, a priestess of Ishtar. She was instructed to teach Enkidu how to live as a cultural human being, suggesting that our ancestors identified culture specifically with how to make love properly – the hieros gamos way.

These examples, and the example of Solomon and Sheba, make it clear that the quest of the hieros gamos is not open to anyone: it is only the bailiwick of twin souls. It is why Flamel noted that it was only possible to be performed with Perenelle, clearly not only his wife, but also his twin soul. It is also not so much ritual, but total union of body, mind and spirit: the two parts of one soul become united in the body, thus accomplishing in the body what they were at the beginning of time: a unity.

The Great Work. And this union was “blessed” by the sacrament of the hieros gamos, in which God themselves, present at the separation of these souls at the beginning of time, reunited and blessed the two lovers.

So even though tantric yoga as such has nothing to do with it, tantrism does know about this state of perfect union and has labelled it Samadhi. It is the state where the respective individualities of each of the participants are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness – the two units are reunited. For tantrics, the deities are not El and Asherah, but Shakti and Shiva.

Because it is “restricted” to twin souls, the hieros gamos might not hold the sexual and ritual appeal that many would like to give it. But it is nevertheless the most important sacrament of all, as it was the completion of the quest of the soul in life: to find his twin soul and reunite, and within this love, continue their life, combined.

People who have experienced the hieros gamos agree that this is a unique experience. One person stated that during the hieros gamos, both partners experienced total orgasm, though this was without any physical activity – through a physical connection, the other partner experienced perfectly the sexual stimulation the other person was sending in the mind – in short, the partners were both not only reading the other person’s mind, but interacted within that mind – as one unity of cosmic consciousness. Another person described it as “utter bliss” or what “heaven” must have felt like. The feeling of “heaven on earth” may indeed be what the hieros gamos was all about: the twin souls in heaven, experiencing their divine union on earth.

As above, so below.

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  1. DeareSt Gabriella,
    This is so thought provoking. Yesterday, I was in the same town as my TF and asked to see him but he did not respond. However , I spent a lot of time with his family and he is aware of it. However, he made no effort to contact me. Initially I used to feel upset if he behaved like this. But this time, I could accept it more easily and continued to feel the strong connection with him. In fact later I read a message that said , “yours actions do not go unseen or unrecognised. I am always with you.” I was. So amazed. Gabriella, he is constantly communicating with me in so many ways other than actual words. There is something here…. I feel him with me guiding me and encouraging me to move forward. However, there’s no verbal communication. Only a strong pull and a deep inner knowing. It requires a lot of trust and faith to hold on to this inner knowing and not feel discouraged.
    Now I feel that whatever I do,it is actually being imitated by my TF. We are doing this together !!!! It is a great revelation for me. Why did I keep thinking he is not accepting me, etc , etc. !!! we have made a soul contract to do this together and all the while he has been trying to make me remember this. That is why this physical separation, in order to make me go deep inside , to find myself. This Heiros Gamos post is making me feel happy. Yesterday before I went to meet his family I saw a huge rainbow and then after I left them I saw a car with the number plate 1111. The Angels are with us and guiding and encouraging and supporting us.
    Now this morning your post on Heiros Gamos !!!! We are all in this together. let us pool our energies together and pray for the reunion of Twin Flames !!!!

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Right now, you are reflecting me so sweetly and for that, I am in such gratitude for you expressing your journey and what you are receiving. I’ve been opening my heart ever more, much more recently, to fully, passionately, openly, profoundly receive the love that I AM, knowing that I am not only being seen for the essence that I AM, but also that the love is being received by my sweet Beloved, truly loving twin flame and by others…experiencing the Beloved flow of energy in many, many directions. This is one of the joys of being alive, of why our souls have chosen this human, physical journey, to experience our spiritual essence into union with the physical presence. Tears of feeling the connectedness with all, the love between all, the eternal love, always flowing, always, in all ways, with all that is, including my sweet twin flame has me truly in such gratitude. I am hearing and experiencing the same thing…”your actions do not go unseen or unrecognized. I am always with you.” 😀 just beautiful that you have opened to receiving such a divine blessed truth between your souls…a lot of trust and faith indeed to constantly and more profoundly encompass all of the love you are, to reconnect always to the truth within you, the inner knowing, the soft, gentle and sometimes quite persistent tugs there within, beautifully intertwined with the guidance of the signs witnessed along the journey from many sources.

