Trust that Everything is Moving into Place

You don’t have to figure it all out right now, in this moment. Let pieces fall away as others rise into place. Know that everything is moving where it needs to be. You are meant to balance your desire for action with your expansion for allowing yourself to receive the blessings as the gifts of abundance move into alignment for you.Β  There are gifts in every moment, and even more sweetness to come.

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  1. Fell upon this at 3:33, the date adds up to an 11. and the time adds to a 9. 9 plus 11 is 11. hehehe. this is fun. 11’s are all over lately, 11s 9s and my birthday.

  2. I looked at the clock and it was 18:18 and the song that was playing behind was “Heaven is a place on earth”…i think this is a message for all of us πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Sunshine,

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful message … for me it is VERY meaningful … and is putting a big big smile on my face πŸ™‚

    I just came here to write to you because you were so disheartened yesterday and I have been sending love and angels, but it was only today that I suddenly had a picture in my mind that I wanted to share with you and I just turned on the computer to write this to you and find first of all your beautiful message here πŸ™‚ how wonderful!

    This thought came to my mind, dear Sunshine:
    You are Sunshine, and I believe in the meanings of the names we choose and I would like to say to you: you have the power to turn the tears into a beautiful rainbow and I am sure you will! Image the sun shining on the tears creating the most beautiful rainbow in all the colours of life… high in the sky … guiding and protecting you and your twin flame and everyone involved!

    lots of love and light to you, dear Sunshine,
    and thank you again for that wonderful “18:18 heaven on earth”,

    I hope that the rainbow is also a message for everyone because all of us surely have our share of tears and we all have a sun inside ourselves,

    waves of love to everybody,

  4. Ah Delphina,
    i was reading your words and i just couldn`t stop smiling, oh my God…your words really touched me, if i could only describe you that feeling and synchronicity…last night i woke up three times, every time a buzzing in my ear would woke me and the last time i woke up at 4:44 and i felt angles beside me ( i can`t stop smiling) and such peace and knowing that everything is ok, that my TF is with me. Yesterday really happened like a switch in my emotions and consciousness before going to bed and i really felt it, it suprised me how easily that happened, my whole body was wrapped with warmth.
    Your message is so big for me and so beautiful and i think it would be for everyone else. I think when i chose my nickname i didn`t now how much meaning would have and your thoughts about it means so much to me, i instantly remembered one of my favourite song this year and band “Every teardrop is a waterfall” by Coldplay, this song is so full of love and enthusiasm, my HEART just loves it.
    Delphina i am so full of happiness and love right now that i only can hope that you will feel it through this post. I think the angels send you a massage from me today πŸ™‚ I am sending you SO MUCH love, to you and your TF, have your beautiful and caring heart open beacuse a beatiful words coming from it! Much blessings!

  5. Dear Sunshine,

    oh, thank you so much for your sweet message ….oh, of course I feel it … oh, yes, I’m feeling your happiness and I’m so happy with you … and have been right away when I read it … I didn’t have enough time to answer in writing yesterday, but did so on the “heart channel” that connects us all πŸ˜‰ … and your happiness and overflowing love is putting such a big smile on my face, dear Sunshine, as you are even right here with me now as well πŸ˜‰ the sun is shining so sweetly today where I am …and sending me your happiness as well, on a day where I needed it so much … and coming here and reading your post, I feel again the light and the love and also the angels connecting us all in their sweetest ways to remind us of our souls’ intentions.

    Yes, I did feel that I had been given this message for you, this was a strong feeling … and I am soooo delighted that it was true and really a big message for you!!!

    Yesterday as I was driving my car, I sudddenly looked at the instruments in the car and couldn’t believe my eyes: I only saw 18s ….. LOL …..the time was 18:18 πŸ™‚ …. the temperature 18 degrees Celsius …. and it stayed for a long, long while like this … wow … and I was thinking of “heaven on earth” …. and a sweet love song was being played in the radio as well …. and the distance shown was the number of a date so sepcial to me and my twin …. and it was a like a miraculously long moment all these 4 numbers staying the same …. like a wink of the angels smiling.

