Empathy and Service to the World

Q.I have a question regarding the topic you posted about Empaths. If a person is an Empath, what does that mean in regards to your service to the world?

A. How an Empath will use their abilities to serve the world varies depending on each person. Just as everyone has their own unique mission and passions, and how they will bring them through into their lives, and share it with others, the same is true for an Empath. The important thing is to change your perception of feeling so deeply and being so sensitive, from one of a curse into a gift, knowing that as you feel, you open up the collective to feel more empathy, and to bring in more compassion for us all. So just by being you, by allowing yourself to feel, you already do serve the world. Another important thing is to not keep the emotions or energy that you take in from others in your own body, for they can create illness…so anything that you can do that refreshes your Spirit to release the energy is good. Breathing is an important thing. SO excited that you have opened to your feelings and your amazing capability to receive, pick up on others feelings and energy…I am sure that you will be guided now that you are opening to a deeper awareness of what is going on how YOU are specifically meant to use these gifts. But just by allowing yourself to feel, you are helping the world..it’s powerful, believe me I KNOW! And it can be intense at times, but you are NOT alone.

Another thing that I recently experienced is actually taking on someone’s emotions to release them and transmute the energy from pain into love and talk about intense! Through this process, I had to allow my mind not to attach to the emotions as my own or to see what was happening as something I didn’t want, and to just allow the tears/the pain to flow through me…and as I breathed out, I actually wrote the word LOVE with my fingers in the air, shifting the energy into love…that was something that just came up in that moment to do…the more you open, the more you will be guided in each moment what to do…but if you take on someones emotions, it is necessary to let things flow through…to be aware of what is occurring and just let the process take place…like the Beatles song, “Let it Be.” We are so used to trying to figure out what is wrong when we feel emotions…it’s essential to transform that whole thought…there is nothing wrong…we are meant to be fluid…emotions are energy in motion…and they are always moving…there’s nothing wrong with the waves that flow in and out of the ocean right? Same is true for feelings…it is only when we attach to them which attempts to keep them in our body and our story, our mind, that can create the problem.