    I am SO happy to hear that you know that you are doing this together, that you have seen, accepted, and remembered that he has been reminding you of your soul contract to do this together, to be the love that you are and serve that love that you are together ~ and part of the journey towards this is going within to remember yourself beyond self and within self of the eternal love you are! Exactly why I emphasize the importance of the 1’s (your own oneness, both you and your twin as 1 on your own) which is brought into the oneness in expression and form of your 11 (your oneness in your union together). How essential the times of physical separation are to bring about this inner journey while simultaneously having the outer journey with your twin flame ~ going within to immerse yourself in that love, and then flowing it out to each other and to all that is, as you see your Godliness, your Beloved energy in the eyes of everyone, and within the vibration of all experiences along your path. Then this circle of Beloved love flowing within your 1’s and your 11 will continue as you are with one another in form…beautiful. And yes, this article about Hieros Gamos makes me happy too, for I have been feeling the intensity and increasing of the magnetism to unite in all ways with my Beloved…fully encompassing and embodying the ONEness that we are. Here’s to combining all of our love to increase the love for us all as ONE.

    I am sending you the deepest waves of love from my heart that has fully opened in receiving ALL of the love that I AM from, with, of my Beloved twin flame and I as ONE, right to yours…feel it, feel the love, and let it expand your heart evermore into receiving your own radiance. Can you see it?! Can you feel it? Let yourself be it more deeply flowing each moment in expression. Lots of love!!! Yum!

  3. Dearest Gabriella!
    Such beautiful expressions. Thank you loads and loads !!! Today my TF contacted me !!!! It was so brief but as usual we connected so deeply. He still uses very few words, but every time he calls or texts me, I learn something new and there is some growth !!! I was filled with happiness today when he contacted me. It validates everything Gabriella !!!!!!
    I truly feel all that happiness and love that you send and that oneness that you mention. After our exchanges above and followed by TF contacting me, I feel tremendously happy and humbled too ! TF love is so deep and the inner knowing is the only guidance and as you say the various signs around us show us whether we are on track. My TF keeps these brief contacts also as a way of making me come forward to him. And only when the right time comes we will experience the full blown love !! I feel different now, as you say, more open to receiving and giving love,I no longer see him as separate from me and avery action and thought of mine are his too. we are one !!!
    I no longer think why he is not responding or why he is behaving like this, etc. it is all our joint PLAN. I see all the synchronicities now! Thank you so much for being with me and and you continuous encouragement means everything to us. Love to ou Gabriella , dear Angel !
    The journey continues but with a lot more understanding and clarity and of course ONENESS !
    I feel elated ! Sending waves of love to everyone !!!!!

  4. Thanks! Gabriella:
    That explain to me why when I was close to my TF I felt a heavenly sensation that I can not describe with words.
    Sending you waves of love to you and everybody…

  5. Dear Sleeping Beauty:
    I love the message: “yours actions do not go unseen or unrecognised. I am always with you.” Me too, I find these series of numbers everywher. I had to stop a car because my son needed the box of cleanex which was in the front seat. Then, I parked it infront of the house with the numbe 119, this is the number who is following me these days. Also, in the plate – numbers of cars infront of me I can see this series of numbers, it is amazing! Especially when I’m ready to just give up… Gabriella, a TF can run away because of the intensity of the relationship between TFs?
    So much love

  6. Dear all and dearest Gabriella,

    it’s so good to read all of your wonderful posts and know we are all together in this. It helps me so much to see behind the things on the outside and to see and feel the love in everything that is happening.