    Sending you so much love and light, dear Sunshine,
    also to you and your twin flame (thank you so much, this is so sweet, Sunhine, to send the love also to our twin flames :-))
    and love to all,

  6. Dear Delphina,
    oh yes, it was true, very much true, there is no way really to question that because it was so strong, that`s the situation when you just KNOW. I don`t know why but i thhink that you have such a peaceful, warm energy. Yes i am so amazed by the sun it has that special shine and i tell that to people but they are all like “Ah, yes, yes, it is really warm”, hihi…you have to feel it, there is no other way.

    Aah, i am so glad that you got those signs i can`t stop admiring the divine flow, i just enjoy and smile all the time when it happens. I think angels are very busy this days πŸ˜‰ i know that feeling, these days the signs happening so quickly, one after the other.

    It really is amazing to send love to everyone and when you know that they feel it, sometimes i just imagine giving a hug to my TF to smile him a little, i really think he smiles then πŸ™‚
    Sending you a huuge waves of love and warmth and to your TF.
    Love you all!

  7. Oh, dear Sunshine, thank you so much for your sweet answer … You are right, you have to feel it … that’s so true for many things … and yes, of course, the sun is so special and I can really feel how much you’re feeling that soft warming life-giving energy of the sun and I feel you’re radiating it to the world. I think when we begin to feel this divine love in our lives our heart is touched so much that it can’t help but just radiate love and light …. and this is so beautiful!

    The angels are very busy these days πŸ˜‰ yes, this is what I think, too … and for me, too, the signs are just happening so quickly and there are so many!AMAZING!!!

    very softly: I also often feel my twinflame smiling at me when I’m sending her my love and light …. and also right now πŸ™‚

    so much pure love and sweet beams of warm sunny light to you and your twinflame,
    and so much love to all,


  8. Hi! to everybody:
    The numbers that are following me all the time are 111 like on 11:10, or 11:11 Many times when I open my eyes in the morning and see the clock I see 1:11 am. Just sharing, yesterday I was sad because I have been not able to see my TF; the reason: with the changes on my job’s schedule I’m not able to go to the university library where some days my TF is around there. OK, I turned my head to see a car with a big white heart on the side door and in this heart there was a red shape of home or house. OMG this sign filled me with happines… Then I remember the song of Josh Groban “It feel like home”
    Love to everybody

  9. Sunshine. I just turned on my radio. The time was adding to 11. and guess what. Two songs appeared. Give Me A Try, and Sunshine. Hahaha. Give Me A Try is about a push and pull between lovers, and that’s the story for me and my flame. And then, you inspired me to post on here, and bam. Haha. Anywho– my name apparently means God. It is horrible, because my worst enemies all have the names of prophets, and my best friends all have names of spiritual aspects throughout history that are really positive. Also, my mother’s name means Pious, my grandmother is Judith (woman of Judah) and my late sis’ name meant defender. My Mom is spiritual, same with my grandma. They both are a bit naive, and fickle. So they don’t know about the potential they hold. But I asked my Mom’s ethereal counterpart to wake my Mom up spiritually, and she agreed to try so life would be on the same level for us. and funny, how my Mom has had bizarre dreams about people lately that have lots of significance for no reason. MWAHAHAHAHA. sorry Ma. 11, has been all over my life since I spiritually awakened at the age of… 11. and then, on July 31st (11) I left home to go to a new school, and I learned a lot about myself, became more confident with the help of a special pal, and I helped him become more humble. Then, I moved on to high school, my sleep issues making me wake up every night at 11:00 and 11:30, or at 4:50. I hated it. But then, I had lots of spiritual energy in that school, so I left. I came home, and found my mentor had met his flame, and is at a big change in life, and since then, I have been searching DEEPLY, more than ever, for him. and I learned so much. I now know, about my fickleness, and my gullible behavior. Also, how I am very impulsive and dark, and how I wish to be with my Man, and have nobody in the way. I have been gay, not because I was born it, but when I awoke, I saw I needed to see my flame, and he indeed was there in spirit since I was 11. Now, I see 11s EVERYWHERE. and it is hilarious. also, people have been all over my case since I got closer and closer, testing me to forgive and love all. Haha, I love the life I live.

