Balance of Spiritual and Physical Divine Union Between Masculine and Feminine Energies

It is important to not try to understand or analyze such attraction…” follow where your heart and your soul is pulling you towards. You are here to move beyond and within at the same time.

When we have become true embodiments of love and completed the inner sacred marriage/divine union between our divine masculine and feminine, we are ready for our sacred or tantric partner. We have transcended the personal karmic relationship and all the lessons connected to it and are ready to open ourself to a transpersonal relationship, which I call a tantric relationship. It is no more about personal desires and agendas, but about serving a higher purpose as portals for divine love in service of God/Goddess. It is an alchemical union, that gives birth to powerful vortices of light, that are needed in the anchoring of the mass quotient and evolution on the planet. The souls, that have volunteered to serve this purpose will increasingly come together now, as their service is needed. This might be twinflames or not, that however is not a premise and in many cases it will not be, as most twinflames are not both presently incarnated. The point is the alchemical nature of the two frequencies connecting, that are both vibrating on the frequency of divine union christ hood. That both have completed the cymnic marriage and embraced the Beloved within (their inner twinflame). There is an immense magnetic pull between such souls, which is far beyond from what you can name sexual in nature. It is an alchemical heart centered attraction from soul to soul, that is beyond comprehension. And it is important to not try to understand or analyse such attraction, which by the way is beyond physical attraction, but because of the alchemical attraction, we will also be physical attracted to the soul(s), that we have made such soul contracts with. ~ Grace Elohim

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  1. This is such a beautiful post, such a beautiful message. I have never been in the physical presence of my twin flame. I have “only” danced with him on other dimensions. I have “only” been able to write to him on this physical plane though I have not heard back. I put “only” in quotations marks because if I “only” get to feel this love from afar, I consider myself to be beyond fortunate. The love, the attraction, that I feel truly cannot be understood or analyzed. It can only be accepted and treasured. All anyone can do is to follow their heart and their soul and to realize that the pain of being apart, the longing, would not be there if the love were not so great.

    The overwhelming attraction, the overwhelming love is so intense, so scary at times that it can cause one to run away. It can cause the other to stay in her truth, her inner knowing, beyond all rationality. This piece by Grace Elohim explains the connection in such a way, I believe, that it can calm each of them – the runner and the one with the inner knowing. As you have written so many times, Gabriella, we will be reunited when the time is right and not one millisecond before. In the meantime, we continue to transcend karma and learn our lessons. It can be no other way. Thank you, Gabriella, for posting this.

  2. HELP MEH GABRIELLA AND FRIENDS. Haha. Hello again, (today, twin flame numbers all over again, and I argued with my flame -_-) Listened to a song called 11:11 PM and the time was 4:07 and I remembered that I heard this song first, when I had a crush on my flame and we began to hate each other. So nonetheless, I am always thinking of him. UGH. He was on somebody else’s account and I could sense it was him. It was ridiculous. SO I indirectly said rude things I used to say when we were friends, and he just kept saying I was gay, until I spewed out that I wasn’t gay, I hated sex, I longed for a masculine counterpart right now. and he said, well, sex had nothing to… well it does, but you are still gay. and he said for me to get out of his face, so I just called him racist and almost told him he was my flame and ran away, but instead I told him to ublock me because he has me blocked on facebook, for literally no friggin reason. So I am sure he is mine, his name is Elijah. Lately I have been so uncertain about flames, but embracing Eli as my flame was my heart’s desire because it is truth with ego aside. I am so very lustful though, and I am becoming sick of it. Literally, and I learned that I radiated lustful energy towards Eli, and he ran from it, which is why he isn’t ready. Gosh. Well, at least my Mom and I fixed this issue I’ve had for 5 years, and I forgave my Dad because of a dream. Also, I am on a journey to give up lust, balance my energies, and learn, is their something else powerful like a flame, because my sister isn’t my flame, but she passed and I am like her shadow to people. It is so weird I get treated oddly and they look at me and tell me things I’ll never remember.

  3. Theo, when I feel in a caos or something that I can not handle I just take a break, go outside be close to nature, sleep, pray. After doing these my mind became clear, and then I see things different.
    Love to you and everybody

  4. I do. It feels nice. But lately, I’ve found my medicine is completely unnecessary. When I noticed, oddly the doctors weren’t giving us the medicine for some reason lmao. but, I had a very odd lucid dream in which I couldn’t control, nor could I wake up from on command. For the first time I was at peace, and the took me to a place where my flame would reveal themself. But when the group of people whom had been called my flames by mistake appeared to lead me to my real flame, the one, Owen, made me vomit upon sight. I was so in love with him, the thought of having another was NOT able to be accepted. We all pondered, and my flame revealed himself as a boy I vacationed with years ago, named Brandon, whom I did see once in a dream where he appeared and I had no clue who he was since hair covered his face. I just looked for him, and found him, looking EXACTLY like that in his photo. WTF. and every moment I look down today, 11. it’s ridiculous. I was so happy to see Brandon in my dream, but then, I wondered what was up with my feelings for Owen. I have to ignore it though. I guess

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