Happy Love Day Every Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is considered the day where we express our love to those we are in relationship with. However, I want to bring out the idea that love is really a choice to share in with yourself and others, to be expressed within your relationships, and to be part of your experiences EVERY DAY. This can be a state of being, a choice to operate and vibrate in the place of love rather than fear. So if that is so, then this day isn’t any different from any other day. It is just another day that offers you the chance to choose again to come from the place of love. This day, therefore, doesn’t have to bring about feelings of loneliness unless we choose that to be the case.

The other thing to remember is that we are never separated from those we love, we are always connected to them, even if we are not physically beside the ones we love. If you are single or if your loved one is not physically near you right now, you are still connected. Our energies are messed together forever with those that are vibrational matches to who we are.
It is the mind that can perceive of separation, focusing on that perception which can then cause loneliness and tears. But again, remember, this is a choice.

Love is within you and your happiness comes from within you. You are happy and then bring that happiness to anything you experience, whether it be a relationship or anything really. I wanted to offer you some tips of how you can share love with yourself if you are single or even if you are in a relationship…

~~ Read a book you find interesting in silence, either in a comfy space in your home or in nature. Sometimes when we go along a journey with a character, we receive inspiration we can take within our own lives. If we are reading a self help book, we can receive insight into our own lives and can incorporate those things within our own experience of life and love.

~~Spend some quiet time just resting, laying down, sitting, whatever is comfortable for you and do nothing. We can get into hectic schedules and routines of doing so much that we don’t often take the time to do nothing. Doing nothing can be so rewarding for it offers our spirits a chance to refresh, just breathing and being, totally as we are, releasing the mind and all we feel we have to do.

~~ Laugh. This sounds simple, but really, how easy it is to release the mind from any thoughts by just laughing, and for feeling happy. Watch a movie that causes you to laugh, read a book, observe people, play a game, tell a joke.

~~ Be goofy. Make noises for no reason, start humming a tune randomly, smile just because. This can help with breaking routines or following rules, and that in itself, is liberating.

~~ Do something you desire another to do to feel loved. There really isn’t anything we need to receive or do in order to feel love, but it is fun to give to ourselves in the way we want to receive. I remember calling myself and leaving a message to myself, “I love you,” so I could hear it when I got home. 😉 Be creative with this, send yourself a card, flowers, leave yourself a note for when you come home, anything. It will make you smile, and who better to do that, than you!

~~ Get together with friends to share food, conversation, each other. Connection with others allows us the chance to feel the beauty within ourselves, with others and the awesomeness of being alive.

~~ Dance or sing karaoke. These are some fun activities that get you into the playful energy of your inner child.

~~ Roll around outside on the grass, play in the sand, splash in the water, feel the cool grass under your feet, connect with nature in any way that you enjoy. Nature is a very energizing way to feel more alive and centered in your essence.

There are many ways that you can show yourself love and get connected with the beauty that is you, the love that is inside of you, and the light that is around you, whether you are in a relationship or not. This can be experienced, shared and chosen every day, not just once a year. Feel free to post what you do to show yourself love or to refresh your spirit.

You don’t have to take a bubble bath full of tears, but if the feelings of sadness ever do come up, allow yourself to feel them. It is in feeling them that we are able to release them, heal and continue along our journey to sharing and receiving love, knowing that we aren’t ever really separated from love.

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One comment on “Happy Love Day Every Day
  1. Anneke says:

    For valentines day next year I decided I’m gonna be my own valentine. I’m gonna go buy myself some flowers, chocolates and rent a comedy 🙂

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