  10. Ugh. I just noticed my flame. After all this time. I am so euphoric right now. Elijah. The school I attended on July 31st, Elijah showed me around in the beginning each time. 1 time each year. lol. but in all seriousness, he has been right there and I ignored him. I am such a douche. Sunshine, I thank you, I found my flame and I’s song. A House Is Not A Home… “But a chair is not a house, and a house is not a home, when there’s no one there to hold you tight, and no one there, you can kiss goodnight… a room is still a room, even when there’s nothing there but gloom! But a room is not a house, and a house is not a home, when the two of us are far apart, and one of us, has a broken heart… <3"
    Ah, sleepytime. Good night.

  11. Dear Teo,
    you made me smile, connectedness and synchronicity on every step πŸ™‚ also, very interesting, Joana remembered a song “It feels like home” and you “A house is not a home” and Gabriella yesterday a song “Home”…i think we are really coming home all together πŸ™‚
    I also see 11 all over, or 111, especially the last days and they are coming in a row with some other signs. Dreams, OMG…they are so intense, the last few days i woke up so tired and i dream numbers and colors and talk very much with people in my dreams and visiting a lot of them. I got so many informations and insights, i think my mind can`t process all this, i just let go

  12. Dear Sunshine,

    Yes it absolutely does feel like we are coming home together, doesn’t it? Beautiful that you noticed those synchronicities with the song titles/lyrics regarding “Home.” Home is absolutely within that we balance in our outer experience, creating both the inner and outer expression of our home. I truly must agree with you! that we are coming home all together. No place, no house is a home if our inner connection/balance of what home is is not flowing within its expression…it is beautiful that we have all been helping one another feel the union with our natural essence, including all of those that we love, and the union with it all, as we deepen our remembrance of what home truly is. πŸ˜€ The continuous signs just keep reflecting this to us…and together we are continuing on. Just letting go allows everything to move into place, in alignment with your everchanging conscious awakening…sending you and everyone here such deep waves of love!

  13. Dear Gabriella,
    i couldn`t agree more with you and it really does feel like we are coming home…home is where are hearts are…and that is exact feeling that are TF`s had awoke in us. i remember before i met my TF i had that feeling of peace, of home but now i really KNOW what that means. I talked once with my TF about that, about being aware, about consciousness, he thinks about things a lot and analyze them and i see myself a lot in that, because i do that too my whole life, but that were just thoughts in my head before i decided to open my heart and that was also that i saw in him. i don`t know how much he is aware of that he has in his heart. the last few days i had such need to hug him a lot and i think he is in some kind of a struggle about what to do with his life or something…I don`t know, but i have faith in our angels, because somehow we come up to the same conclusions but on a different ways. How really is important to turn the feeling into knowing? i think when you feel you KNOW, but when you know you don`t really KNOW yet what that is?! At the end it`s vice versa, isn`t it?! πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, dear Sunshine …. oh WOW ….. what a big big message of the angels you have brought me in this! What a wonderful way to start my day, oh, I thank you sooooo much, dearest Sunshine! *sweetest smiles and deep hugs*
    Oh, I am soooo excited and soooo blessed by this message you wrote: “….. but I have faith in our angels, because somehow we come up to the same conclusions but on different ways.”
    Oh, dear Sunhine, I have been feeling the coming home as well and have even said lately how much being with my TF means being HOME for me, and my radio has sung a song of coming home this morning as well ….. but this message about the different ways leading to the same destination has such a BIG meaning for me … and suddenly insights are coming to me about my TF journey ….. and somehow it’s all moving into place (just like the title of this page πŸ™‚ ) and becomes more understandable. My TF and I had shared a lot about this phenomenon of arriving at the same destination, but on different routes, and the angels keep showing me signs in everyday life about this, and now I suddenly understand even more that both me and my TF had known it before that we would have to go separate ways again this year …. we have told each other, without realizing, but now I realizes, I can now see it sooooo clearly …. and the angels’ message and promise in there is also that we WILL arrive at the same destination, and probably even at the same time. Oh WOW! Oh, feel my deepest gratitude, dear Sunshine, for making the sun shine so beautifully for me!!! πŸ™‚
    I keep seeing the signs about “separate routes, same destination” EVERYWHERE. Some days ago I was going to a nearby town and was taking the motorway instead of the smaller routes. When I set off here at home, I first had behind me a very unusual looking car for some time, and really wondered about it, but then at some point it took another route, and I didn’t think about it any more, took the motorway, and arrived in the outskirts of this other city where I was about to go shopping in a big store. At the very time I arrived at the store, guess which car I saw, which was heading for the same store, appearantly arriving at the very same time, having had the very same destintion all the time (without me knowing of course), and just having taken the other route. I noticed the car right away because it was just such an unsual design and number plate. I was so surprised and this instantly reminded me of this phenomenon you have described, dear Sunshine.
    But to read it from somebody else here on this beautiful day is such a wonderful message because I keep seeing these things and also believe the angels want to show me something and to keep me on track so to speak and to give me the courage and strength to go on, but reading it here validates so deeply my own feelings.
    Oh I am so happy and I hope you will be able to feel it and I’m sending you happy beams of sunshine from my heart to yours and lots of wonderful angels to watch over you and your twinflame and so much love,
    and sweet love to all,

