Passion Expressed

I want to kiss you,
I want to lick you,
I want to suck you,
I want to take you inside,
I want to love you,
I want to fuck you,
I want to attack you,
I want to feel you,
I want to be on you,
I want to be all around you,
I want to place my finger inside you,
I want to massage you,
I want to whisper in your ear,
I want to gaze into your eyes for a long time,
I want to express my love profoundly, right here
and now in the moment.
The emotions are getting stronger as I write this rhyme,
I want to hold you in my arms and shelter you from society.
Our love is all we know when we are merged together,
I want to take your essence inside of me slowly,
as our spirits become one, in the deepest parts of our being
we have always been connected this profoundly
this truth is not something I am just seeing
Ah, but I am feeling it now just like the first moment
we touched, your warmth penetrates the core of me
I am alive, in the strength of your love
I want to feel you against me, pushing your energy into my body
Oh man, I crave you so intensely,
mmmmm, I yearn to let go
of absolutely anything that takes us away from immersing ourselves within love
being in love,
acting in love,
playing in love,
dancing in love,
creating in love,
healing in love,
I desire you my love,
to reveal your fantasies,
let’s make them reality together
between us and share them with the world.

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