Let Your Emerging Soul Come Forth in the Love You Are

The urge to hide can be so strong ~ tis like you open pieces of yourself, showing the light within, yet with this openness comes all of the perceptions, beliefs, expectations you may have placed upon yourself or others in order to feel, to be the love that you so naturally are ~ with it all, comes the behaviors that bring you away from experiencing the love that you are moving through you, expressed from within you into the energy surrounding you, affecting all that comes your way.

When you recognize the desire to run away, to hide, know that all this is, is fears of being loved, thoughts that you cannot be loved for all of who you are, when all of who you are is divine sweet ones ~ you are love, and if you are love, you inherently draw to you more of the love that you are. Resist the urge to hide away from allowing others to see the light of you to shine ~ for truly, you authentically being love in expression expands others hearts to do the same. Yes, this can be uncomfortable at times, yet it is through these feelings of unease, that the flow of sacred love comes through…do not mistake the breaking through of the light, the blossoming of love coming out of another as judgment against your beauty, passionately and openly exposed. It is in this remembrance of the divine infinite essence of pure love that the illusions are revealed, healed, to be sealed away …the truth becomes the chosen reality by the soul, bringing about the choices and the creations to bring your hearts vision into form…it has always been the time for the unseen to be felt, witnessed and remembered into seeing ~ it has always been freeing us from the chains we chose to wear, before, but now we know, we don’t need them anymore.

To love, truly love ~ observe your story ~ look into the pool of reflection showing you all of the pieces of the puzzle that is you, and love them into creation anew. Embrace the love, the light that is shining through. Within all you’ve experienced, the love that you are has always been true. It’s still there, has always, all ways, been there, holding your hand too, right along with the sweet presence of all that is, encompassing every fiber of your being, expanding the eyes in which you are seeing, the vessel of love you are is freeing itself from the chambers of the dark, remembering that in the recesses of those long hidden places is the light unifying all pieces into the whole, just awaiting your go ahead to ignite the spark of your divine essence.

When you feel the desire to hide Beloved, open, love, move yourself into the expansion of divinity that you are and let the arms of infinity enfold you and hold you in the warmth of its arms.

Waves of love from my heart to yours,

~Gabriella Hartwell

2 Comments on “Let Your Emerging Soul Come Forth in the Love You Are

  1. Oh, dearest Gabriella, how beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes and love, love, love to my heart *sweetest smiles*…. you know how deeply this is touching me!

    How beautiful all you’re writing here is, how very very beautiful ~ magical ~ wonder-ful ~ full of miracles of pure divine love! 🙂

    I LOVE the sentence “look into the pool of reflection showing you all of the pieces of the puzzle that is you, and love them into creation anew.” Yes, this is truly what it is all about!

    Waves and waves of sweetest love from my heart to yours, dearest Gabriella

  2. How fitting to come across this post tonight. I have just come from a jewelery making workshop and made two beautiful bracelets using crystals and came home feeling so at peace. I passed a license plate that said FRESOUL which is how my soul was truly feeling, like it was soaring! So to come across this post tonight is just so divinely beautiful!

    Love and light to all