The Dance

When you open your heart, you see without needing to open your *eyes*, and you realize, that’s where you dance!

2 comments on “The Dance
  1. Joana says:

    Gabriella, I have a couple questions. Sacred sexuality is a way of bonding between TFs? In which stage in the TF journey this bonding happen? I don’t know if you can understand my questions.

  2. Gabriella says:


    I don’t subscribe to certain stages and what to do at any point. The way of this twin flame journey is one of following the way of your own heart as you are guided. There are no rules within when you are to share intimately and how intimately with your twin flame, however, I will say that the love and union of the twin flame (especially for what is intended within the union, meaning the service to all) is so much about purity, and the highest intention of service and love for all. Sacred sexuality is merging the deepest and most profound spiritual essence with the physical embodiment and presence of your body. This is how you make love, by increasing the love flowing through all parts of you, spiritual and physical, by joining all of who you are in the most pure, authentic, loving space with your twin flame. The intentions and purpose of this love exchanging is for opening all of you to receive the most sweet and sacred love from the other half of your soul, while also giving that sweet and sacred love in divine union to your twin flame…and in this exchange, waves of awakening and higher consciousness portals open to all of us, since we are so intricately interconnected with one another…and the perfect moment will present itself to know when this moment is nearing and coming close. Many twin flames I know of have reunited recently and others are in the process of reuniting in all ways and are free to be with one another…to serve the world such a deep love that will bring about much transformation as this year ends and 2013 begins…yet all happens in its perfect time. Patience is such a HUGE part of this journey, patience and continuous sending love to your own sweet heart, to your TF and to everyone around you, near and far. For truly, in the ways of the heart, there is no distance. Sending you such love! May you feel it surrounding you in every moment!!

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