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Wow! I just heard this song the other day and I was halted in my tracks, good thing I was at the point of parking the car I was driving! I was stuck, knowing there was a HUGE message and …

Burn It Down ~ Linkin Park ~ Rebirthing us All Read More »

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Perfection is always here right now, in this moment, as you are perfect…there is nothing you have to do nor anything that you are waiting for, to feel or be this perfection. For the perfection IS you, as you are, …

Perfection is You, Right Now Read More »

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Q. I first recognized my twin flame some 34 years ago. Since then much has happened- it was almost like unrequited love. Where I have always loved and he did not appear to return such. Over the years our paths …

Light and Warmth with your Twin Flame Read More »

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