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Being an Empath and Bringing Empathy Deeper into Our World

This video explains a little of what it is to be an Empath, which is one who feels emotions deeply, not only ones own emotions but also that of others and even the collective. Empathy is understanding and feeling what

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Coming Back Together with My Twin Flame

Q. I met my twin about six months ago. I knew he was my twin right off. Before saying hello on the phone we giggled a little because it was kinda weird. His comment when we met and spent some

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Local Color

When you connect to your passion and what brings you to life, you have a choice to take action towards fulfilling that dream bringing it into full manifestation. There may be others that come along your path and try to

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Passion Expressed

I want to kiss you, I want to lick you, I want to suck you, I want to take you inside, I want to love you, I want to fuck you, I want to attack you, I want to feel

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