  15. Dear Delphina,
    i am so amazed with this messages hihihi, ah…it`s beautiful and i feel it very much, oh yes. Yesterday while i was writing my post i thought why am i writing this it doesn`t fit quite with the rest of the text…and now your post πŸ™‚ i just have to smile…and your situation with yout TF, yeeees, oh God i am so familiar with this. In the beginning that was something that attracted my attention about who my TF really is, because it was happening A LOT, that “random” encounters, now i just laugh when it happens. it`s funny actually and also, when we met for the first time we didn`t know that we have a mutual friend and she told my TF that we have already met (me and him) but he didn`t remember, niether do I, but the case was that day when i was visiting my friend he was just living, i rememberd later that someone was at the door living with some other guy…we talked about this and i told him that was not a time to meet and he said yes, it really seems like that… and this summer it happened again, now he is a very good friend with one of my good boyfriend and ther is more things like this, it is all interwoven πŸ™‚
    It`s amazing this journey, i am so happy for you and all signs that you got, they are tingling are hearts every time it happens.
    I send you so much love to you and all others and to your TF!
    Big hug of love! πŸ™‚

  16. You guys, stop. Seriously. You make me feel so happy. I am so sick of it. You just repulse me. Just joking. But honestly, you are so amazing, I know this is a blessing and I invite you to personally email me at . I am so fickle. I am so confused. Soooo I said Matt wasn’t my flame, but he is. Elijah may have been helping me learn the lesson of letting one go so they could be themself. I noticed his energy was like no other, and I could feel him spiritually making passionate embraces with me when we were together, and I was trying to resist it, but he pulled me in and it was so romantic feeling. My spine tingled, time stopped, and he wanted me to look back over and over to amuse him, I could hear him, but he had no clue. So I’d look in his eyes, and he’d never get irritated. Then he moves closer over and over, and today, I look at his jersey to see, his number adds to an 11. and he is always so amused by me and looks at me all the time. I love him. What now…

