The Journey of Love for An Empath

Q. As an empath myself I know it can be downright exhausting and overwhelming learning to channel all the energy you encounter. Learning to block negative, project positive, and not retain it have been big challenges for me my whole life and sometimes it gets the best of me. The thing that I was thinking about specifically though that I just can’t understand is that I am aware that I have the gift to see and understand things on a broad scale, and to facilitate big things and bring forces people and ideas together simply by focusing on them and even when I am sure of something I silently just let it play out and oversee it rather than make my awareness known. I feel that I am able to help others see several steps into their futures possibilities and paths yet I have zero control over this in my own life and often just feel like a pinball bouncing off of things. I have very deep ageless bonds with some amazing people on this earth, but I find it almost impossible to find a partner of my own. Is this normal for empaths?

A. First, let me say that I UNDERSTAND the intensity of emotions and how that exhaustion just kicks in, so much so that the only thing that can help in those moments, is to lay down and shut out the world…reminds me of that song, chasing cars…then not only laying down but sometimes even drifting off/traveling away from the physical body to come back refreshed…but to answer your question…coming from not only an empath but an intuitive, I can absolutely see ahead for others and myself too BUT I don’t always see the very next step until I receive the guidance of it in my own experience. I feel that this has to do with the necessity and the experience as well as the integration of the balance of feeling/seeing/knowing the whole picture(or some could see even the destination or outcome) but also being in the moment. I feel that as spiritual beings in a human journey, our souls made a contract with Spirit that we wouldn’t KNOW it all so to speak, especially for ourselves so that we could ENJOY the journey and experience each step along the way. And then of course, as you are aware, Empaths have such a strong mission of helping other people (though just because you can see someone’s path it’s not always the way to share it with them) because they still need to go through the experience of their journey, for that is the preparation for each next step as they walk it. It can be hard to find a partner being such an emotional being…or to have profound understanding deep relationships for it can seem like the world is so much on the surface…etc…however, I feel that things are shifting…and when the right moment comes, someone will come along that matches you…I’m not so sure that it is “hard” per say to find that person but rather to be ok with the journey towards embracing that other…I have felt this along my journey, and even though right in this moment, I know that soon approaching is the time when I will finally be able to physically embrace my own beloved, I feel such strong emotions come through for my entire being feels love on SUCH deep levels and desires to share in that love in all ways, which of course includes the physical. Because we are so emotional…and feel things so intensely, being held by another (especially our soul companion that fits us) truly does make everything seem better…but know that if it is in your heart to meet and be with another in relationship, never give up…it WILL happen at the perfect moment, AND it will blow you out of your mind, how it all unfolds. Sending you so much love…and hugs to embrace your sweet heart!

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  1. You make me smile, Gabriella. “Chasing Cars” has been playing in the background of my thoughts today as I wonder how I will find the right words to say to my TF later today. We need to have a conversation about our feelings for each other, and old fears of not being loved, abandonment, etc. are popping up. He has offered to talk about it.

    …I don’t quite know
    How to say
    How I feel

    Those three words
    Are said too much
    They’re not enough…

    All that I am
    All that I ever was
    Is here in your perfect eyes
    They’re all I can see…