Twin Flames Meeting and Loving in Various Limitless Forms

Q. Is it possible to meet your twin flame on the other gender (woman with man) but finding your romantic love partner in a person of the same gender (woman with woman)? Is it possible that even if we are twin flames our bodies are not meant to join together in intimacy in this lifetime? Thanks so much, with Love

A. Yes, it is absolutely possible to meet your twin flame and have her be of the same gender. AND it is possible to join together with your twin flame but have it not be intimate in the traditional sense in this lifetime (though it can also be intimate and be the same sex)…each twin flame couple has their own unique mission and their specific experience that the souls chose before incarnation to play out while on Earth. I want to emphasize here that no dynamics between any twin flame is BETTER than another…for underlying the connection is such deep, unconditional, true, divine love. All dynamics and ways for this love to be shown and co-created within IN this world are meant to embody and show the world the limitless capacity of love to be shared beyond the human mind’s way of limiting it. Now if this IS the case that your twin flame is of the same gender and it’s not possible to love within a same sex relationship romantically, and your soul craves the intimacy and desire to have a relationship, then there will be another soul, a soul mate who will come along and fulfill your soul intentions for such a relationship, which would enable both of these close soul relationships to be shared in at the same time. Many people have different dynamics that can bring this about, not only the twin flame being of the same sex…and this still increases the love for ALL, as the importance of each moment is to constantly choose love in each moment with each relationship, with ourselves, others, our twin and all. You are welcome, so much, with love!

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  1. Dear Gabriella,

    I agree completely.
    When blessed with meeting our twinfame in this lifetime, there are a myriad of possible constellations and each one is so beautiful in its own right …. as it shows life and love in all of its facettes. I have been feeling that twinflames and twinflame love often come in all sorts of guises and also in various different kinds of constellations, some of which our human limited mind may perceive as challenging and/or frightening.
    You may meet your twinflame while already being married or in a devoted relatinship. You might also meet your twinflame in a kind of constellation which (for the human limited mind – or because of rules of societies) does not seem suitable for love to flow. Your twinflame may be the same sex as you, while you are married to a partner of the opposite sex ~ or vice versa.

    Through embarking on the twinflame journey myself, my beliefs (and everything my world was built on) were very much shaken. Yet I was able to feel at the same time the holiness of this divine love and I *knew* deep down on the inside that this love is so pure, so sincere, so divine that it simply can’t be wrong, no matter what people or society say about it.
    I feel that real, sincere, unconditional love just doesn’t know these limitations. This love just IS and it kind of flies through all these walls built by the limited human mind in order to release them.
    What if twinflame love would only occur within the pre-set constellatins society has moulded for us?
    I truly believe that twinflame love is so divine and so pure that it has the ability to help us feel so deeply the love for ALL, in all ways, always and all love shared increases the love for all.
    Within this love there is no rule for limitations, there is only LOVE.

    Waves of love to you, dear Gabriella, and to all here,

  2. Dear Delphina,

    How my heart has smiled to see that you have commented on this post!!!! Love within all its expressions absolutely is not “wrong” for we cannot put control or limitations upon its emotion or therefore, it wouldn’t be love, at least, pure, unconditional, divine love ~ it would be something else disguised as love ~ which is not love. This love absolutely has the continuous ability and gives us constant opportunities to move beyond the limitations we place upon it so that our perceptions of it, our emotions of it, our actions within it become transcended and completely transformed. Many twin flames have specifically chosen to break down such barriers to love by loving beyond what rules we have placed, as a society, upon the expression of love and it is so beautiful to witness it. I am happy to hear that you are one of those…and I am excited to continue to be part of your sweet twin flame love journey! I can’t add anymore to what you shared ~ it’s just all perfectly said.

    Sending you waves and waves of that deepest love back to you, dear Delphina, and to everyone sharing on this blog ~ I am constantly feeling blessed by feeling the lovebeams you all keep sending with your comments. *hugs to everyone*

  3. Dear Gabriella,

    thank you so much for welcoming me so sweetly. As you know, I had been reading for a while and had to let go of some fears to be able to also comment and write over here. I felt so guided to do so and am glad I did. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sending you sweet waves of love and gratefulness for making me feel so welcome here and I’m sending them to all of you because I feel that everybody here is very loving and sweet and kind and I feel it’s a safe and blessed place to share some things to make each other’s journey easier.

