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Embrace Your Happiness

I always feel it within me when one passes on…and since Whitney Houston transitioned yesterday, I felt the need to share this all with you… There really is a force that is felt when one spirit leaves the body and

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Coming Back Together with My Twin Flame

Q. I met my twin about six months ago. I knew he was my twin right off. Before saying hello on the phone we giggled a little because it was kinda weird. His comment when we met and spent some

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Happy Love Day Every Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is considered the day where we express our love to those we are in relationship with. However, I want to bring out the idea that love is really a choice to share in with

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Being Happy Requires Self Awareness, Releasing Assumptions, and not Taking Things Personally

I have many people ask me what is the problem within their relationship with their partner. First, I have to say that there is never a “problem” but rather things to work on or let go of. Don Miguel Ruiz

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