Releasing Fears and Increasing Self Love to Welcome in Twin Flame ReUnion

Q. I truly believe in my heart that I met my soul mate this summer. I was rather shocked and if I’m honest a bit scared of the intensity of the meeting and long story short we did not end up speaking to each other for the brief time we met. It’s a rather long story but I actually became aware of him before we met and now really just want to be with him all the time. I understand what you mean when you say that twin flames are never really apart but he lives in a different country, I can’t stop thinking about him and worry at times that the fear I felt (and maybe he felt too) the day we met may mean we will not meet again. What are your feelings about this?

A. Fear can absolutely come up when you meet your twin flame, because, as you mention, it is a very intense awakening of your soul. What is necessary and what almost inevitably follows the meeting of your twin soul is the awareness of the fears that are coming up, and a deepening of self love. The twin flame journey is one of deep unconditional love and as you move more fully into this space, more fears will come up. They aren’t coming up for you to resist this deeper love, but rather to move through them so that you can experience in all ways this beautiful, intense love of twin flames. Not only are you to walk through your fears and increase your capacity for self love (as this only enhances the love you have for your twin as your twin is the clearest mirror for you of who you are), but also to release the emotions, beliefs, behaviors of separation.

As you know and as you mentioned, you are not separated as you are a part of each other, so intricately intertwined. Since being physically “separated” from him, you have many opportunities of releasing the emotions and belief that you are separated to move into the knowing that you are so deeply connected. One of the benefits and purpose of physical separation with your twin is to be able to feel this separation on a human level so that you can move into the spiritual perspective of seeing that it is impossible for you to ever be separated. With this comes calmness and an acceptance of what is as you know that what you are experiencing right now is in the divine flow of preparation for your full reunion with your twin. Don’t doubt your connection or put the focus on the impossibility of your reunion, instead stay open to receiving his love in so many ways beyond your minds’ capacity to perceive and know that you are together and co-creating right in this moment. It may benefit you to listen to this free MP3 on surrender: The Power of Surrendering to the Present Moment

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  1. Hello Gabriella,
    Do you think our Twin Flame will ever appear to us as an angel of some sort? I ask because the summer before last, hundreds of miles from home, i met the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen in my life on the beach. it was just me and her and we exchanged contact information and soon after got in touch and found out that she would soon be living only an hour away from me. There were crazy coincidences between us including the fact that we had the same birthday. We started getting together every weekend and grew very close, although she would frequently ask me if i thought we met too early and sometimes she would say, “maybe i’m not the right girl for you.” I would always heavily deny this, as i can’t see myself finding anyone even close to her. But during this time that we were together, my mind was easily influenced by my mental blocks and i would get angry and confused from things that when i look back now i just shake my head in regret. She knew what to do to set me off, not that she did anything wrong, it’s just that it was like she knew my mind would interpret these events as negative or evil, and when i think about it now, i am happy that she did these things because i am a much better person and my thought process is much more open and patient. We always said to each other that we make a great team and that we were soulmates. In the last six months or so our visits with each other went from every week to every few months because she said she had to work (she worked in the US as an au pair [child care]) and now, according to her, she’s back home in europe and doesn’t know when she’ll be back. I ask if they can appear as angels because one night she revealed to me that she wasn’t a normal human being and it changed everything. Along with revealing this, she also told me that she watches and studies me from time to time (now i feel like it’s all the time, even as i write this). I miss her with all of my heart and i think about her everyday praying that we can be together again. Thank you and hope to hear back (:

  2. I think this is the hardest part for me to do. I feel I have met my twin and through alot of turmoil and tears, we are seperated at the moment. I have learned so much about the twin flame experience since being seperated. I would say that i am the chaser of the two. I just remember the feeling and the declarations we had in the beginning.

    Now it seems that it is some sort of mind game or power struggle. I truly am getting drained both mentally and emotionally. I have cried enough. Now im surrendering out of sheer exhaustion. Is that what usually happens? Help!

  3. James,

    So tell me what is the hardest part for you? Is it the releasing fears? Is it allowing yourself to be present to what is happening right now in this moment even in the midst of what you feel is not happening? What is or is not happening is all connected, and consistently calls you to go within. Honestly, this is where the feelings of exhaustion can come from, as through this journey we are encouraged again and again, to go within – going again within…because through the tears, through the “turmoil,” we have continuous opportunities to see why we are creating them. We do create the tears and the turmoil, for tears come from feeling separation (separation from Source, from self, from your twin) and turmoil comes from the same, but also not desiring to see that perfection is always in every moment, and that there is something for you to receive within any and every moment that unfolds along your journey, just as there are things that you give each moment to others.

    The beauty, and some may call it the curse, of this twin flame love and connection/relationship is that it molds you and makes you to become the best representation of God that you can be, as your 1(on your own) and as your 11 (your union with our twin) but in order to allow for this, you have to be willing to go deep, to move past the old paradigms of relationship (such as blame, conditions, roles, rules – outdated ways of reacting, responding and being in love) to BE the love that you feel and desire to experience, while allowing yourself to be loved through the steps along your journey that seem to be against you. Your twin is not against you…nor is your union distanced from you…it is here right now…it is all unfolding right now…and each moment, you have the choice, again and again, to choose love…or to choose fear. To choose love asks you not to see any interaction or non-interaction with your twin as a “mind game” or “power struggle.” Rather, see what is your twin revealing to you about you…what are you revealing to your twin…what are you needing to learn and what are you giving? See, you are both in every moment the teacher and the student. The draining honestly is from the mind/the body, but the Spirit is never drained…and when you align your mind/body with this truth of the Spirit, then the exhaustion becomes less and even completely disappears. Surrendering to what IS in any moment is important though, but that’s not giving up, that’s surrendering any resistance to what IS right now, knowing that everything is always, in all ways perfect, in every moment, and what may seem like it isn’t right now doesn’t mean that it is NOT. Not only that, but also every moment has been created by your soul to prepare you, shape you, into what you have chosen to be and share in this lifetime, which does include your twin flame, with its various and versatile co-creations.

    Sending you the love and peace James to let go of any resistance and move into acceptance, bringing you into the dance, the dance of infinity always that you and your twin are moving through with one another…allow yourself to move from the “mind” and “power” into the love…so that they are transformed into love games and love struggles…but the games and struggles become fun, because you are loving within them and creating them anew…as you flow with one another. You ARE flowing with one another…that is the truth. Feel that emotion – that energy in motion.

    I made a Q&A of your question! I thought that it was great for others to receive from it too…so you can respond, if you choose to respond here if you’d like, Mirror, Mirror of my Twin, What are You Revealing Within?