Local Color

When you connect to your passion and what brings you to life, you have a choice to take action towards fulfilling that dream bringing it into full manifestation. There may be others that come along your path and try to take you away from the road you desire to walk upon. You are the one that is in control of your destiny. You are the one that can make your dreams become an actual physical reality that you can experience. This movie will bring you along the journey of realizing and connecting with your life purpose, your dreams, your passion, following your hearts guidance no matter what comes your way. This also brings out what art and the expression of art really is for: “the job of an artist is to uplift man’s soul.” I’d have to say that any type of art is also for the reflection of the soul and the experiences that we find ourselves in offer more of that reflection, which we can then incorporate into expressions to share with others, which can then uplift their soul 😉

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2 comments on “Local Color
  1. sumathi says:

    Dear Madam,

    Recently I came across an article of a person in the newspaper. I always felt that both of us have a pass life link. Now every now and then i think about him. Could he be my twinflame. recently i had gone through karma cleansing and forgiveness exercises.
    Please help me

  2. Gabriella says:


    You can have many past life experiences with different souls, a lot of these could be your soul mates. You have had previous life experiences with your twin flame as well. Only you would be able to know if this particular person is your twin flame which would be something you would feel deep within the core of your being, and there would be no doubt. Open yourself to having more clarification, connection and communication from your twin to come through for you. Have patience, and know that it will come.

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