Being an Empath and Bringing Empathy Deeper into Our World

This video explains a little of what it is to be an Empath, which is one who feels emotions deeply, not only ones own emotions but also that of others and even the collective. Empathy is understanding and feeling what others feel, by actually feeling them or by trying to put yourself in anothers’ shoes. It is important to bring empathy deeper into the world now, and to consistently and consciously choose love in every moment, while observing yourself, someone else or the World as a collective. As we do this, we bring us all into a deeper vibration of love and compassion.

1 Comment on “Being an Empath and Bringing Empathy Deeper into Our World

  1. Gabriella,

    When I learned about what an empath was a few years ago, everything fell into place. This knowledge explained so much of what I would experience through out my life. I also would “run” from what I was feeling because at that time I did not fully understand this gift. Now that my understanding is becoming more clear, I see how even when I did not truly understand I was always being guided and I begin to understand the perfection in each of those moments. The Love you share with others is beautiful and truly incredible, and your soul light is a beacon that is amazing!