Move Beyond and Within at the Same Time

Follow where your heart and your soul is pulling you towards. You are here to move beyond and within at the same time. Many of you may be feeling what seems like outer and inner chaos ~ it’s like you are encouraged to break down the actual structures built upon foundations that are no longer in alignment with your divine essence. This naturally draws you within as you attempt to understand what is happening, and there you find that your inner foundations are up for review, asking you to release pieces that are no longer flowing in the vibration of love with your rising consciousness. Now you have the opportunity to move in the flow of balance with your inner masculine and feminine energies within the balanced expression of sacred love and oneness. This balance will then be brought into your relationships, the relationships you hold with all that is, in every direction of this isness…you are moving out of itness to move back into itness in a different way. You are moving out of this world and bringing what you find there back into this world to aid in the journey of remembering for us all as ONE. Open yourself up and see all that is falling away for what it is, bringing the puzzle pieces into their place. All is being revealed as you take each step in guidance…trust.

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