    Dear Sleeping Beauty, I am so happy for you, you are radiating with joy and love and light and that’s so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Dear Joana, giving up is not an option!:-) This is what the Universe keeps telling me as well every single time I am close to giving up, and by now I also believe it’s the same for my twinflame. I am now getting the impression that really every step is being orchestrated, every tiny little bit, every opening of doors, every closing of doors. I am seeing right now in my life that God is actually in *complete control* and this gives me so much peace, so much inner peace with everything I would never have expected!

    We might not always know or understand the reasons behind it why things are not coming our way as quickly as we like, but when having our twinflames in our hearts, when being really able to feel their love and their presence and when we can see and feel all those synchronicities around us, we will then come to the conclusion that God and his angels really control every step we are taking, every step our twinflame is taking, and when one moves into a direction not good for us, the angels will again let something happen to alter the direction … and I believe that every step on the way is orchestrated to serve our highest good and also the highest good of our twinflame and all others involved. I think all of this is a gigantic puzzle game and only God, the Source of all the Universe could have designed this, as everything is so wonderfully connected, intertwined and indeed serving all of us just the same …. so much incomprehensible to the human mind how all of this can work at all … work out for everybody’s highest good at the same time …. but I believe this is the truth … and am so grateful when I can see it in my own life happening how things are really orchestrated. And all those beautiful signs on the way are there like small or sometimes big beautiful flowers to make us happy on this way and to reassure us that we are already on the best way … and it is like Earth Angel 111 said: just have faith and believe.
    God is busy arranging things behind the scenes for each one of us making the dreams he himself has put into our hearts come true!

    Lots of love and sweet angels to everyone and their beloved twins

  7. just want to add: I also LOVE this sentence:

    “yours actions do not go unseen or unrecognised. I am always with you.” 🙂 🙂

  8. Dear Joanna,

    Wow ~ what a synchronicity in itself is it that today is 11/9 which reflects the number 119 that is following you! 119 = 11 when you add it up and if you add up 11+9, you get 20 (2+0=2). 11 is 2 as 1, 1 as 2 ~ the union of Beloved twin flames. I love the sweetness always surrounding us and how we always receive what we need to in the perfect moment we are ready to. I would recommend putting in a search in my blog with running away from twin flame to find other posts regarding such. The intensity that is felt in the relationship between and with the twin flame is because you are literally walking side by side (hence the 11) with the mirror reflection of your own self. This can create fears to come up, all of the illusions/behaviors/emotions/perceptions that bring you away from being, receiving and experiencing love, and therefore, you have various and continuous opportunities to move through these things into remembrance of the deeper love and oneness that you are, as well as that you are with your twin flame as ONE. It is only the unwillingness mixed with and created by the fears that can cause one to run away from the intensity that the twin flame relationship/connection/love incites ~ however, the times physically away from your Beloved twin flame, even if it is caused by you or your twin flame running is essential because that encourages you, nudges you to move within your own oneness, ever strengthening your connection and love to your twin flame, your mission and to prepare you for your mission with one another. Sometimes this distance can be created consciously by one or both of the twin flames until the right time (as Sleeping Beauty often expresses) for this journey is absolutely one of walking each step to receive all of the pieces of your unique puzzle in preparation to receive the love you are, to be the love that you are in your oneness and love with the oneness and love of your twin flame as ONE. Don’t ever give up Joana, for you are loved so intimately by all that is, which is always, in all ways, reflecting back to you through the signs around you via others and this glorious and abundant universe. SO much love to you sweet one…as these waves surround everyone else here.