  17. Hi! everybody:
    Really enjoying your posts. Wonderful…
    Sunshine, when you write: “I got so many informations and insights, i think my mind can`t process all this,…” It is true for me too, to many signs at the same time, I feel that the whole universe is talking to me in one way or another. Example: My locker number is 101 and it has a key with a chain and a little shape circle plate with this number. I was thinking in what Delphina wrote days ago, about the puzzle that exist between our TFs and us. We never know how and when we finally we will get together with our TFs, and the miracles that can happen to make it happen. Then, I looked my hand holding this key and the funny thing was that the key of my locker was in the middle of the two 1 and 1 numbers, this key was covering the number 0. So, I still don’t know what this sign is about it. I think my TF sits in the same area, to be especific in the same table I sit when I have the opportunity to go to the library. One day I find on the table a little notebook and I felt that I needed to write something on it, so I wrote this: ” Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all.” by Hans Christian Andersen I did not find the this notebook the next time I WAS there, but then I found it again one day I was there,and I did not write anything else on it this time. Another day I found some papers there on the table, one of this has information about the graduation rings. So, I suspect that maybe this year he is graduating. I became sad, but I left on the table a Holloween spider anyway…I’m feeling some changes in my mind, I feel that I want to go home, but I don’t know where is this home, maybe is inside of me and I don’t know….I tried to cheer me up everyday, I continuo feeling the connection with my TF, but I’m longing him terrible here in the 3D world.

    Love to everybody

  18. Dear Delphina, THIS incident with tracks or cars happen to me too. There is two ways to go to Target (the store) one is the longer, but with less trafic, AND THE other is the faster way, but with a lot of trafic. I guess many people chose the faster and busy way. In my opinion I like to go for the other way, longer and with less trafic. There is a intersecion where many times I’m there with this track or car, the driver I guess, think, he/she will not waste time going the longer way or who knows. Then we find one-another there at the same time infront of the store. So, I think life is the same way, don’t you think?

  19. Dear Sunshine and Joana,

    oh, I so much enjoy sharing these same time experiences, these signs, finding and seeing and interpreting these signs … and each sign shared can be so meaningful also to others here on the blog! Oh, what a beautiful playful way to look at our twinflame journey! How much lightness this adds to life, and also especially in times of inner struggles! It lifts my heart to *feel* how much the angels keep arranging for us ~ they are really busy these days.

    Oh, you experienced it as well, wow, this incident with arriving at the same destination on different routes and even at the same time. So we all know it! WOW! It is so incredibly meaningful for me because I feel it is a symbol itself for the twinflame journey and also especially for the times “apart” here in the 3D (that are so difficult for all of us. Guess *how much* I miss her …*sigh* … just as much as I love her … *smile*). I think maybe the universe wants to tell us ever so softly to trust when being on those different separated tracks and it wants to tell us that we will indeed arrive at the destination of re-uniting again, and even at the very same time. This puts a smile in my heart and I feel protected and loved by the angels when letting it sink in deeply that this is really the truth *sweet sighs* πŸ™‚

    And this other incident with the key covering the 0 and being between the 11 ….. wow, I think this really sounds like a wonderful message …. I’ll share again later, have to take a break ….

    Lots of love to you all and your sweet TFs,

  20. Dearest Joana,

    “Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all.” … WOW, how wonderful!
    I would also love to say: “The twinflame journey is one of the most wonderful fairytales of all” πŸ™‚

    Wow, all these signs everywhere … I also find so many signs these days that it nearly seems difficult to take them all in … but I am enjoying this just sooo much and it puts a smile on my face!

    and yes, I agree … miracles can always happen and even *will* happen on this twin flame journey!!!

    This 101 puzzle, dear Joana … I don’t know what it means to you … I always think that it’s most important to feel what resonates with you, dear Joana, but if you ask me I would say this:

    Of course, we certainly all agree that the 11 are the twins. But the 0 is in the middle, so they seem to be a bit separate right now … although it can always be something good linking them in the middle as well:-) … and that it is the number zero … for me this instantly brings to mind the thought of a new beginning. To me “0” is the number to start a new time …. from there it moves on : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 …. etc. It all starts with 0, so “0” represents the new beginning for me. And the key was on top of it, so this sounds like you’re holding the key to the new beginning in your hand. In fact it was between the twin flames, so both of them have access to it …. and maybe are even co-creating now how their new beginning will look like. πŸ™‚

    This is what comes to mind when you share this image and of course I like it a lot πŸ˜‰ …. and I always think that you may either like this interpretation or maybe adjust it a bit so that it suits you better or maybe you don’t agree at all and suddenly have a completely different picture and the solution in your mind. Whatever it is, I believe your own interpretation is the right one for you.

