Hold Hands with Faith

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.” ~Khalil Gibran

Hence the balance. When you doubt, something will emerge to strengthen your faith, to show you that there isn’t any reason to doubt. Let your strong connection and love for what is unfolding on your journey to allow doubt to leave your home as you hold hands with faith.

6 Comments on “Hold Hands with Faith

  1. “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.”

    If Doubt is the twin of Faith, we cannot exclude it and send it away, but embrace it and listen to it because it has something important to say.

    (although it’s real message is usually not the one we hear most loudly, it often has an underlying message and also a good intention as have all of our inner parts and feelings)

    Love and light to all

  2. Faith, yes. Have anyone watched a movie “Waiting for forever”?! That movie my TF gave me about year and a half and he said that he once believed in this kind of love but not anymore, i watched it too when he gave it to me, but i also thought that such thing doesn`t exist, that boy in a movie looked like he wasted his life. Today i watched it again and i cried. He believed once in this pure love, now i believe in this when he forgot…it is still somewhere in him. This love is in all of us, just something needs to wake it…

  3. Dear Sunshine:
    I think that somepeople after being hurt so many times or never finding a right person with whom share happiness, start believing that such of great love does not exist. I was one of them. I don’t know about your TF, but in my country “latin country” the society teach men to hide their truth feelings, say things that really don’t feel to give the impression that they are not weak. I disagree with this AND I try to teach my son that say what is in his heart is not sign of weakness. I will try to get this movie. I like the movie: “P.S. I LOVE YOU.” It is sad and made me cry, but it shows the reality of the TF relationship.
    Blessings for you and everybody

  4. Dear Joana,
    yes, i think that too. I was also hurt and disappointed many times and when my TF “left” me too i tgought, not again, but this time happend something amazing. I just know that i was very confused about him, he was very romantic, in that time i was so closed that i couldn`t even deal with that, and i think that he just wanted to make that pink world for us, i wanted to be clear and open with him to talk about everything, have a “real” love. In my country men are very closed, if they show any feelings others may think they are weak or not men enough. I love that movie, i cried too. this movie that i mentioned is also about TF and it shows a humility and pureness of this love.

  5. Delphina,
    hahahaha this just made a huge wave of laughter for me. Thank you my dear! 🙂