  9. WOW, dear Gabriella, I can only say WOW to all of this …. when seeing all the synchronicities happening today 😉 and also again this 11/9 you are sharing here, I’m really getting excited …. this morning, when I had shared my post, I looked at the computer and it said:
    9th of November (11) and the time was 9:11 here … and I had been staring at these two numbers right under each other for some time …. wondering at them being the same ….
    Now I’m coming here and am reading how you have perceived Joana’s 119 as an 11 plus a 9 … making it a 20 altogether, a number more than meaningful for me on my twinflame journey !!!! .. the meaning being we will find each other again in this lifetime …. WOW … what more can be said? Oh, all of this is beyond words!

    Sooooo much love and happy smiles to everyone

  10. Dear Gabriella:
    Thanks so much, you always write the right things for the right moment. I just was thinking on it, as you are right writing: “however, the times physically away from your Beloved twin flame, even if it is caused by you or your twin flame running is essential because that encourages you, nudges you to move within your own oneness, ever strengthening your connection and love to your twin flame, your mission and to prepare you for your mission with one another. Sometimes this distance can be created consciously by one or both of the twin flames until the right time”

    I feel that this happen to me, when I can not see my TF in the 3D plane he amazingly is with me spiritually with more and more intensity. This is the reason I did asked to you about the running away between TFs it is needed sometimes?????????????
    So much love to you and everybody

  11. Hi! Everybody:
    The other synchronicity for me is finding my TF’s name in places or people around me calling or referring somebody else with my TF’s name. Even on TV, or like yesterday night. So sad I was feeling and listening the music of Yanni on Youtube, then a whole song was dedicated to somebody with my TF’s name, kind of weird. I still remembering the lady at the store mentioning more than 3, 4, 5, times the name of my TF….Make me smile all this…because it the same that happen to the man in the movie SERENDIPITY. The name of my TF is rare to begin with…
    Waves of love

  12. Dearest Joana,

    I’m sending you waves and waves of sweet love from my heart to yours.
    I can feel your despair and distress, dearest Joana …. and I’m sending you the sweetest angels to wrap you in their wings and to reassure you with their love and light. You said you pray a lot, didn’t you, Joana? Listen to God and the angels and their all-encompassing love. Feel this love around you, dear Joana, and hear your twinflame’s music in your soul (I know you listened to the beautiful song Gabriella shared today 🙂 ) as your twinflame is hearing your music in his soul. I so deeply understand what you are going through, I think we all do, and it helps so much to feel, to go within and really feel our twinflame with us.
    You keep getting these marvellous signs from the universe, dear one, and whenever I am extremely disappointed, I keep getting a lot of signs, too. Sometimes (and I am sure this is the same for you), I even have the impression this is really too odd to be true (like you said with your twinflame’s name being mentioned so often although it is a rare name) and then we can be sure that the Universe has arranged this for a purpose. To me it often happens that people sit next to me who remind me very very much of our love, even in big auditoriums, and I then think: well, there are so many places here, why is this person sitting next to me and reminding me of all my twinflame love …. he or she might as well have found a place somewhere across the room…
    I think sometimes we might even think we’re interpreting too much into it and some things are just “chance” and it might be wishful thinking to interpret it as a sign from heaven. But the truth is, I believe, that this is not the case, as life is made this way, and the more open we are getting to all around us, the more we are getting fine-tuned so to say the more we can recognize these signs.

    Dear Joana, rest in the assurance that God and the angels are with you, keeping you in their loving arms, God is holding you in the palm of his hand … and all times of troubles and being physically apart from your beloved twinflame serve a purpose, otherwise God would never ever put his precious child, you dear Joana, through this trouble. There is a reason, there always is… and this reason always means that things have to be solved or healed first before it is possible to really *be* with your twin in the way you long for. We cannot always know what this is and would so much prefer to have it explained to us ~ oh, boy … girl ;-), how much do I want this, too … but the fact is life is often not understandable when living it but it will be understandable later. I have so often experienced this with my twinflame.

    Stay connected to the divine Source, dear Joana, I believe this is what makes the difference, listen to your inner guidance, it surely tells you what you can do … and even if it’s “only” listening to music, this might be just what is needed now … and you said you can feel your twinflame so much right now … this is so beautiful .. I believe your inner guidance knows what you can do right now to feel better … and I also believe it knows very deeply the truth about you and your twinflame.

