Open Relationships: An Ongoing Conversation

I was asked in a recent interview what I thought about open relationships and since, there have been thoughts and guidance on this topic swarming around in my head. I now have to put down on paper what is coming through. When you hear the term “open relationships,” you may not think positively on it…and the truth is that NOTHING is ever negative or “wrong,” unless individually we adopt this to be so. Perhaps something that does not feel right for you is right for another person…that being said, I do need to express what I feel about open relationships in regards to the twin flame, higher love journey.

Perhaps you have grown up believing that you won’t be able to find Mr or Ms Right and be able to maintain a happy relationship with this one person. There are many sources that may have influenced this belief, such as the media, friends, stories, your own experiences, etc. It used to be that if a relationship wasn’t flowing and there seemed to be too much work, that blame would be placed on the other person instead of going within to see what was going on or one of the partners would leave the relationship to try and find another more suited for them. Here is the truth: you have relationships with souls that care about you so that you can experience challenging situations for the reason of healing behavior patterns, emotions, reactions that are not based in unconditional love, to allow you to move into deeper love for yourself and with your intimate partners.

There are various reasons why a couple would choose to have an open relationship but think about it…think about where you are in your feelings about relationships…do you believe that you can be happy and remain so with one person? Fear can be a factor of the creation of open relationships: the fear of being alone yet knowing that your present partner is not fulfilling your needs and is not in alignment with who you are and as a result, the open relationship would allow you to explore other possibilities while not being “alone” or single. Perhaps there isn’t as spicy an intimate life with your partner as when you started the relationship…and you want to see what else is out there.

Whether you are just thinking about this or have experience in open relationships, then I ask you to consider this…do you feel that in order for a relationship to become open there is a “problem” or disharmony within the relationship beforehand? When you move into a deeper space of unconditional love within yourself, and you reside more in the heart and not the mind, you naturally want to share love, profoundly and completely, knowing it is totally limitless with another person. It is possible to share this with only one other person.

You may have experienced liking someone first because of their physical features and then moving into relationship and intimacy to find that after the physical sharing, you are left with nothing other than an increased building of feeling separated and “different” from this other person. Love is not just sharing our bodies…love is sharing all parts of ourselves with another…and when we love from the heart, then the person we choose to be with we love for all of who they are (and that does not change as the body grows older) and this natural essence keeps increasing the love we feel within for them, which then naturally enhances our excitement and desire to share intimately with them. However, to have this keep building, we do need to be willing to go through emotions that might not be pleasant, to be committed to healing and working through the “darkness,” our behaviors, beliefs, reactions that don’t serve a higher love. Some people do find this unpleasant and run away from this, and if there is fear also of not wanting to be alone (or not feeling worthy enough to receive love again, etc) then the opportunity for the creation of an open relationship is very possible.

Now, when you are in this space of the twin flame one heart full of unconditional, deep all encompassing love, then there can be an open relationship of a different sense. As I share about the ladder of love, that you have more than one soul mate leading up to the union with your twin flame…you may be able to share in deep love with more than one person as in an open relationship, but the difference here is this deep love that knows all love shared is not separate from another but only enhances all of the connections and love. The open relationship mentioned before this has a different vibration for it is more in the sense of “separation” and not union, it does not bring everyone together but rather separates. If this is something that you feel guided to create, feel where it is coming from: the heart or the mind. There are a lot of emotions of separation that can be created within an open relationship, even if it is in the space of unconditional deep love between all…because we are in these human bodies.

As you move higher up the ladder of love and are nearing the reunion of your twin flame, I can say that the desire to merge with your twin and only your twin in the most intimate sense does increase, and this excitement and desire for sharing intimately moves from the mind (the physical body) into the heart merged with the excitement of the physical body. The love you want to share in is so deeply connected to the heart, from your most intimate parts right into the core of your heart as they become one. This continuously grows stronger as you move forward in your relationship with your twin, and move ever deeper into this eternal, intense love, which truly is limitless.

There is so much that can be shared on this topic and I have not even come close to sharing all of what an open relationship entails…if you have any questions or want to share any of your experiences, please feel free to do so.

The interview I had with Colin Martin was done a while ago on this topic…and since then, I have received so much more insight, and am always receiving more, but you may find the interview enlightening and interesting: Monogamy and Open Relationships ~ Releasing Expectations

The Twin flame art within this post is by Vesna ~ if you enjoy it and desire to see more, please visit her website HERE

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  1. Dear Vesna!

    Thank you for expressing that the painting in this post was yours. I don’t always know whose art I come in contact with and I am honored to know that this one is yours. I also thank you for somehow tapping into Source energy at this moment to comment on this particular post, for I was just responding to another regarding what I shared in this post…and here you are, giving me the link to add. Such divine synchronicities in perfection constantly reminding us that we are all so intimately and beautifully connected!

    So much love to you sweet sister in love and light,

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