The Sweetness of Your Completeness

When you ready yourself for sleep, know that your heart the universe does keep, in a safe intimate place, all in the perfect pace. There’s no need to race, because you’re there, bare, naked to the core. You’ve dared and shared, now and before. Your heart is full of heaven’s breath galore. You’ve shown that you care, you’re aware of the unity, the oneness, the connection of it all. You’ve arrived and survived the journey, your dreams have thrived along the way, each day, revealing your truth in play, expressing your heart in the words you say. There truly is no delay in the way of love’s embrace. It’s all perfectly played out in grace. For you, no one can replace the place in your heart, reserved for the special one, who has won the prize, beyond disguise, never to part. Through the art of creation, in its perfection, your story is revealed and sealed with the approval of angels, the divine. And in such a short time, after this rhyme, you will experience the existence of the sweetness of your completeness in form. Amen & g’night.

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