    Love and blessings to all,

  4. Gabriella, I know I have met my twin flame and yes of the same sex . I have read alot on the bonding is so intense of two souls . As for me I did reach out and I was allowed to touch their heart and soul . After some time into this relation things did go south and it broke me into half . Having a shattered heart and trying to repair this damage I know understand there was huge fear involved so they threw me away and ran from the relation all together . I did hurt them so much that by hurting them it made me feel more numb and my trust in others totally stopped . I can remember my twin souls words just before leaving my world and her words were -” Your words are like a lulaby to me and your heart is what my soul needs I’m not there yet it must be the 4 year difference . ” After reading this from her I felt so hollow and so very sad this is when I hurt her so deeply . I have talked to close friends about all of this and they have told me to be calm and to have faith your connection with her was so soulful she needs to find out who she is and then she may be back to you . I have always had this feeling though both in my heart and gut that she is very strong in both and has never left . I have tried to start other relations but somehow there have been blocks to them and the funny thing it hasn’t been on my end of any matter . I’ve had the same dream of my twin now for almost a yesr as she is telling me she is leaving and to wait for her . I’ve had the same series of numbers come up for months now like 111 222 333 444 555 and recieved an email unblocking me from her face book account .So with all of this am I just a lost soul here or do you feel that somehow she feels that deep connection too and is trying to come back slowly ?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts please.
    Lost in love ,

  5. Dear Beth,

    what you are writing touches my heart very much … and I just want to say to you: your twinflame never leaves you and always loves you, no matter what has happened or is happening.

    Your twinflame surely knows that you had no intention of hurting her and loves you as beautifully as ever. Twinflame love goes way beyond all hurts.

    It cannot stop all hurts from being experienced and you might have to work through those hurts when you have contact to her again, but the angels and the twinflame love will guide you beautifully through all of this and you will experience the blessings God has in store for you.

    Believe in your twinflame and believe in yourself as well.

    May the angels be with both of you and guide and protect you,

    Sending you lots of love and light,


  6. Beth,

    It sounds like that you have been hearing the echoes within your heart and soul from many, many directions ~ from others, from what you yourself feel deep within, from your dream and from outside synchronicities. Stay true to what you know already, and have faith, trust that all is unfolding in its perfection and order. Much of this journey truly is about timing, and knowing that each step you take along the journey is absolutely essential, that all you remember, you learn, you receive and you give along each step of the journey prepares you for the next steps and so on. All of the puzzle pieces are important to make the whole, and there absolutely is a flow and wholeness to it all. Keep connecting, loving and trusting! Much, much love to you!

  7. Dearest Gabriella,

    wow, you are also writing about the image of the puzzle pieces … this has been such a profound image for me the last few days … with lots of messages from all around me … and here it is again ….. wow …

    Thank you very much, dearest Gabriella, for these words which are also so true for me.

    Lots of love and light to you and everybody


  8. Beloved Beth!

    I send you all my Christmaslove this beautiful day, with the snow slowly falling down outside my window.

    I want to encourage you on your twinflame journey! Nothing you ever said or wrote to your beloved twin was “wrong”! Everything was perfect the way it unfolded, everything you said helped her to activate old wounds that needed attention, arise to the surface and heal. She also helped you to activate things in you that needs attention and healing. When you both healed this, itยดs time for the next reunion, never doubt that! She can never leave you, she will always be in your heart and you will always be in her heart. Twinflamelove goes beyond “ordinary” love, sweet smiles.

    Christmaslove to everyone! Shakti

  9. Dearest Shakti,

    thank you for your beautiful words which touch my heart so very much! Yes, twinflame love goes beyond “ordinary” love, I totally agree!

    Sending you a snow angel appearing at your window and smiling at you, bringing you my love and light! ๐Ÿ™‚

    A beautiful Christmas angel to everyone around the world,

    with all my love,

    Delphina <3

  10. Beloved Delphina!

    Thankyou so much for the beautiful snowangel! She is smiling and waving her wings at me in the snow, so full of bliss and Christmasjoy.

    Sending you and your beloved twinflame all my love this Christmas eve!

    Love to everyone from my heart! Shakti

  11. Oh, how beautiful, dearest Shakti!

    Thank you so much, I am so happy to find these wonderful words here and I am also sending you and your beloved twinflame all my love this Christmas Eve!

    So much love and a beautiful peaceful Christmas light to everyone,
    Delphina <3