    Because in these signs it is always our own inner guidance speaking to us, and this may even be different the next day when we come up with a completely different interpretation.

    Sweet smiles and sunbeams of love from my heart to yours,
    and lots of love to all,

  21. Dear Joana,
    ah, such a wonderful sign and that message that you wrote in notebook is so meaningful and i think if you felt guided to write it, it has its purpose, it is meant to someone to read it. Don`t worry about your TF, i know how you feel, i`ve been there last week because of my assumption based on some post that my TF posted, it doesn`t make sense and we don`t have the whole picture and mind is just playing with us and all those assumptions…just believe to your heart, just stop your mind and feel what`s inside, there is the truth, i know you know that, this is just a little help from me to reminde yourself πŸ™‚ I also feel that longing very much in some moments, but i said to myself, every time when i want him so close to me physically or talk to him i just turn that feeling that i have in that exact moment, in bubble of energy and send it to him, i feel much more relaxed when i do that and i don`t “waste” that energy on struggling with myself, i just share the feelings that i have with him. This is something that i do, maybe it helps πŸ™‚
    Dear Delphina,
    you really have a gift of visualization and such an open mind, your interpretation is so beautiful. About that encounters with our TFs, i think so too, it is a reminder that we are in a constant connection with our TF, just like this messages that we share here to show us how we are all connected, and we really ARE…ah, this feeling is indescribable.
    There really is sooo many signs, it is getting all faster but in the same time i feel like all it is happening in one day πŸ™‚ time is changing too. These days i feel so grounded, i have so many signs and informations but i don`t feel messed up. I read somewhere that we are breaking the wall right now and it really feels like that, we are entering to something NEW…new beginning, like Delphina said.
    Soooo much love to both of you and everyone else!! πŸ™‚

  22. Hello everyone,

    As i was reading all the beautiful posts I felt guided to share. Last Saturday I had a dream about my TF. There were several pieces to the dream but in one piece my TF looked me in the eye and said I will see you tomorrow. I said oh yeah? and he said yes. The next evening my door bell rang. When I opened the door no one was there. A couple of hours later my door bell rang again and this time when I opened it my TF was there. He said he could not stay long but wanted to come and say hi. He did not stay long maybe a half an hour but as we sat talking I remember feeling such an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. This experience just validated for me that we are always communicating with our TF. And I feel the door bell ringing and no one being there at first was the universe’s sign to show me the magical things that can and do happen in the TF journey. Several weeks prior to this happening one of the messages from my guides was “be prepared for miracles and magic.” And wow is that the truth! Such love to you all as we share all the wonderful steps to this journey in such a sacred space.

  23. Durinda, this happen to me but It was not a dream. IT WAS my imagination or wish to find him (my TF) maybe in the airplane coming back to my town, this thought was like a circle going around in my mind. I was saying to myself:”What about if I find him in the same airplane” I did not have any reason I was thinking this way. Then, coming to town, I saw him walking infront of me in the airport, I believe now that he saw me first and wanted to me to see him. So I will never think again that what imagine is just imagination because this incident probe to me that no all is just imagination. Delphina, thanks so much for your interpretation, it help me a lot, yes I think the same, the key covering the zero, in the middle of the numbers 1 and 1. Yes maybe is that, we have the key to open that door of comunication with each other. Yes I see the mumber zero as a begining of something new. OOPS, the message on the envelope I received today say: “LOVE THE JOURNEY” it made may day today. I was down and the sky was so cloudy, almost dark. I mean it was a rainy day.
    Love to everybody

