Perfection is You, Right Now

Perfection is always here right now, in this moment, as you are perfect…there is nothing you have to do nor anything that you are waiting for, to feel or be this perfection. For the perfection IS you, as you are, right now. When you tap into this, you expand your consciousness to move beyond any limitations, as limitations fall away, for the illusions that they are…and you realize that light is not only within you, but it IS you. When you continuously connect to this eternal truth, you bring that light into every decision, every action, every expression of energy that is always, in all ways, moving through you. The light of love becomes you, constantly and profoundly reshaping itself, for it IS you. This illuminated presence of love creates itself anew in each moment you breathe, experiencing itself as the infinite purity that flows through life, asking to be discovered and known from within.

1 Comment on “Perfection is You, Right Now

  1. i just bumped on this documentary while i was listening music on youtube and i wanted to share with you beacuse i almost cried when i saw those people, those beautiful human beings hating themselves…from this we can see how much love for ourselves is needed, first we have to love ourselves there is no other way, that is also what i have really learned and felt on this tf journey…we ARE all beautiful