Embrace Your Happiness

I always feel it within me when one passes on…and since Whitney Houston transitioned yesterday, I felt the need to share this all with you…

There really is a force that is felt when one spirit leaves the body and returns to Source. It is in those moments that you have an opportunity to look at your life to see if you are creating all that you desire. And if not, wouldn’t now be the time to take steps towards it? Embrace those that you love, do what you’ve been fearing to do. Why? Because you DESERVE the very best…this is always the truth, and it’s only the mind that can twist this around. There’s nothing you need to be happy, but doing what you love, and sharing in your love, while knowing that you bring happiness to it all. Your happiness is in your hands, why not embrace it? If you are embracing it, embrace it more fully, squeeze it, kiss it, be in gratitude.

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2 comments on “Embrace Your Happiness
  1. Durinda says:


    You are a truly beautiful soul. Your posts always resonate so deeply with me. I too am on this truly incredible journey of twin flame love. This is a truly miraculous experience. I am also an intuitive empath which has made this journey so awesome. I send much love as I continue to follow your posts.

  2. Gabriella says:


    Thank you for your sweet words. I felt your energy through them and have held them close to my heart, as they do mean so much. I am glad that you are receiving the light of love that I place within them. The twin flame journey absolutely is one of continuously reminding ourselves of the miracle that every moment on the path holds for us as the mind can be so quick to rush ahead to the destination, while not understanding that all the steps leading up to that destination prepare us in moving forward together once that destination is fully experienced. “Destinations are where we begin again” ~ Josh Groban

    I can’t exactly say “reached,” for it of course is already here now, as from the Spirit, we understand that truth, and see it more clearly. Receiving and sending you love as we both continue to share this journey together.

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