  24. Dear Delphina,

    I absolutely LOVE your perception of Joanna’s sharing on the key upon the number 0. I feel that your words and your eye mixed with intuition, and a bit of numerology thrown in πŸ˜‰ has brought through the insights you are sharing. 0 absolutely is a new beginning, it is the beginning where everything is connected and all creation stems from. That’s why they say zero point energy is shedding it all to bring it back up in a new way, letting go of knowledge to connect with knowing to bring it through again, in a different vibration. I like how you say that it shows that the 0 ~ which is the ALL and ONE of everything ~ is between the twin flames (as the 11 ~ their union), which goes to further show how important the 3 aspects to their ONEness are. Their 1, (each on their own) and their 11 (their oneness with each other). All of these three are to be cultivated at all times…hence the 0 point, in the middle, between them yet also bringing them deeper into their oneness, allows for the letting go of anything that separates their oneness, in all three directions, to continue to flow, and then going out to the ONE direction to all ONE.

    And what you express about the new beginning…gosh, I love this so much, for I feel that, YES, when we let it all go…all of what we have attached to, all that we know, when we let go of our story or stories we’ve somehow become so identified with, and we move into the zero point of being, fully being in our essence, free as we truly are, we create our new beginnings with our true divinity, and we do this, step by step, hand in hand, with our Beloved. We co-create how the new beginning will look like, feel like, and how we will move forward in co-creation shaping the service and love that we are! Just sweetness to the extreme! Thank you for sharing…and I agree Joanna, that you feel what these happenings for you are giving you as guidance. We can all feel things as they come through, and it is ultimately up to you as to what resonates with your soul.

    Sending you all so much sweet love, that is always, all ways, flowing from my heart to yours!

  25. Dearest Gabriella,

    I so much LOVE what you have shared about the 0 and the trinity here and this is *exactly* what was missing in my interpretation. I realize it now that you have shared this how absolutely beautiful Joana’s key story is and how much this is also a message from the angels to me. It is to everyone on the twinflame journey such an important message, and to me and my twin in particular.

    When we connected and our hearts remembered about us, we instantly and so intuitively felt the angels’ presence, we felt the light, we felt that all of this was not about the two of us on our own, but that there was the trinity: God, the Universe, Source itself was right there with us, right from the very beginning.
    But: whenever we forgot this, we ran into more and more trouble with each other. On the other hand: whenever both of us could deep down feel God and the angels with us, we would be freed from the trouble again, ready to move further into the light with each other. The trinity consisting of the two of us and the Oneness became a symbol of our sacred love, and you have just reminded me, dearest Joana (in sharing this story) and dearest Gabriella (in adding this most important thought), and I thank both of you soooooo much for it! *sweetest smiles* In these truly difficult times of β€œseparation” one sometimes forgets these important things, and I am so grateful for being reminded.

    How absolutely true it is that the 0 in the middle not only represents just some new beginning of any kind, but it represents Source itself and we twinflames are connected with each other via Source. Of course we are. (as are all beings of course)
    Both of us have access to the key. This is great. The key to open the door of communication … oh, I love that Joana πŸ™‚ and ever since your key story I keep seeing keys everywhere … LOL. Yesterday I had a key in my hand that I needed to put in a safe place and I decided to put it on my little table with angels and cards and lights … and there was no space for it, the only place where I could put it was the card saying :”The universe is helping you right now and working behind the scenes for you!” Yes, I smiled to myself, the universe working on our behalf is truly the key to a successful twinflame journey!

    Dear Joana,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the messages from your envelopes you shared !!!!! πŸ™‚
    ” Enjoy the journey” and β€œLove the journey” .
    You can by no means know what these messages mean to me beyond the wonderful meaning they have anyway. They are deepest messages for me on my twinflame journey and are in absolute synchronicity with the messages I’m getting what I have to do. Thank you, thank you, dear sweet Joana, for sharing these messages … it means so much to me!!!!!! WOW, it shows again how sweetly connected we all are and how wonderfully everything is orchestrated.

    Beams and beams of light and love from my heart to both of you and to everyone here πŸ™‚