Surrender to the Divine Flow

There is no sadness in surrendering for in surrendering you allow the natural divine order to unfold as it is meant to. If you are feeling sad in the process of surrender, it is because you are feeling separation from what you are releasing attachment to, and separation is impossible, as union is all there is. Separation is an illusion created by your mind to falsely make you feel safe…you are safe at all times because you are connected to all that is. Feeling you need something to feel safe is from fear…let the sadness, the tears flow through you, for it is in this process you release the hold of fear to move into the truth of union, always present.

One comment on “Surrender to the Divine Flow
  1. Angele says:

    I read in a book from Pema Chodron that when we fully FEEL an emotion, it only will last 90 seconds. I found that a startling tidbit. It was over a year ago now AND I have had 4 really good demostrations of this for myself. Miraculously, when I fully engaged to just let the tears flow and BE COMPLETELY with the sad emotions, they lasted only 60 seconds tops. I am shocked by this each time I experience it. It makes me feel so free and invincible (in my vulnerability). Paradox always seems to be there.

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