    Sending you and all here waves of sweet love and angels

  13. Dear Sunshine,

    oh,thank you so much for your wonderful words and this beautiful song. Oh, it’s so amazing …. in the lyrics there is also right what has been important to me these days … amazing and just so wonderful how sweetly we are all connected.

    I wish upon you peace and light and love as well, dear Sunshine, with all my heart, and am sending waves of love and light to everybody .. and with a smiling grateful heart I say Goodnight to all of you, taking these sweet sounds of the song as a lullaby guiding me into dreamland tonight

    Thank you so much, dear Sunshine!

  14. Sunshine,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiring song. It is quite touching and intimately synchronistic to my heart with its title. Lots of love for sharing it. Always sending you love!

  15. Dear Delphina and Gabriella,

    i am so glad that this song touched you, i resonate with it too very much and always when i find some beautiful song i just have that need to share it with other people to enjoy together and share that feeling!
    Thank you for your sharing always and lots of lots of love!

  16. Dear Delphina:
    OMG, do you have a crystal ball or something? It seems that you described the way I’m feeling these days. Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart, your words are like a medicine to my pain. Yes, God has a purpose when keep us, TFs, physically separated. I feel that my undestanding of this divine love is growing everyday, even with the intense pain of this physical separation at moments. I feel that one half of myself is there in this 3D plane and I’m the other half wondering around. Yes, I pray to the angel for guiding in this journey…

    Dear Gabriella, Thank you so much for answering my question, your answer gives me a huge relief to my soul, so much to understand and be aware. I think the universe synchronizations are always there, I just started to notice this signs more and more. They are like posts on the road guiding me on my journey and giving me reafirmation that I’m on the right track. Even if sometimes and many times I’m blind to them, and when I’m blind or my tears don’t allow me to see clearly is when my illusion of separation from my TF make feel so sad.

    Waves to both of you and everybody

  17. Dearest Joana,

    you are bringing sweet smiles to my face and heart … oh, I do LOVE our exchanges 🙂 … I don’t have a crystal ball or anything 😉 I am just experiencing the same that you do … and asking myself obviously the same questions … and I could just feel how you were feeling, dear Joana *sweet smiles* … and just wrote everything that I felt guided to …. being the pen of God for you this time, as you have been for me so often as well :-)I am so happy these have been the right words for you!

    I think the more we open up to the things unseen, the more all of us are able to deeply feel what others feel like and as we are all on the same journey, we can help each other because luckily there will always be someone who feels guided to write … and there will always be one who has experienced and asked themselves the same questions we have and can share what has helped him/her. This is what makes this blog such a beautiful place, and then there are all the angels guiding and protecting us here and they also help to write the right words. We are all so sweetly interconnected and experiences like this show this so clearly.

    I must admit one if the best things about being a part of this soul family gathering here on this bog is the insight that I am not alone with all of my questions and with my feelings and all of those those questions in mind and that I most certainly haven’t gone nuts. It helps *tremendously* when you realize that all you are going through is (a) completely normal when your twinflame enters your life (the only thing is that not many people have yet experienced it consciously and so we still feel being one of very few and we might not know a lot of people on the twinflame journey in our lives) and (b) when we realizes that every step of this journey is indeed so much blessed and guided and protected by angels who are around you and your twin all the time.

    SO much love to you, dear Joana, and feel the sweet angels being by your side, talk to them, they might smile at you or even answer via your intuition 😉 …. and lots of lots of love and light and angels to all and your twins

  18. Gabriella, My birthdate has 1’s all throughout the date and the entire # adds up to 1. My TF has 11’s all throughout his date and his entire # adds up to be 11. Does 111 have any significance and does this sound like a typical TF numerical set up to you? I thought it was quite spectacular when I discovered it!

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