No Rules in Love

Let go of your need for rules in how you respond, in how you react, in how you be, in how you love within your relationships. Unconditional love truly has no conditions, no expectations, no attachments, no restrictions, limitations, no judgment, nothing. Nothing but love, pure and true. Love is given because love is all there is and love is what is chosen. Do you desire to experience, to express, to share in love? Then let go of all the rules you associate with being and with loving.

10 comments on “No Rules in Love
  1. Sleeping beauty says:

    Hi Gabriella! As usual just what I need. After telling mynTf about my past life and how I had hurt him and so wanted to keep away, I did not contact my TF for nearly one month. I thought I have to give hin space. But he called me Gabriella !!!! It was so amazing !! I was filled with joy! He still keeps a distance and does not proclaim any love . but says all that does not concern him and he resonates only with his physical attraction to me !!!! I shared My feelings about our different lifetimes together and that our union is the ultimate for me. However he did not respond for that. As you say there seems to be no rules here. When he called i Just had to respond.. I can only keep giving in to love, love always… I cannot resist him.. He listens to what I say but stands steady that he does not have any emotions for me… Why Gabriella ! I can feel and sense his love, feel his presence inside me, connect with him so deeply… Yet , it is so difficult …. I am jumping with joy now! I trusted love and left him and he came back Gabriella !!! I want to see him happy and show and share love. I know it is inside him. I want him to feel his love for me , enjoy it , share it and want us both to project it to the whole world!!!! Thank you so much for guiding me , keeping up my hopes and encouraging whenever I was upset and down!!! It means everything to me ! Your work is divine and you are blessed! Love to you dearest Gabriella! I will keep seeking your guidance in this journey !!!

  2. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    How divine is it that when you allowed the moments to guide you, and surrendered knowing that what will happen WILL happen in its perfect time, your twin flame reached out to you…and I can just imagine how sweet that was when you heard his voice on the line! Keep giving into love, loving always, in all ways, even when you feel you can’t love anymore. For at this point, YOU know that love is truly limitless, and that it will be there for you all the time, never forsaking you!!! Trust in love 🙂 I can feel your jumpy excitement and it’s contagious! Gosh, I can REALLY feel it!!!! That vision that you see of sharing your love and projecting it to the whole world with one another will be…keep feeling it…keep seeing it, and keep following as you are guided…yet also enjoy the moments right here and now, for every step of your journey is meant for you to enjoy, and to allow yourself to be in them, for they hold the keys to the next step, as there is guidance and love all around you my dearest!!! I am sending you waves upon waves of the love from my heart to yours…thank you for sharing your sweetness and your excited vibes!!! They have rubbed off on me 😀 So much love to you as well!!!!!

  3. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella!
    You are so right! There is guidance and love all around me and I can feel it! You are one of the angels guiding me , truly!! Thank you. I do not know how to further proceed with my TF . He is still keeping his distance but he is a lot more considerate and more patient. But what does he want from me truly… I keep sending him love, love always.. Love to you too Gabriella! The waves of love sent by you are lifting me up and up…… Filling me with hope and joy !!!

  4. sunshine says:

    Sleeping beauty, i`m so glad for you and hearing this news, i know excatly how you feel and like gabriella sad it i can feel that excitement from you, i was just smiling while i was reading your post. i`m in the same situation as you, we are in the physical contact again but in the same time not, we don`t hear with each other regularly, we just shared our thoughts for a couple weeks and that was it…i think he need some space…i have that feeling that i`m with him all the time, as i am, and i was going from that position i forgot that maybe he is not in the same mental state as i am, with his thoughts about me but i steel have my faith and hope, i feel it inside me, i feel that something major is going to happen, it is exciting time right now on earth, maybe beacuse of that. Keep feeling love in your heart and sharing!

  5. Starfire says:

    I CELEBRATE YOU & others who share the same path as yours, sleeping beauty! difficult journey but you are not alone…there are angels out there prodding endlessly each one of you to remember who you both truly are since the beginning & the birth of source. i have gone through the same in Austin but did not allow that to despair me for too long because of PLENTY of signs & messages that kept popping up everywhere I go…saying they are so with me and that i am on the right path & doing a magnificent job! always pat on your back whenever you truly know you are doing the right thing for both of you, regardless of their doubts & rejection. let’s keep our BEAUTIFUL CHINS & appreciate the TRUE BEAUTY & LOVE WITHIN!!! NAMASTE~

  6. Starfire says:

    beautiful chins UP!!! sticky fingers here in ARIZONA!!! heh

  7. Gabriella says:


    Yes, keep feeling love in your heart and sharing…this is truly what life and love is all about! Loving the self is absolutely very significant on this journey, for it is within that love that the love for the tf is enhanced and then brought into the world…all three building upon each other to increase the love for us all as ONE!!!


    Cheers to those angels, they are constantly and always there, giving us all signs of reassurance and love along the way, guiding us and reminding us of each step as it comes, for remembering is so much a part of this whole journey. And YES, let’s all keep our beautiful chins 😉 UP…and continue to appreciate the beauty and love within and around us. Namaste to all of you…it is SUCH a delight for me to have you as part of my family on here. *sending HUGS all around*

  8. Joana says:

    I’m not in any physical contact with my TF, I saw him briefly on the airport coming to town. I don’t know if he saw me. I was supposed to take a class in his building this semester, but I decided not to take it. I could not explain this, but I decided not to take that class and focus in two other clases for now. I can say, that I feel him more and more intensely, at the point that sometimes scare me. One night I was scare of a ghost in my room, and I heard a voice, “It is me” and I stopped being scare, it was (my TF). Maybe this life time for us it is just to get closed to each other speritually. Every morning I’m going to the university library, but I did not see him yet. Any way, I’m not feeling that tremendous pain like before, as long as I feel the spiritual conection with him all the time. About the space, I always believe that he needs this space to digest the experience of finding his TF…and maybe me too.

  9. Sleeping beauty says:

    Gabriella Sunshine, Starfire, Joanna
    Thank you for your sharing. Indeed we must keep our beautiful chins up !! Thanks for that !! I needed it!! As you say we can feel all those encouraging words, pats on the back and the supportive hands close to us. Sometimes pairs of birds come so close to me and I smile and say hello to them as I feel they are angels and guardians. My TF keeps saying he is physically attracted to me and wants more intimacy but the beauty is he never makes any attempt to get tooooo .. close physically !! I find this amazing. My respect for him and love for him only grows more and more. I have told him that he is indeed a gentleman ! Our few and far in between physical interludes have been brief and always there is a spurt of spiritual growth after that! We keep swinging close and apart … This time after he spoke to me , I felt guided to tell him about the details of our past lives and what our total union means. I have never spoken to him about it before. I knew he was not ready. But now on the spur of the moment I told him what our union meant. But he did not respond. He again wants space. It is indeed a bittersweet journey…!!
    All of your support and encouragement means the world to me. Joanna , I hope this says something to you. We need to wait , and keep sending love … It takes it’s own time.. I have know my TF for 23years and only last year 2011 I became aware of Twin Flame concept and I could connect it with our relationship. Until then I was in such pain and turmoil. Even now as you can see it is a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, twists and turns and phew !!!!! What not !!!! All the love and sharing of all of here is so beautiful and Gabriella , you indeed have gathered a family of angels !! cheers to you !! Love to you all !!!

  10. Joana says:

    Sleeping Beauty, thanks for your words. Me too, this site has became a place where I can ask questions and look for answers. There is not any place I can do this. I guess this site keep me sane. The other day, I made a sale on my store to somebody with the name Christopher Sidney; so inmediately I thought in Christopher and Sidney, I wish they are ok.

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